Baleful Strix

this is very much a hand hate control deck. baleful strix is a card draw engine so i often find my self not playing him on turn two and making sure i have ways to bounce him in response to potential threats. being able to tutor for Viridian Longbow or slagwurm armor is huge and most often the two cards i try and find first. being able to kill a creature every turn with baleful gives you a huge advantage on board and can often lock a game down by its self.


  • the deck has a lot of answers and ways to draw cards but can have trouble closing out games due to the small creatures. so try and always leave mana up when you have things to do. missing a crucial counter spell or not killing a creature on your opponents end step can be your downfall.

  • my favorite wincon is Cranial Plating on vault skirge or blighted agent.


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