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Note: Ritual effects like Battle Hymn do not make infinite mana because to copy instants you require blue mana. Spells like Infernal Plunge can keep copying itself over and over since copying a sorcery only needs red mana. However, this does NOT give you infinite storm count because copies do not increment storm count and cannot be used to Grapeshot for the win.

Besides burning, bouncing, and being mean in general to my opponents, my main combo is to cast and copy Dramatic Reversal with mana rocks/dorks on the battlefield that in total generate 4 or more mana.

Edit: A new combo that was suggested is Desperate Ritual and Lava Spike.

Shout out to Raze which got the cut because it seemed too mean but also not that helpful in a multiplayer match.

The symmetrical draw spells like Vision Skeins and Words of Wisdom are strictly for casual fun with my group but otherwise are poor options.

Other than that I'd love any suggestions!

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