If you ever played the original Pauper format, you shoud know the UB Triggers and the Familiar deks. So, what's worse than having a heavy control that wins out of nowhere with a combo? Obviously having a continue draw engine that refills your hand with no mana loss. All on broad the Shadowmage Infiltrator's value train! Next stop: victory!

What is it? - This deck is basically a fusion of the two decks mentioned earlier and its plan is pretty simple: control the board, kill everything that either to big or scary, counter all that we don't ant to see and slowly set up for the value that will sets your opponent so far behind that the beginning of the universe seens happened yesterday. If you love and render your opponent harmless this is the deck for you.

How does it wins? - There are a few ways: first of all beating. Don't forget that your commander has fear, so he's a pretty consistent clock. Other that that wiping your opponent's board lets you to attack easily. On the other hnd, you can win by comboing off and generating tons of mana, draws, mill, bounce effects & co. Examples of combos in this decks are:

What we fear the most? - The deck is pretty strong, the value is very difficult to stop when it begins to run, but every deck that is too fast (remember, our creatures are tiny and easily scared) and, funny enough, full of counters or hard removal is a bad, but not impossible to win, matchup.

Other super duper things? - This deck can draw ALOT. you may draw up to 4 cards each turn using the commander, Sphinx's Disciple and Thorn of the Black Rose whitout doing anything at all. If you like drawing aggressively this deck if for you. Another cool thing is that this deck is full of tutors with transmute. The best interaction imho is Brainspoil searching for Mnemonic Wall that returns it and so on. It gives you a 3x1 with ease. Cards like Cavern Harpy can reiterate your ETBs and bounce herself so you can do bad things again and again and again and again and again and again...


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