Izzet Staticaster


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Uncommon

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Izzet Staticaster

Creature — Human Wizard



{T}: Izzet Staticaster deals 1 damage to target creature and each other creature with the same name as that creature.

Izzet Staticaster Discussion

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Flame On (Grixis Control)

4 months ago

For testing I went -2 Spell Snare, -2 fatal push, -2 Lightning Bolt

and +2 Countersquall, +1 Disdainful Stroke, +3 Molten Rain

Most tron decks sideboard some combination of Thought-Knot Seer and Thragtusk, so I think it's better to keep more Terminates than Lightning Bolts.

Beating turn 3 tron on the draw is really hard.

I've never found a hand of counterspells to be a winning hand. Eventually Tron will get more threats than I have counters and then I lose. It doesn't seem like stalling without pressure is a winning plan.

Part of the challenge is that I don't know if I can beat tron without drawing Young Pyromancer or Tasigur or Angler. Perhaps that means I should play more, but on the flip side too many creatures (in grixis) leads to hands which do nothing.

Could a version with 4 delve threats (probably 2-2 anger-tasigur split), 4 pyromancer, and 4 snapcaster function? My first instinct is to drop to 2 Kolaghan's Command.

Thoughts on the 3rd Anger of the Gods vs Izzet Staticaster in the sideboard?

TheAlexGnan on Flame On (Grixis Control)

4 months ago

the main reason Fulminator is better is simple: you can turn it sideways. Molten rain in the late game is a dead draw. Fulminator can apply pressure if needed.

it being easier to cast is also a plus.

It dodges Negate.

the ability is instant-speed, so you can for example block-sac (like sakura tribe elder).

to sum up, Fulminator does the Job of Molten Rain, but it also does 10 other things. not hitting basics is almost irrelevant. its been an issue maybe 5 times, in ALL games i've played with him.

white: tbh, yes you do. i mean, all your 8 fetches get shrine, but still.. ewww.

btw, Damnation is actually a pretty bad card vs. dredge.

the thing about Surgical and Fulminator is they're expennnnnnsive.

when i was around 200 matches, i started seeing more BridgeVine and shortly after, Dredge got its new toy. Hollow One was popular too. and i was loosing to all 3 decks too often.

my response was to cut 2x Damnation for the second Anger of the Gods and the third Surgical Extraction. And just like that, all three matchups turned around. Seriously. 1xIzzet Staticaster will never leave my sb, and with that, these decks become super beatable. the inclusion of Young Pyromancer was already a nod to this kind of matchups.

a number of people were saying, that in the face of Vine, Hollow, and Dredge, it's "Leyline or Bust". and thats just not the case.

Having 6 super relevant sideboard cards in addition to YP and a comparatively proactive gameplan is working for me. my win rate isnt over the moon great, but historically, Grixis Control should be a massive underdog against those strategies, and getting about even is huge.

in other news, i've been looking at my sb plans, and if i were to cut one card, it would be Azcanta. I won't, because while its bad in a number of matchups, it also outright wins more matchups than any other card. I'm pointing that out because then, our lists would be virtually identical :)

enpc on Paradox Scepter Storm: cEDH Primer

5 months ago

The problem with the new Gaea's Blessing breakfast hulk combo is that the package moves at instant speed so they can just do everything in response to the damage tigger. Plus they don't have to fetch Viscera Seer (you can use the damage trigger to kill Narcomoeba) so you can get Grand Abolisher. But other than that situation, it craps on traditional breakfast hulk, yes.

Your other option could be the inclusion of a ping creature. There are four that are worth mention:

  1. Cunning Sparkmage - Fairly basic but has haste, so he can do his thing the turn he drops.

  2. Gelectrode - No haste but is a powerhouse and does work with Curiosity/Keen Sense.

  3. Vithian Stinger - No haste but can be unearthed on combo turn, giving him more resilience.

  4. Izzet Staticaster - doesn't double as a combo piece but is a house as far as killing off dorks.

I'm not sure if they're good enough for the deck, however they feel anti-meta since there is such a reliance on aman dorks and in general 1 toughness creatures. And the fact that other than Staticaster, they can all be coupled with Keen Sense/Curiosity for CA and with Dramatic Scepter to act as a win condition.

clentdc on Jeskai Pyromancer

5 months ago

Mana Leak - Counterspell

Spell Snare - Counterspell

Izzet Staticaster - Token Hate

Midnight Haunting - Snapcasterable, prowess triggering, pyromancering, thingflipping instant

Gather the Townsfolk

Cevni on 4 Color Control

6 months ago

EpicBox75 Hey.

I have also considered the problem with not having enough hard removal, currently I am trying 1 Lightning Bolt > Terminate probably, mainly cause I find the lifegain from Lightning Helix to be very strong against a lot of currnetly popular decks, but either is a viable option tbh. The Main creatures that I have had the problem with personally is Tarmogoyf , Gurmag Angler and Tasigur, the Golden Fang . I've always considered a resolved Primeval Titan to just mean gameloss, given that I haven't actually fought bloom titan in my last 800 games (according to the list I keep) and versus Titanshift it really is just game over.

Dreadbore is a card I have also been considering, sorcery speed sucks, but killing planeswalkers is obviously very helpful.

Supreme Verdict is hard to cast. There aren't many great wrath effects in modern really tho, and I really feel like the deck needs to be able to do something against a flooded board, Godless Shrine is something I have trying in place of 1 Watery Grave .

Esper Charm is prolly next on the chopping block to speak from my sideboard, what I like about the card is mainly that it does something in matchups where I normally have a lot of dead cards, like Tron, other control decks, combo decks like Ad Nauseam and Bogles (lol why bother tho), it is a decent way of dealing with cast triggers too (draw phase discard 2), but for sure isn't the best card in the deck.

Regarding matchups, I never finished the section cause I haven't had time quite yet and will now give my thoughts on how you perceived the matchups.

  • Amulet Titan: Haven't fought on MTGO in my last 800 games, can't say, my guess would be its fairly even.
  • Death and Taxes is just plain miserable too fight, a lot of the time they can just land Leonin Arbiter before you drop your second land and then it's just over, other times they draw Ghost Quarter after Ghost Quarter . This is fortunately for us not a very common deck, but def one I would avoid if possible. I honestly don't really know what put in your sideboard to deal with it effectively either as it attacks your mana, something like Alpine Moon targeting Ghost Quarter would be an options I guess, but not a massive fan of that plan as imo its otherwise not a great card and sideboard spots are scarce.
  • Storm, I actually like fighting storm with this deck, post-sideboard you can bring in Damping Sphere , Leyline of the Void and some of the general good stuff from your sideboard, you can ofc whiff and not draw any of your sideboard cards, but that's the case with all decks, but overall I have a good record against them, as both spot removal (for Baral, Chief of Compliance and Goblin Electromancer , Counterspells for EoT Gifts Ungiven and Echoing Truth together with hatepieces Damping Sphere and Leyline of the Void
  • Tron variants are all fairly annoying, as they're quite easy if you draw good (like Damping Sphere , Stony Silence , Logic Knot and some lands) basically means they don't get to play the game, while most hands w/o Damping Sphere are very hard to justify keeping as T3 World Breaker into T4 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is a real risk that not even counterspells can protect you from.
  • Burn is a matchup I personally despise, while it is winnable, I wouldn't say its good, the 4 Lightning Helix really do improve it a lot, and imo Kolaghan's Command is also good here.
  • Most Jund variants are good matchups, but jund is a very diverse deck, just a few days ago (well GB to precise), with 8 manlands, 4 Liliana of the Veil , 4 Tireless Tracker and 3 Thrun, the Last Troll maindeck, which was obviously a miserable experience, so it varies a lot depending on the jund deck. Other times they run with few of the control-hate pieces and you kinda crush them.
  • Ponza is a deck that feels tailored to fight us, strangely enough I have won both the matches I had against it, but I am fairly certain that was pretty lucky tho. Basically I just try to keep fetches uncracked for as long as possible and I am not scared of shocking myself multiple times if needed, but I am certain that my 2 wins against this deck wont repeat themself often.
  • UW(G) Spirits are actually alright to fight, Spell Queller and Geist of Saint Traft are the only real threats they have, Izzet Staticaster pulls a lot of weight here post-board too.
  • I personally hate fighting other control decks, mainly cause of Search for Azcanta  Flip and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria as they can make the matchup feel very luck reliant. How good one is against other control decks is also very much a question of how much sideboard you dedicate to it, Esper Charm , Dispel and Negate are all obviously great here, but this deck in general lacks a way to deal with t2 Search for Azcanta  Flip while being on the draw. Spell Snare could be an option, but I personally do not like the card. In general this deck has rather few ways of dealing with other control decks, if compared to for example, UW control which runs more Celestial Colonnade s and actually runs Ghost Quarter and/or Field of Ruin , while having a bit more counterspells. Overall tho, control is rather rare in the current meta and I can accept having a slightly below average winrate against the decks.
  • Hollow One variants are actually fairly reasonable with this ye, adding in a Terminate would obviously make it better, but Kolaghan's Command really is amazing here.
  • Mardu Pyromancer really comes down a lot to Blood Moon , if they manage to resolve on its generally over, but usually you have a decent shot at stopping them, or at least fetching accordingly, in which case the matchup is rather favorable, especially postboard with Izzet Staticaster

  • Humans, decent matchup, I'd say something like 60-65% in our favor probably, we got a lot of removal, but the nut draws from humans are basically unbeatable. Izzet Staticaster can also be amazing here.

  • Living End I haven't faced either, but should be good with Leyline of the Void and a few counterspells and Supreme Verdict
  • Vengebridge variants are imo easier than the straight up B/R Hollow One decks, as you can usually (not always) get a hand with Leyline of the Void and make them play a very bad aggro/midrange deck with a lot of dead cards.
  • Ironworks is one of those matchups where you will rarely drop a match, between Damping Sphere , Stony Silence , Leyline of the Void , Kolaghan's Command and counterspells you're almost gauaranteed to draw a starting hand that makes them miserable, so far my record against them in 5 - 0 with few of the sideboard games even being "real" games.
  • Death's Shadow depends a lot on what variant, Grixis is imo the worst one to face, but even that one is prolly around 45-50% chance to win, the non-blue variants are considerably easier as you can generally either stock up on burn spells and go face, or boardwipe>counter everything and win the more normal way.
  • Titanshift sucks to face, I have considered picking up Runed Halo , Leyline of Sanctity or Alpine Moon specifically for this matchup. Their actual combo isn't even the main problem, its that they can often kill you just by playing lands at you, even if you counter their bomb cards.

Stanleyman on

7 months ago

Tenhle balicek mam moc rad. Je urceny hlavne na takove to hospodske nebo domaci hrani .Dokaze udelit strasnou spostu damage uz v prvnich par kolech hry. Idealni je hrat v prvnim kole Monastery Swiftspear a hned zautocit.V dalsim kole zahrat Kiln Fiend . A pak s nim utocit a ten utok podporit kartami jako Artful Dodge cimz se stane neblokovatelnym 4/2 a s Temur Battle Rage je to pak uz 7/2 double strike s tramplem a za 2 zivoty zahrany Mutagenic Growth z nej udela nezastavitelnou obludnost 12/4 double strike,trample . Jako zalozni plan funguje Fling. Young Pyromancer bude vytvaret peknou radku tokenu kteri nam poslouzi hlavne jako blockeri. V pozdejsi fazi hry ocenime Bedlam Reveler ktery nam poskytne karetni vyhodu. Lightning Bolt tu funguje jako removal a hlavne odstranovac blockeru. Ostani kouzla jako Opt Serum Visions Manamorphose tu jsou jako proliz a aktivator Prowess u nasich potvurek.

Balicek lze urychlit vylepsenim manabase ktera je tu hodne budget a doplnenim treba o kartu Thing in the Ice  Flip , oblibeny je i Enigma Drake

Nevim si moc rady se sideboardem ,ale urcite v nem musi byt Izzet Staticaster ktery dokaze potrapit spoustu decku jako jsou elfove, zombie, tokeny atd...

RingweMakil on Ravaging Command

7 months ago

Nathanaiel - exactly, the other two options are not the best, and if I am to increase the number of manlands, I'd probably just advocate for the third Tar Pit. However, too many taplands is very much a concern in this list, so for now, I'm sticking to two. Hopefully, with Search for Azcanta  Flip, Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Pull from Tomorrow, flood won't be an issue.

You definitely can't kill Tron before they start playing out their threats. That is not the plan, however; the plan is to deal with their threats with some combination of countermagic and discard to buy enough time to then enable one of your own threats to end the game. That said, Olivia Voldaren and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet both do match up very well against Wurmcoil Engine.

Now, regarding the many 1 of's and 2 of's - the traditional deckbuilding strategy is to have as many 3 and 4 of's as possible in order to maximise the chances of seeing those cards over the course of a game. To what end? The idea is, if you see the same cards every game, then you will know what the deck does, and it will do so consistently. However, there is another way for a deck to be consistent, and this is seen, for instance, in EDH decks - you have a bunch of cards that perform a similar role, and so even though they are different cards, they carry out the same function, and therefore behave much like the same card in certain situations.

For instance, against a turn 2 Tarmogoyf, Terminate, Dreadbore and Fatal Push are eight cards that all do exactly the same thing - so instead of seeing the cards as 3 Terminate and 1 Dreadbore, you can treat the lot as four removal spells. Similarly, at the four drop slot, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Olivia Voldaren, Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip are all powerful threats that must be answered. Yes, it's 3, 1, 1, 1 - or, it's 6 powerful four drops.

Packages like this mean you can fill your deck with a lot of versatile and powerful cards so that you can in any given situation make use of that flexibility to concoct a game plan. Understanding the precise role and niche each card in the deck occupies means you can have a bunch of one-ofs that will do something in each situation, and then combined with the effects of the other cards drawn alongside those one or two of's, you can craft a cohesive strategy.

For instance, against dredge - you draw Kalitas, plus a bunch of removal spells. The plan? Play Kalitas, start exiling stuff, stabilise that way. But instead, say you draw Olivia. Then the plan is to use Olivia to recurringly kill their guys, then win the game quickly off burn and her giant flying attacks before they can dump their yard on the board again. Again, say against dredge, post board, the four drop you have is Damnation. Then combined with Extirpate you should be able to stabilise.

Again, against Jund - they have a Liliana of the Veil in play they just plused. If you have Sedraxis Specter, then you discard that, and finish Lili off in conjunction with any other threat or burn. If you have Dreadbore, just kill her straight up. If you instead just have four drop threats, use them and Snapcaster Mage or Kolaghan's Command to overload LoTV's minus.

Against tokens, you might draw Olivia Voldaren, Engineered Explosives, Izzet Staticaster, or Damnation. These are all 1 or 2 ofs, but they are all cards that will get you out against an army of Lingering Souls. Against zoo, you might draw Engineered Explosives, Damnation, or Fatal Push, and they'll all help you get through zoo's early aggression.

In none of these situations do you have exactly the same cards, yet with the cards you do have, you should be able to find a way out. That's because the cards in question are powerful and flexible, allowing you to craft different strategies according to the situation, meaning overall, you don't really mind which 1 or 2 specific cards you draw over the course of a game; even though you can't expect to see the exact 1 or 2 of every game, you can expect to see some number of cards which will together help you find a winning line.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on WURG Delver

7 months ago

I've decided I definitely like 4 Goblin Guide. Turn 1 Delver or Nacatl into turn 2 Guide and swing for 5 feels really good. It's worse against Humans but better against Tron and Control.

Another thing I found out is that deploying 1 threat and trying to keep it alive until I kill them is hard to do. When I was drawing 2 Delvers or Nacatls and clocking for 6 each turn the deck was performing much better. The full set of Guides add a lot of power to the early game against decks like Tron and Control. Clocking for 5 or 6 each turn is a really good thing to be doing.

For the sideboard, Dispel and Rest in Peace sound really good. I'm considering Stony Silence for KCI, Tron, and Affinity, but I'm not sure. It needs something more to bring in against other aggro decks: burn, humans, and affinity, mainly, because the other aggro decks are graveyard combo and are hit hard by Rest in Peace.

Tireless Tracker is another awesome option if I decide to slow the deck down. Right now I think I'm in the mood for some hyper aggro.

I also forgot about Bloodbraid Elf. That's also definitely an option. Possibly better than Goblin Guide. But it's also 4 mana.

The 4 color mana base isn't so bad. I've been tuning the shocks and basics of choice and it's feeling better. Even though the deck is mostly UG, the late game with the deck is RW so basic Mountain and Plains are more useful for avoiding pain. 4 color mana bases don't deserve to beat Blood Moon. The Botanical Sanctums are good for saving life. The Burn matchup is as bad as you would expect. If I see Sanctum, then the manabase deals 3 damage to find Sacred Foundry and anther 1-2 from other fetches I draw. If I don't see Botanical Sanctum, then it's 5-6 life to find the 2 shocks. It's not designed to be flexible because flexible is painful.

Dromoka's Command is another card I forgot about that deserves consideration. Float mana and use it to kill the Moon. Also counters Bolt. And Anger of the Gods. Also +1/+1 on Nacatl, fight your Mantis Rider is sweet. Or Counter your Searing Blaze, Nacatl fights your creature. The card pairs best with Nacatl or against Blood Moon, but is kinda meh otherwise.

Despite Blood Moon, I still want to make some kind of plan against Pyromancer decks. It could be Izzet Staticaster + Rest in Peace.

Spellskite could be the sideboard card to beat Burn. I can even pay the blue mana for its ability.

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Izzet Staticaster occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.0%