Voltron swarm!

Voltron your commander! Even if he doesnt attack, your elementals do it for you! Main strategy is to buff up your commander to be the defense, while the elementals attack.

Outdated use land draw from artifacts Armillary Sphere + Mycosynth Wellspring + Wanderer's Twig , keep the artifacts in your hand. Then use looting mechanisms to trade the land for other cards.

Update 14/2/2019 Use madness or cycling for card draw. Added more heavy brutes for blockers and midgame

Update 18/2/2019 Added pingers! (Timmy sorcerers) Serve the purpose of dealing with pesky creatures directly. And also cos i've always loved them.

Update 3/3/2019



Frostwielder , Viashino Fangtail , Vulshok Sorcerer , Prodigal Sorcerer , Vithian Stinger

Equipment(less auras)


The Brute , Herbal Poultice , Mana Geyser

Draw Prophetic Ravings , Wild Guess , Tormenting Voice , Cathartic Reunion

Swarming Elementals

Caterwauling Boggart , Dynacharge , Impact Tremors ,

Opponent cant block

Caterwauling Boggart , Vorrac Battlehorns , Bladed Pinions , Barrage of Boulders

Alternative voltrons

Ichorclaw Myr , Razor Swine ,

Alternate wincon via sacrificing elementals to ashnod

Rolling Thunder

Single target burn

Lightning Bolt , Galvanic Blast , Inferno Fist , Blazing Torch


Bloodfire Infusion


Artifact based

Ur-Golem's Eye , Guardian Idol , Mind Stone , Fellwar Stone , Star Compass , Commander's Sphere

Sacrifice based

Ashnod's Altar , Thermopod

Land search

Wayfarer's Bauble , Armillary Sphere , Chartooth Cougar


Updates Add

After my commander is killed twice, the 7 cost to cast makes him prohibitive.

On the suggestion of my friend user:cloudious, I've added in some infect creatures.


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