Contraband Kingpin


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Contraband Kingpin

Creature — Rogue


Whenever an artifact enters the battlefield under your control, scry 1.

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Contraband Kingpin Discussion

Noctem on AER - Grixis Control

2 days ago

So last night I brought this list with a minor change to the SB for FNM. I removed Metallurgic Summonings and added a second Release the Gremlins. Deck went 3-1. It lost the finals and ended up in second place because the pilot never drew a torrential in game 3. If he had, he would have been first with 4-0. He played against nothing but aggro of various kinds. My friend played the list while I played something else so I won't be able to give as much detail as I would normally. I'll be playing it next standard.

Match 1 vs G/W tokens

Lost the first game, won both second and third after sideboard. To the Slaughter was very useful here to kill the PW's as they came down and tried to create a token. It gave us multiple ways of dealing with Gideon, which was important.

Match 2 vs G/B aggro (with Nissa)

Won 2-0. The g/b player kept a questionable hand filled with late game in g2 which meant that by the time he tried playing it, our hand was full of answers. Didn't go well for him.

Match 3 vs Mardu Vehicles

lost the first game, won the second and third after sideboard. The sideboard change paid off here.

Match 4 vs Mardu Vehicles

Lost 2-1. No Torrential Gearhulk game 3 caused the loss of the match.

Overall, we were both pleased with the list. Some changes we discussed:

Contraband Kingpin was useless in all the matches we played vs decks he's supposed to be used against. The amount of quality removal for creatures currently in standard means that he really isn't a problem to deal with by other decks. The creatures being used nowadays, when attacking, won't have only 1 toughness (outside of Veteran Motorist but that's going to be used to crew and not attack directly anyway in most cases) and our gameplan to kill or counter everything the opponent plays also means that his job as a wall is kind of redundant since he's not a win con himself. The mana cost could also be annoying to play if we don't have one of the 2 colors on turn 2-3 when you actually want to play him. The lifelink is basically meaningless since you won't want to attack with him as he's a defensive tool. The scry won't matter since you have 3 6CMC artifacts in a 75 card deck. SO, our thoughts were to put in Thing in the Ice  Flip instead. At least that can flip into a win con by doing what we're going to be doing anyway and you keep the 4 toughness wall angle. -2 Contraband Kingpin +2 Thing in the Ice  Flip for the SB imo.

Metallurgic Summonings is too cute and greedy imo while another Release the Gremlins was very useful vs matchups with high artifact counts like Mardu Vehicles but also including outlyers like Aetherflux Reservoir, Dynavolt Tower and Aetherworks Marvel lists.

All in all the deck went against the top decks of the format and did pretty darn well. You should be proud of your list.

Firebones675 on Grixis (RUB) Artifact Token deck

5 days ago

I think you should include more payoff cards that reward you for having a lot of artifacts. These aren't all in your current colors (i've found is black blue or red to be the best colors for artifacts in this set) but i'm just spitballing a few

Tezzeret the Schemer, Tezzeret, Master of Metal, Contraband Kingpin, Marionette Master

also improvise cards like: Bastion Inventor, Battle at the Bridge, Herald of Anguish, Maverick Thopterist, Reverse Engineer, Sly Requisitioner, Whir of Invention

Mrstone on U/W Paradoxical Storm

1 week ago

How about Contraband Kingpin instead of Sram, Senior Edificer?

Contraband Kingpin is just scry, but more defensive then Sram. Non-equipment artifact activate his ablility, so you can find key card efficiently. also his health and lifelink is good

Tezzeret's Touch is also good. You can make plan B by attacking 5/5 creature. When you cast Paradoxical Outcome, you can choose Tezzeret's Touch because it is aura, so you can draw one more. Even if opponent destroy 5/5 creature, you get back artifact in hand.

I would appreciate it if you look at my decklist. UB Aetherflux bomb

ConnorThompson on Scheming

1 week ago

@baalshamem Yes!! Good calls all around. Contraband Kingpin is a great card, as is Metallic Rebuke; they each give you just a little extra security. And Tezzeret's Touch on Prophetic Prism is a good idea I think.

I'm not sure if you get the card draw, but I think you do, and an additional draw + scry each turn is pretty powerful. Especially if you have them coming in as 5/5's!

baalshamem on Scheming

1 week ago

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback.

@fear742: Casual, I'm new to magic. I wouldn't mind winning anything with a deck I built but I just want to have some fun and learn to play first before I start taking this more seriously.

I followed your suggestion and replaced Barricade Breaker with Sky Skiff and it does feel a little bit better.

@ConnorThompson: I agree with you that I have a lot of mana sources and there's a point in the game in which I'm getting more mana sources and have no idea what to do with all that mana. Was thinking of removing Cultivator's Caravan and adding Metallic Rebuke or Negate.

Your Etherium Cell comment got me thinking. I thought about enchanting them with Mechanized Production because it was an artifact I could create easily and maybe couldn't get destroyed easily unless I used them for mana instead of having some 1/1 artifacts that could get wiped easily, which is why you both suggested a counter spell.

@both: The reason for Barricade Breaker being in the deck was to use it's Improvise ability since I'll eventually have a lot of artifacts out. It would be cool if I could cast it on turn 4, if I have 3 artifacts and 4 lands already in play, but if it's in your hand before you can cast it, it becomes a pain and slows you down, so I do get why it's not a good idea to have it.

I think that instead of casting Mechanized Production on the Etherium Cells I'll cast it on Prophetic Prism. That way I think I can speed this deck a little bit by drawing 2 cards every turn(more if I can enchant another Prophetic Prism). What if I add Contraband Kingpin to the mix, will it let me scry after creating that Prophetic Prism? And, if for some reason I casted Tezzeret's Touch on a Prophetic Prism enchanted with Mechanized Production and had Contraband Kingpin on the battlefield, will I be creating a 5/5 artifact creature that will let me draw another card and scry every turn?

DunklenEins on UB Tezzerborn (Aetherborn Tribal)

1 week ago

I actually like Contraband Kingpin as a 1/4 it dodges quite a bit of removal and having life link and scry 1 all for two mana is quite a deal.

BlaineTog on Firstborn

2 weeks ago

Gotta love a good tribal deck! Here are my suggestions:


  1. Aetherborn Marauder is a trap. Putting all your eggs in one basket that doesn't even have haste is just too risky.

  2. Contraband Kingpin is a good card, but not worth splitting into a second color.

  3. Cultivator's Caravan isn't good in a mono-color deck. (You can also save some money by swapping Spire of Industry for more basic Swamps; I'm just going to assume you'd make this change and not include it in the card tally below.)

  4. Hope of Ghirapur is a good card but I don't really see it for this deck. If you really want to include it, leave it in the sideboard.

  5. Ornithopter doesn't do enough for this deck. You really want to avoid sac'ing cards to Yahenni and Syndicate Trafficer. Stick to tokens whenever possible.

  6. Resourceful Return: Cut at least 2 of them. It's a good lategame refill so I'm not gonna tell you to cut it entirely, but you really don't want to end up with multiples in hand.

That gives us back 17 cards. Now let's put them to use.


  1. 4x Grasp of Darkness. It will kill things Fatal Push can't, and anyway you want as much removal as possible to clear a path. It also answers the Saheeli Copycat combo, should you run into it.

  2. 3x Servo Schematic and 4x Weaponcraft Enthusiast. They both give you three sac'able permanents and Enthusiast is even an Aetherborn.

  3. 3x Animation Module not only helps make your dudes bigger but it's also a reliable source of sac'able Servo tokens.

  4. 1x Gifted Aetherborn and 2x Syndicate Trafficker. Gifted Aetherborn is a pushed-as-hell card and it's exactly the kind of efficient card that you need filling your hand. Syndicate Trafficker, meanwhile, is one of the best reasons to go Aetherborn and one of your only sacrifice outlets. The more you have in your deck, the more resilient and annoying the deck will be.

Sideboard Suggestions:

  1. Gonti, Lord of Luxury: Potentially good against either Control decks or stompy decks. Stealing a counterspell could be just what this deck needs to go over the top, plus casting counterspells or direct-damage spells while in Mono-Black is just hilarious. He could actually be good enough for the main deck, but he competes with Midnight Entourage for the 4-drop slot.

  2. Harsh Scrutiny: I'm kinda in love with this spell. Helps you ruin your opponent's board presence while fixing your own hand and giving you information about how much disruption you have coming your way.

  3. Lost Legacy: for fighting against Combo decks.

  4. Underhanded Designs: for grindy matchups.

  5. Murder: when you absolutely, positively, definitely need to kill big things.


  1. Westvale Abbey  Flip could be an interesting addition, maybe as a 1- or 2-of. You'll have a lot of little guys running around so sac'ing them to get an Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip could be a good, low-opportunity-cost option.

Riclamin_Silentread on UB Tezzerborn (Aetherborn Tribal)

2 weeks ago

I realized with my own deck that you don't really need the Contraband Kingpin unless you're spamming artifacts. It really just takes up space as a 1/4 lifelink. I mean, you've already got a much more powerful Aetherborn Marauder, which also flies, for double the cost.

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