A friend of mine introduced me to pauper EDH recently and after some soulsearching I stumbled upon Momentary Blink (which i had wanted to built something around since Timespiral). Some iterations later this version of a blink deck resulted from my efforts.

This deck is a (juiced down) pauper-blink deck and plays as such. Part of it is card-advantage which i prefer at mostly instantspeed, since i want to keep the mana open for counters/safe-blinks and just the threat of people nervously eyeing two untapped islands. Olka is a mana-hungry witch, hence the manarocks. The deck takes some time to establish a boardstate and plays like a midgame control, usually going in for the kill with either a late game Ulamog's Crusher + the surrounding control or actually just finishing off with a Ninth Bridge Patrol , which puts on weight quite quickly. This deck does not aim at being competetive (otherwise I'd probably just play strix or army-ants tbh).

Sunscape Familiar is a workhorse in this deck, cheapening almost every blinkspell, as well as the carddraw and most my card-advantage-related-creatures. Especially since mana is an issue with Olka he helps out loads (also reducing her initial casting cost to 1 WTF).

Olka is quite susceptible to removal (or at least if someone tries, i am forced to flicker her, making my board vulnerable as well as binding my resources) - hence i begrudgingly added Diplomatic Immunity and Alexi's Cloak (plus Heliod's Pilgrim for tutor purposes (he also helps out with fetching for control in form of Deep Freeze and Lawmage's Binding ) and Auramancer for recursion) as well as Forge of Heroes and Opal Palace to get her out of Electrickery range.

I have been homebrewing for a while now, only recently discovering and checking out the Tapped Out PDH Compendium. I am quite inspired with PDH by now and feel like contributing and enlargening the community, inspiring different playstyles and adding momentum. Anyhow. This deck is my humble contribution as well as a basis for argument and improvement. Feel free to comment :)


I refuse to play any Combos, since they (to me) always feel like a cheap way of winning or loosing and I want to see the deck in full flicker interaction, not just be busy digging for 3,4 pieces and than insta-win. This is obviously my personal approach at deckbuilding and MTG per se (so please don't feel offended if this is your kink :) ).


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