Ramp, more ramp from Sachi's 2nd ability, drop fatties, slink to your opponent, punch face, win game. Nuff' said.

Kamigawa is the 2nd set I've ever played and I cant believe no one has used her as a commander for PDH almost 15 years later!

The creature count is high but that's ok. This is shaman tribal and you'll be surprised by the utility that shaman tribe brings. Draw, evasion, mana sinks, disruption.

Then we have our punchers. Big beasts and eldrazi, most of them have inbuilt evasion, and if they don't, we have evasion package in Dragon Fangs , Fleetfeather Sandals , Horned Helm , Whispersilk Cloak , Evolution Charm . Not to mention the shaman enablers Llanowar Augur , Wildheart Invoker .

Some creature removal in the form of Pounce and the like 'fight' cards.

Mana sinks Wildheart Invoker , Oran-Rief Invoker , Vivien's Grizzly .


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