Blistercoil Weird

Blistercoil Weird

Creature — Weird

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, Blistercoil Weird gets +1/+1 until end of turn. Untap it.

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Pioneer Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Blistercoil Weird Discussion

XxI-love-sliversxX on best budget deck for modern

1 month ago

try replacing Ghitu Lavarunner with Blistercoil Weird because it's almost like more swiftspears

wolfsack on Thundercat Song Reference

1 month ago

We talked about it a bit earlier, but Leonin Warleader is a good include here. I think it's more threatening than Brimaz. I see Impact Tremors, so It would be intersting to kinda steer the deck in a token build. Docent of Perfection  Flip can help get the party started. There are also gobo spells you can cast daddy Vadrok, like Hordeling Outburst to help fuel your army.

One thing I noticed is that there aren't a whole lot of pump effects for a voltron subtheme commander outside of double strike type cards. Might be cool to add Brute Force, Infuriate, and low cost buff spells. If that style sounds cool you can add in Feather, the Redeemed for more ways to get your spells back and if you lean towards token theme adding Zada, Hedron Grinder will really scare the table!

As for potential cuts, I think Archipelagore can probably take a seat. High mana cost with a bit of a low effect. How often will you mutate ove 2 creatures. Fling seems a bit out of place. I can't imagine wanting to sacrifice a mutate pile.

Focusing on your commander's ability and bouncing to recast it will be much cheaper and have a greater impact in game. Blistercoil Weird, Kiln Fiend and Spellgorger Weird could also be some cool potential targets to mutate onto. Flood of Tears can clear the board and let you put down a mutate target.

NoopyNolife on Beamsplitter Blitz (UR Prowess)

2 months ago

Destroyerbirb I'm not entirely convinced on Blistercoil Weird but it is a cheap card so I'll give 2 a try.

I do agree that Stormchaser Mage is unimpressive. I'm saving up for Soul-Scar Mage. Do you think Grim Lavamancer might have a place? It can potentially add some extra reach, I think.

Destroyerbirb on Beamsplitter Blitz (UR Prowess)

2 months ago

NoopyNolife Blistercoil Weird can be untapped and serve as a blocker if things go south, and Soul-Scar Mage turns any burn spells into permanent damage. The ground for both is the same as Ghitu Lavarunner, but the ceiling is higher.

NoopyNolife on Beamsplitter Blitz (UR Prowess)

2 months ago

Destroyerbirb interesting additions. To my experience the deck doesnt need extra creatures but i also don't think 1 or 2 would hurt the deck.

I am wondering if you could elaborate on your choice of Blistercoil Weird. I don't really see its benefit; its a 1/1 prowess without any other abilities? There's an argument to be made that it is better than Ghitu Lavarunner, but there are a lot of cards better than Lavarunner, I've just really come to appreciate the pseudo-haste late game.

Soul-Scar Mage is an excelent addition to any prowess based deck, altough I'm unsure if the full playset is necessary here. It's just that they're 4 dollars a pop.

Destroyerbirb on Beamsplitter Blitz (UR Prowess)

2 months ago

NoopyNolife Very interesting build. I would just add 2x Blistercoil Weirds and definitely a playset of Soul-Scar Mages and take out the 2x Ghitu Lavarunner and the 2x Stormchaser Mages, and also take out one copy of both Titan's Strength and Mutagenic Growth.

+1 from me!

lagotripha on Modern Storm Mutate!

3 months ago

If you can ritual, play red 1 drop, mutate drakkis onto it returning ritual, then return the creatures to hand you quickly get infinite storm count.

This offers combo lines with Banishing Knack/Retraction Helix/Blistercoil Weird, which also serve as a damage combo outlet and disruption in a pinch. Theres also the old Izzet Guildmage/Desperate Ritual/Lava Spike combo.

lagotripha on Primal Permutations

4 months ago

Mutate is a really interesting mechanic that I expect to find a place in modern, even if it never reaches tier 1. Modern already has some wild 1 drops, and attaching, say Parcelbeast to a Steppe Lynx can start looking cool- its just a question of the right combination being found to power the deck.

I'd focus on low cost mutate cards, 1 drops to mutate them on that either protect a powerful mutate effect or multiply it, and mana dorks as backup mutate targets.

Auspicious Starrix will likely win you the game if your opponent cannot remove it. Gemrazer to back that up will offer a lot of blowout potential. Most of the lower tier mutate creatures could work with the right synergy picks in the rest of the list.

In terms of 1 drops to examine, Glistener Elf and Slippery Bogle for efficient voltron, as well as less conventional voltron like Spikeshot Elder or Vector Asp, Young Wolf returns all its creatures seperated to the battlefield with +1+1 counters, Blistercoil Weird and legendary spell recursion point to a jeskai spellslinger, Signal Pest+ a white go wide list, Arcbound Worker/Servant of the Scale/Simic Initiate/Hardened Scales and +1+1 counters could get pretty out of hand.

Hedron Crab land drop mill is a cute option, Permeating Mass will make people call for the judge, but isn't actually any good. Some +1+1 counter synergies will likely let you abuse some mechanics like Devoted Druid's untap, if you can find the combination.

Keyword piles like Banehound Healer's Hawk, abilities like Figure of Destiny or 'conditional' P/T boosts like Scute Mob could make for a decent beatstick if you can spend two cards on it - Gnarlwood Dryad, Toolcraft Exemplar Wild Nacatl, Loam Lion could all find places in some lists,as they are already efficient and pushing them out of kill range for lightning bolt/anger of the gods may be relevant.

Mortician Beetle with the bat strapped to it is a great casual clock.

None of these are crazy effecient, but building a list of sixty cards that all sorta work together is the heart of brews like this.

All told though, its a bit of a mess where the best bet is to pick two colours with 2/3 mana mutates, and throw them on creatures which protect them while hunting for stirix. Trying to stretch into more colours will pressure a budget manabase very hard. Keeping to mostly green with basic searching to fix for a second colour will ease that process a lot- especially with dorks like Avacyn's Pilgrim or Elves of Deep Shadow.

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