Pauper EDH/Commander Mono- shenanigans.

This is Pauper EDH/Commander, meaning the commander must be Uncommon (printed/released as an Uncommon at least once), and all cards in the 99 must be Commons (printed/released as Commons at least once). Players typically start at 30 life (instead of 40), and can defeat opponents with 16 Commander damage (rather than 21). Beyond that, it's a pretty normal game of commander, in a very interesting format with NO BANLIST.

Now that that's out of the way, the name of the game here is speed and relentlessness.

  1. For the most part, this deck is intended for 1v1. I'd like to make this deck better in multiplayer though, so feel free to make suggestions or offer advice.
  2. "Dash-cast" your commander Turn 1 for an immediate point of Commander damage if you can, otherwise hardcast her.
  3. Swing out often early game, getting in as much damage as you can while your opponent tries to stabilize. Use Lightning Berserker's Firebreathing ability as much as you can. After your commander-tax gets to around or , slow down and get ready for your finishing moves.
  4. Start pumping out lands. With more than the usual number of lands, my intention is to never miss a single land drop because I want to do multiple things in the same turn, like: re-cast my Commander plus Commander Tax; use my Commander's Firebreathing ability, and; cast an Evasion spell.
  5. You can also use spare lands to fuel your Tormenting Voices and whatnot.
  6. Use the draw and cantrips to dig for Equipment and make Lidya fat.
  7. Get some Evasion in hand, cast it and swing.
  8. Alternately you can find an -spell, say screw Commander damage and just burn the rest of somebody's 30 away.


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