The murder king turned demigod, none are more suited to send souls to the underworld than Tymaret. His mask of gold now glitters with the stars of Nyx as he travels the world of Theros, reminding the mortals why they should still fear the god of the dead.

Hoo boy, this was an absolute nightmare to brew. Tymaret is a really cool character, and my obstinance in building decks for each of the demigods meant I had to get round to brewing it, but it's taken more than a couple of attempts to make anything anywhere near playable.

You've almost certainly made your way here from it, but absolutely check the Pauper EDH Deck Compendium for other mono black commanders in this format- I've been using it a tonne when brewing. For this deck, I've been taking inspiration from Bloodthirsty Aerialist, the Drainer, PDH(B) - She mostly hates your creatures and Angry Gary to make this Frankenstein's monster, so absolutely check out those lists if you haven't already for some strictly better brews!

Anyways, speaking of cobbled together freaks, that's essentially what this deck is- it's a weird combination of debilitating enchantments, life drain and life gain cards all topped off with plentiful removal to keep your opponents' graveyards stocked up with creatures for Tymaret to exile. The deck ultimately aims to sit back and just weaken opponents defences so they can focus on each other, as Tymaret gets gradually bigger with each curse he inflicts on his victims. There is the problem that it'll annoy foes to the point of swinging in, but with the application of politics, I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong.


The deck doesn't run a huge number of creatures, but here's the notable faces:

Abyssal Gatekeeper, Blight-Breath Catoblepas, Blind Zealot, Fleshbag Marauder, Slum Reaper- Our standard removal creatures, the latter can be a decent deterrent to attackers coming in.

Baleful Eidolon- A useful include- equip to Tymaret to make him a tough deathtouch blocker, use it as a chump blocker on its own or attach to an opponent's creature for politics, and reap the creature reward when it drops off.

Blistergrub, Serrated Scorpion- Chump blockers which drain when they die.

Blood Seeker- A recurring loss of life that can build up over time, totally unlikely to be insta-killed or draw aggression. No siree.

Crypt Rats- The closest thing I can get to a board wipe in this deck, but with the bonus to potentially take out your foes in a burst of ratty glory. Or you can kill yourself with it out of spite in a pinch.

Deathgreeter, Falkenrath Noble- Lovely bit of life gain- the latter's just a fatter Blood Artist hang-gliding.

"Mom, can we have Sanguine Bond?" "We have Sanguine Bond at home." Sanguine Bond at home: Epicure of Blood, Marauding Blight-Priest

Gray Merchant of Asphodel- It's a mono black deck, you can't not invite Gary.

Grim Guardian- A creature which can really snowball some damage with all the enchantments we're running.

Marshmist Titan- A potentially undercosted beater, but not much else. But, hey, he's a favourite of Erebos, and if it's good enough for our commander's boss, it's good enough for us!

Mindwrack Harpy- An enchantment to trigger Grim Guardian at the worst of times, and a recurring source of delicious creatures for Tymaret.

Urborg Syphon-Mage- Turn your dead draws into Syphon Souls. And totally not gonna get hated out almost immediately!

Vampire Neonate- Hey, it's a 40 turn clock!

Wight of Precinct Six- If Tymaret can't eat your foes' creatures, they'll help this beatstick get huge.

There's a bunch of enchantments in this deck, and a lot of them do the same thing (i.e, weaken stats) so here's the noticeable ones-

Banewasp Affliction- Especially good to enchant a big creature to remove at an opportune time, or if it's likely for someone else to take it out

Claim of Erebos- Not only do I enjoy flavourful includes, but this also lets Tymaret telekinetically slap someone whilst on blocking duty.

Contaminated Bond, Sinister Possession, Ragged Veins, Spiteful Shadows- Enchant the bigger threats to discourage opponents from swinging or blocking with them. The damage with the first two is minimal, but it can build up over time.

Eternal Thirst- More lifegain, and a handy boost to stats whenever something dies.

So, one thing you may have noticed is the lack of instant speed removal spells. I've found threatening with removal slapped to permanents tends to be quite a bit more effective in my playgroup, but having gotcha cards is pretty important, too- feel free to pop in a couple more instant-speed removal as it fits you!

Anyways, similar to enchantments, a lot of these cards explain themselves- the removal and card advantage is pretty obvious. There's also life drain cards which I don't think need explaining, either.

One card I would like to point out is Syphon Life, a really handy recurrable table-draining spell.

So, that's Tymaret, the one who was chosen from death to become... Probably the worst demigod of the cycle. Anyways, thanks for checking out this deck, please check the decks I've linked in the first panel, and leave an updoot if you liked! And, of course, any suggestions are very much welcome!


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