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Long May She Reign |Knights of the Black Rose PDH|

Pauper EDH


"All Hail The Queen!" "And Long May She Live!" Cry the knights, but in the streets, they know Assassins lurk, and that Rats plague the city. Politics run rampant, and all it would take, is a little drop of Poison, or a Blade, placed just so, for all of the work spent Patrolling the grounds to be for naught. The beggars don't last long in such a ruthless empire, where Crimes are committed in every alley. The knight's think that Marchesa might just have what it takes to survive in such a cruel place.

This deck was the champion of my testing round, in which the deathtouch proved a great deterrent, and even through mana screw, card advantage pulled out.


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This deck is not Pauper EDH legal.

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