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Nightveil Predator Voltron Control

Pauper EDH* Control Pauper UB (Dimir) Voltron


This deck has two main tricks. The first is that the commander is hexproof and has evasion, so it's ideal for piling auras and equipment on so it can kill opponents in just a few attacks. The second is that because the commander has deathtouch, it can use equipment and auras like Viridian Longbow to kill any targetable creature. These two elements together make the deck much more interactive than most voltron lists.

The cards that really make the deck go around are the tutors and the untappers. The deck has a variety of tutors like Dizzy Spell, which can tutor for your control cards or your voltron cards, giving the deck a lot more consistency and flexibility. The untapping cards, like Vigean Graftmage, instead work to speed up the deck. They allow you to both attack and tap to destroy a creature every turn cycle, so you don't get stuck only defending or dying to counterattacks.

Thanks to the flexibility from tutors, the deck is free to run a large number of card draw and removal spells. This even includes several instances of grave hate and 4 different sweepers for clearing tokens. There's also some lifelink to help stay alive against more aggressive decks.

As a side note, Trinket Mage is an incredibly powerful tutor in this deck. It lets us fetch Viridian Longbow for control, Bonesplitter for voltron, Relic of Progenitus for grave hate, and even artifact lands if we need more color fixing to play the Predator.


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