Oh no! The cloak of invisibility was stolen! And some weapons too! The wizards of the school are fur... Wait what? They are teammin' up with the Invisible Stalker? Why they...? Oh, I see... The camber of secrets (the women's changing room)... And you are on their way!

Here we are with a voltron-themed deck, basically a deck where (1) you take a creature (2) make it huge (3) swing for the win. Pretty simple. But in mono blue? Yes, the Invisible Stalker is both hard to kill due to the Hexproof keyword, and "really hard" to block, because, you know... has unblockable. Equips and auras are the easiest way to do the trick and speed up the clock. A bunch.
Commander damage in 99,999% of the games. But when the planets once every million years are aligned and the galaxies resonate you can win by other attackers. To do this, you have to exstabilish a board control with permission spells and bounce or super-bounce (for the top of the library) effects that resets the board and slow down your opponent just as much as you can win.
Spot removals are almost always a dead card in your opponents' hand, but mass removal are really bad. Invisible Stalker's body is quite tiny, even with some pumps, but we can protect him (or her?) with cards like Slagwurm Armor or Eel Umbra. We can even blink him with cards like Ghostly Flicker or even phansing him (and I assure you opponen't have absolutely no clue how to deal with phasing) with Vanishing. Blink effects can reiterate other wizards's ETBs, so feel free to mess around!
As we know Ghostly Flicker deserves a top spot in the "super-duper-combos" engines, but other cards can be cool: Contempt and Wizard Mentor can reiterate ETBs as well, Trinket Mage can search for your equipments, Adventuring Gear + Explorer's Scope is a cool synergy but remember you can blink your own lands and do massive damages with a single swing. By the way, don't forget that if you bounce something on top of your opponent's library while he's attempting to fetch something (like a land), he has to choose to keep that card (and not fetching for anything) or lose it in his library.


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