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Kon-Air [PDH Syr Konrad]

Pauper EDH* Mono-Black


Syr Konrad, the Grim is undoubtedly a powerful new mono-black commander in his own right. But, since I am personally a huge advocate for Pauper and other Pauper-variant formats, I have decided to build Syr Konrad not as an EDH deck, but as an equally sinister PDH powerhouse.

Gameplan: Deal a consistent stream of damage from all of the triggers on Syr Konrad. If creatures die, BOOM, damage. If creatures get milled or discarded, BOOM damage, if we shuffle our graveyard into our library, BOOM, damage. If we return creatures from our graveyard to our hand, BOOM, damage. If we get our graveyard exiled, or exile it ourselves, or delve creatures out of it.....you guessed it, BOOM damage. With so many ways to deal damage we can just go off. Oh! And since Syr Konrad deals actual Damage , we can do some spicy tricks, like say, giving him a Phyresis ...


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