Risen Reef

Risen Reef

Creature — Elemental

Whenever Risen Reef or another Elemental enters the battlefield under your control, look at the top card of your library. If it's a land card, you may put it onto the battlefield tapped. If you don't put the card onto the battlefield, put it into your hand.

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2020 (M20) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Historic Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal

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Risen Reef Discussion

ellie-is on Ellie's Elementals

15 hours ago

The_Legionarre: After giving it some thought I think I'm going to try and include Voice of Resurgence after all. Just gotta figure out how many to run.

I think I might also be able to get some two color painlands, since they're affordable and better than basic mountains. When people run two-color lands in 5c elementals it's usually U/R so they can cast Phantasmal Image and all the red creatures, but since I don't have that and I'll still have some mountains, maybe I can get Yavimaya Coast, which lets me cast Risen Reef, Omnath, Locus of the Roil and helps with one of the colors of both Unsettled Mariner and Voice of Resurgence.

ellie-is on Ellie's Elementals

16 hours ago

Peoni: So I did try out draw/discard cards and I have to say I don't really like them. Paying two mana for them slows me down considerably, I don't always draw what I need, and I don't always have on hand the things I really want to discard. Would rather just rely on Risen Reef in the end.

The_Legionarre: My budget is pretty tight, the current hundred-or-so-dollars the deck costs is as much as I'm able to spend at the moment. I think I can get away with the current mana base for now as I'm only running creatures and only need at most 2 non-red sources for them. Getting better lands is definitely in my plan for future upgrades, though!

Agreed about decks Spirit Guide is better in, so far it's been great having it in my opening hand but it's a pretty dead card in other situations. It's on the list of cards to cut for any new additions, for sure.

I like Soulstoke a lot too, I've been really unsure of how many to run but I'm gonna take your advice and add some more! Fulminator Mage on the other hand, while I recognize how strong it is not all decks are equally affected by losing their nonbasics and when the impact is low I'd rather have another creature to play instead (as a 2/2 for three by itself is not great) and so I feel comfortable having the other copies be in the sideboard. But if I change my mind later own while playing against real people at least they'll already be on the 75 and it'll be easy to make the change.

Voice of Resurgence is pretty great, I've also been unsure about it but leaning towards the yes. One issue is that it's pretty expensive where I live, it's like they totally ignored the latest reprint and are still charging the Dragon's Maze price, lol. I'm gonna try playtesting with it later and see if it makes enough of a difference to make the price worth it right now, or if I'll wait until it's cheaper or I have more to spend first.

Agreed about Kaheera! I was actually already going to add her next time I edited the deck.

The Chandras are both nice, I had considered Chandra, Acolyte of Flame at one point but decided against because her -2 was going to be wasted on an instant/sorcery-less deck. Chandra, Novice Pyromancer seems to fit better, her -2 would add something the deck currently lacks and her +1 is really nice. 4 mana is a little steep considering Smokebraider doesn't work on her, but I'll playtest it for sure and see how it works in practice.

Thanks a lot for all the suggestions!

Starsky2814 on Cauldron of Creation

23 hours ago

At quick glance, here are some recommendations I have for you based off what I see. Manabond to go with Storm Cauldron. Slow your opponents down with Overburden, Mana Breach And Flooded Shoreline. Add Patron of the Moon to sneak bounced lands back into play, with that said Amulet of Vigor becomes very helpful. Parcelbeast + Scute Swarm goes off hard especially with Risen Reef in play. Can end up drawing your entire library so Thassa's Oracle as a win con. Oboro, Palace in the Clouds is very useful in here. Just some thoughts. Good luck with your brew!

unwucht on Omnath, A Song of Creation and Chaos

1 day ago

Also Risen Reef literally goes berserk if you can copy it with blue duplicant effects like your Sakashima the Impostor. It might be worth to consider even more duplicate cards, but I am aware that you already have more cards than room in the decklist.

Metachemist on Omnath, A Song of Creation and Chaos

1 day ago

Oh yeah Risen Reef will help a lot with that and if you ended up needing more draw and/or filtering a Lifecrafter's Bestiary never goes amiss

Starsky2814 on Omnath, A Song of Creation and Chaos

1 day ago

Metachemist, I was concerned with as well with Roil Elemental, so I did opt to go with Risen Reef. Like we have discussed before, draw was an area of opportunity so that should hopefully help. Especially if we can get Parcelbeast + Scute Swarm online = draw galore.

ellie-is on Ellie's Elementals

1 day ago

Peoyogon: Thank you!!

The problem with that is that all the lands that generate colored mana generate mana that can only be spent on creatures. So until I upgrade the mana base, I can't run any non-red noncreature spells, haha.

But so far I think empty hands are far from being an issue, with Risen Reef in play every creature is a draw, but actually more than that since creatures like Thunderkin Awakener bring creatures from the graveyard every turn, each of them triggering additional draws. And if needed Mulldrifter can be tutored and works as Divination when you cast it with evoke - and recurs every turn if you've got Awakener in play, or can be recurred once with Vesperlark. And in longer attrition matches Omnath, Locus of the Roil turns lands into draws as well :)

From my tests I've found that this deck struggles the most with really fast decks, and with disruption combined with graveyard hate. But any deck that wants the game to last longer is in a bad place, because if this has time it just grows exponentially thanks to all the draw, tutoring and graveyard recursion.

Starsky2814 on Omnath, A Song of Creation and Chaos

1 day ago

unwucht, you are correct that does not work. Thanks for catching that! I got excited about Parcelbeast + Scute Swarm that I was thinking of other mutate abilities I’d like to Scutate and overlooked the legendary rule lol. Well cutting Illuna, Apex of Wishes now frees up a spot for either Roil Elemental, Risen Reef or Chulane, Teller of Tales.

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