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The Hunger Games |Gamekeeper Oath PDH|

Pauper EDH Mono-Green


As a Gamekeeper , your job is to make life hard for each of the tributes. Whether a beast , or a trap , they will be eliminated one by one. There can be only one survivor, and don't play favorites. Some of the Co nt es ta nt s are rebels, and might attack you. Feel free to issue a game loss .
As Gamekeeper , you have some perks. One of them is of course, tormenting the tributes, which is good enough already. But of course, you are a very important person, and travel accordingly . You are also invited to the Victors Party . And when you need to Relax , you own Personal Stream is waiting. But don't mess up, you were lucky to get this job in the first place, and you are replaceable. So keep the games entertaining.
If for some reason, an alliance is made between tributes that might terminate the structural integrity of the game, it might be time to Intervene . Similarly, if a tribute is being Overly Aggressive , or Is Dominating The Game , it is your job to stop it.
Yes this is a direct reference to the Hunger Games. Traps would be included, but no green traps were printed at common. This is probably nowhere near the best deck.
Gamekeeper is very like Oath of Druids , you have to mill. Because of this, remember Dragon Fangs triggers.


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This deck is not Pauper EDH legal.

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