Orzhov Advokist


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Uncommon

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Orzhov Advokist

Creature — Human Advisor

At the beginning of your upkeep, each player may put two +1/+1 counters on a creature he or she controls. If a player does, creatures that player controls can't attack your or a planeswalker you control until your next turn.

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Orzhov Advokist Discussion

Alookeva on Karlov of the fat council

2 weeks ago

Rhox Faithmender vs Alhammarret's Archive Rhox is a creature and procs soul sisters and if killed death triggers. Though Archive is a SOLID CARD, you need to have card draw on top of it to make it effective. Also if you think you're gaining a lot of life through quality instead of how many instances of life gain, archive is better. For Karlov I enjoyed running Unspeakable Symbol. With such a Reanimator style, surprised to not see something like Cathars' Crusade in the deck. Orzhov Advokist is also another easy way to get extra counters on Karlov, because it says, PLAYERS can put two +1/+1 during your upkeep on any creatures they control. Free 2 +1/+1 on him. Polluted Bonds is a gross card. You want to make everyone pay for doing ANYTHING?? You need this card to get the full effect ;) Ajani, Caller of the Pride is better over Sorin, Grim Nemesis in my honest opinion. I had a Karlov deck that turned into Ayli, Life Manipulator. The original deck got stolen, but this is the list I'm running currently, if you want to compare notes.

Flagellum on Doran's Spring: 'Tis the Season of Big Butts

2 weeks ago

Thank you MagicalHacker!

I perused the list you linked and have found some goodies that were appealing. To keep the curve tight so I'm dropping a critter or two a turn I've opted for the 3 CMC guys listed unless the effect was too good.

Mentor might make his way in. Shirei is interesting but my creatures lack ETB effects.

Possible Includes

Myr Welder: a 1/4 for 3CMC. Offers artifact gy hate and could be quite useful if it stwals the right ability.

Order of Whiteclay: Sun Titan's lil bro. Not as good with vigilance.

Orzhov Advokist: this plays into my anti-power control element. If they keep pumping their best threats then they will stay tapped. Also acts as a deterrent.

Palace Guard: just a decent effect.

Raving Dead: this guy should probably be in the deck. Great with or without evasion. Doran makes him an effective 6/6.

Sanctum Guardian: nice little protection against big splashy spells or critters.

Scholar of Athreos: late game mana sink?

Selvala, Explorer Returned: ramp and card draw on a 2/4. Pretty decent

Standing Troops: bc vigilance with Doran is hilarious

Vampire Envoy: evasive beater with negligent lifegain.

Village Bell-Ringer: gives my guys pseudo vigilance

Yotian Soldier: vigilance beater

Task Force: infinite toughness with Lightning Greaves and another random critter.

Tangle Angler: Priests of Norn v2.0.

Vanilla/Possible Cuts

Yoked Ox

Tasseled Dromedary

Grizzled Leotau

Disowned Ancestor

Kitsune Loreweaver

Loxodon Wayfarer

Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper

Tower Defense/Bar the Door: cute overrun effects. Could win the game in the right setup. Iffy on cutting.

While Kami of Old Stone and Indomitable Ancients are vanilla, the value they carry outweighs that fact.

Panas on Having difficulty...

2 weeks ago

To be honest, you are not playing control per se, but, more of a group-slug variant. Run more rattlesnake effects! Where is your False Prophet and your Koskun Falls? Hell, I might have been running Bearer of the Heavens (not likely without Eerie Interlude) next to my Orzhov Advokist (definite inclusion)! :p

Why are you running Caltrops instead of Lightmine Field? Instead of Cauldron Haze include the Cauldron of Souls itself :p

A Royal Assassin is more handy than a Dark Impostor when you don't want to keep 6 mana open every turn. He also doesn't grow bigger with every activation but he always threats a kill at instant speed if something dares to attack you without being vigilant :p

I would also consider the double damage enchantments to be removed as well, as they work against you as much as they do for you. Use the Curse of Bloodletting to incentivise people in more direct way. The dictate is good though because of flash...

Your maybeboard has some real gems! Especially fond of Martyr's Bond!

Also a Sunforger with 3 targets only is a very sad Sunforger... It's meant to be the answer-stick! Get that Chaos Warp, Oblation, Terminate, Mortify, Return to Dust, Into the Core, Retaliate, Wild Ricochet, Utter End and Anguished Unmaking... maybe even a Master Warcraft? That, or remove Sunforger since it won't be doing much for you as a +4/+0 buff.

precociousapprentice on Marchesa, Political Queen of Pillows

1 month ago

Have you played with Orzhov Advokist much yet. I would love to hear your take. I am guessing it is less than you hoped, but I am open to hearing different.

TheDragonking564 on Kyanois and Tiro of Landfall

1 month ago

I am kinda hesitant about the cards that allow your opponents to search for lands as well. Sure, the ability to search for a massive amount of lands helps your landfall triggers go off and such, but unfortunately if they see that you are playing with Landfall, then they are going to be less likely to shell in the mana help things like Collective Voyage. Also, this extra mana you may or may not give your opponents may end up haunting you, since that could be the extra mana that they need to go off with their decks, and essentially end the game. Orzhov Advokist can also be a bit of a concern, since if they don't find you threatening, then they will take the counters to beef themselves up, but as soon as you look threatening to them, or you play a card they know is going to get out of hand, they will completely ignore Orzhov Advokist, and go straight for your face with their beefed up creatures. Maybe instead of Collective Voyage, you could run cards like Rampant Growth, Cultivate or Kodama's Reach, which get you basic land cards onto the battle field, trigger Landfall, and get you more mana without helping your opponents go off with their decks. Orzhov Advokist could be replaced by some other Landfall creature, such as Hedron Crab, Akoum Stonewaker, or even Lotus Cobra, etc. There are tons of options, the ones I gave were just low CMC, since I noticed the CMC of your deck is fairly high. Also, consider adding signets, Thran Dynamo, Gilded Lotus, or Caged Sun, so you can ramp out your creatures faster, get those Landfall creatures out and effecting the board state in your favor.

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa Aikido

1 month ago

This looks like a fun deck that is a work in progress. I would have lots of suggestions for you, but I want to get your thoughts on my Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control deck, so that we can have a base for discussion. As an example, I think you would be very happy if you swapped out Orzhov Advokist for High Priest of Penance or Duelist's Heritage. All three are low CMC Pillow Fort cards in white that are meant to discourage attacks against you. The advantage of High Priest of Penance is that it is a strong Rattlesnake card that gives no advantage to the opponent, but definitely encourages opponents to seek prey elsewhere, prey with less teeth. Duelist's Heritage has turned out to be an amazing addition to my Pillow Fort package. It can give advantage to my opponents for attacking each other, discourages people from attacking into my blockers, and can augment my attacks when needed. Awesome card in my deck. Orzhov Advokist provides a permanent bonus for not attacking you. This bonus can be used to turn a utility creature into a real threat given time, one that was not likely to attack you anyway, and they don't need to attack someone else to get that bonus. They are in control, not you, and later they can use that bonus against you. I found it to be worse for me than not having it, and it has no place in my deck.

Anyway, let's do some cross pollination. What are your favorite elements of this deck, and how do you think that they would align with the goals I have outlined for my deck?

precociousapprentice on Marchesa, Political Queen of Pillows

1 month ago

Orzhov Advokist is a card that I would put in a similar place as Duelist's Heritage, but not as effective at it's job. It encourages attacks to go elsewhere, but it rewards those actions with permanent buffs, it doesn't require them to attack someone else to get the buff, doublestrike until the end of turn is just better for our needs, and an enchantment is more durable. I have not play tested it, but it could be good. Very subtle Pillow Fort card. Worth a trial as it fill a similar role to one of my new favorites, but I would say it may not make the final cut.

MegaMatt13 on Marchesa, Political Queen of Pillows

1 month ago

Wizno and precociousapprentice, thanks for the feedback.

I've thought about Erebos, but I don't usually have enough devotion to black to turn him into a win-con creature. Erebos turns off life-gain, Tainted Remedy actively punishes it. Gray Merchant, Exsanguinate, and smaller passive life-gain effects are quite common in my group. Tainted Remedy threatens them with death if they play those cards while Erebos would just neutralize it.

Orzhov Advokist is another one I've considered. Do you find that it is effective in dissuading attacks or do people just pass on the counters? I like that it can buff my own creatures at the very least though. I'll consider it :)

Crackling Doom is still on the edge for me. I may throw it back in if I can find room :)

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