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Destiny Spinner Enchantment Stomp

Pauper EDH* Mono-Green Ramp


This main gameplan of this deck is to ramp with land auras and creatures that can untap those enchanted lands, then play large creatures. The biggest reasons to play this deck are because you are tired of counterspells and like Russian Reversal jokes (In Soviet Russia, land walks on YOU).

Other ramp/stomp decks like Garruk's Packleader and Drumhunter give access to card advantage and/or ramp in the command zone. This deck goes a different route. Destiny Spinner makes it harder to interact with your large creature spells, while also giving you a late-game mana sink that helps you overwhelm opponents' defenses.

The 3 games I have played with this deck all evolved the same way. The early game had some removal aimed at the land untappers, which slowed the deck down, then some kill spells took out the first threat or two that got played. As soon as a threat stuck to the table, Destiny Spinner provided an additional 5/5 or 6/6 beater to attack with every turn, greatly amplifying the offensive abilities of the deck. This allowed the deck to kill opponents surprisingly quickly once it stabilized. Despite not having card advantage in the command zone, I never ran out of cards in hand unless hit with multiple forced discard spells. Even drawing lands in the late game doesn't feel bad, since you'll be able to turn it into another large beater.

So moving on to deck building specifics, I tried to strike a balance between enchantments and large creatures, so you would always have access to both. I included as many cantrip enchantments as possible, trying to make it easy to have a high enchantment count, so Destiny Spinner can make your lands larger. I also replaced many traditional spells like land fetchers and fight spells with enchantments that stick around on the battlefield after fulfilling their main purpose. Splitting the deck between creatures and enchantments makes both strategies slightly less consistent, but makes the deck far more resilient to any single kind of removal. The deck also has a few other mana sinks other than the commander, like Vivien's Grizzly, Brightwood Tracker, and Sprout Swarm.

The main issue I have had with the deck so far is that it is a little slow to develop, since many of the land auras cost 3 or 4 mana. When you can stick a land untapped, this is quickly resolved, but any time your untappers eats early removal, it sets this deck back a lot. To address this, I might replace some of the spicy tech like Earthen Arms with more low cost ramp, like Rampant Growth.


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