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blitZee's guide to a very linear aggressive deck

Hello, and welcome to the deck you know you don't want to play, featuring 2/3 mana card draw spells and no colors !

In all seriousness though, what the hell does this deck do, and how does Epochrasite work?


Gameplay with this deck should feel super linear and simple: turn 2 cast Epochrasite and watch everyone struggle getting rid of it. Hint: it's not going away... not until it's exiled at least. Since Epochrasite comes into play from your command zone, and not your hand, it'll enter the battlefield with 3 +1/+1 counters, meaning that you're essentially creating a 4 turn clock for every single player on the table starting turn 3. Needless to say, this commander favours 1v1 games.

Of course, you're not limited to using just him. You've also got some affinity creatures, some big dumb eldrazi when you've got too much mana and just want to play big dummies, equipment to make your commander a faster clock or give it relevant combat abilities, and probably the single most expensive instant removal spell in the game.

The biggest downside to this deck is that it's completely colorless, so you're unfortunately stuck with very expensive card draw through filter artifacts. For this reason I've included cards that help you scry stuff away that's not super useful at a given moment.


Honestly, you can't really expect a lot of synergy/combos in a deck like this, but here's some interesting things you can do with it:

Guardians of Koilos + Serrated Arrows or cards that trigger/do something on ETB.

Voltaic Servant/Mobile Garrison to untap any tappable artifact. This basically gives your commander vigilance, as well as 2 activations for your Jhoira's Timebug.

Speaking of timebug, it can be used during any of the turns to get your commander back into the game.

And no, you can't suspend permanents with this.

Scuttlemutt can provide protection from color reliant spells (non-black removal, etc).


Q. Why even play this? Colorless isn't that great in Pauper, and simply having a turn 2 4/4 that is somewhat difficult to get rid off doesn't make it a great deck?

A. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: It's different. Somewhat. What this deck provides is a breeze of fresh air, mostly through cards no one uses/plays. It's pretty fun to play things you wouldn't normally play, might very well find some usable cards for other decks. Also epochrasite is just fun as a commander. Sure, it's only a dumb go-face commander, but it's nice not having to cast him after the initial cast for pretty much the rest of the game.

Q. Can I play multiplayer with this?A. Sure! Just be ready to add approximately 4 turns to the game for each other player. So in a 4 player game, that's at least 14 turns, given no removal, no combo finishes, no fast beat downs towards you, etc. I personally don't recommend bringing it to a game of 3+ players. You're also gonna be public enemy number 1 at the very start of the game.

Q. Why even play Urza's lands? You can't really fetch them/find them except for that 1 expedition map.A. It's a colorless deck, I can simply jam them in and not worry about them. It's not like colorless lands have a lot of utility in pauper. If tron happens - cool, easy 7 mana. If not, it's still a land. Don't see a reason to not play it.

Q. Are you seriously playing Jhoira's Timebug only for your commander?A. Yes.


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