Izzet Staticaster


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica Uncommon

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Izzet Staticaster

Creature — Human Wizard



T: Izzet Staticaster deals 1 damage to target creature and each other creature with the same name as that creature.

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Izzet Staticaster Discussion

TheAlexGnan on Rocket Science

3 weeks ago

hey man, I've been testing Izzet Staticaster a bit and its pretty impressive so far.

Insane against token strategies (Bitterblossom, Lingering Souls) kills infect creatures, affinity, mana dorks. its pretty awsome, and instant speed.

SilverIronMan on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 month ago

Playing Knightfall, I usually bring in 1 or 2 Izzet Staticaster.

Knightfall has a pretty good matchup against bant eldrazi if you're meta is overrun with it.

ManWearingHat on Bugs n' Bolts

1 month ago

@ConnBeleren I think Grixis Delver is in a stealthily favorable position right now. I was initially wary due to the uptick in Tron at the beginning of the post-ban format which is a miserable matchup. But, the recent paper success of the Death's Shadow Jund decks (which has been a long time coming what with it 5-0'ing left and right all the time in MTGO), the slower Big Mana decks should in theory recede a bit as Jund Shadow is basically better Infect.

I personally like the 2Push/2Terminate/1Cut setup on removal, but if you expect a ton of Shadows, you could cut a couple counters or maindeck 'Lyze for more Push. Having access to both Electrolyze and Izzet Staticaster is huge game against their Lingering Souls sideboard plan, and I'd even recommend working a Forked Bolt into the sideboard. The main point is we have Lightning Bolt to handle their walkers, superior grind with Snap->Kommand, and a removal suite that lines up favorably against their threats especially when strengthened with snaps.

The deck is more or less configured to handle anything with tight play and good sideboarding, so you can change a couple cards main and side if you expect more Shadows, but all-in-all I think Grixis colors are quite well positioned right now. Grixis Delver in particular is well-suited to react early and kill everything, and then recoup tempo with double-spell turns and turn the corner in the midgame, which is exactly the way to beat Death's Shadow.

The one thing I will say however is that I haven't yet figured a way to reliably beat Eldrazi-Tron. That deck is an absolute nightmare and I'm not sure where to begin with fighting it, because they aren't as soft to Countersquall and Surgical Extraction as Gx Tron is, Blood Moon is lukewarm at best, and we get BTFO by a large Walking Ballista. So it may just fall into the category of "Really bad, just try and play well and don't sacrifice other matchups to overboard for it."

zephramtripp on Modern Master 2017 Spoilers/ Speculation

1 month ago

Imagine the sadness if it's not Snapcaster Mage and is instead just an Izzet Staticaster.

brokendwarf on KillDatBUG

1 month ago

Cool. So besides Vision, I have 2 Countersquall, a Collective Brutality, and Serum Visions (nonfoil and foil). Also have an Izzet Staticaster I'll throw in unless you want the foil version.

Taser97 on THIS DECK IS GOOD AGAIN! (Grixis Control Primer)

2 months ago

osotogari Anger of the Gods and Izzet Staticaster are always good in those matchups, expect burn, sweepers are slow against them. Anger is probably better as an extra just because dredge is still a thing in the format.

osotogari on THIS DECK IS GOOD AGAIN! (Grixis Control Primer)

2 months ago

Hey mate, I love the Grixis Control deck too; I especially like your detailed Sideboard guide. I haven't been playing MtG for a while, but I'm heavily back now. I'm having trouble with strong aggro decks though, like Tokens, Mono-white soldiers, elves, RDW. My current thoughts are cards like Izzet Staticaster, Pyroclasm, Anger of the Gods, AEtherize. Engineered Explosives is out, crazy expensive. What do you suggest?

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