So, the art on this card is absolutely gorgeous - at least the alternate art is so, I had to make a deck around it. Additionally, it has a decent body with good keywords and an ability that let's us slowly churn through our deck and fill our graveyard! This will be an absolute powerhouse in PEDH! AND you'll be able to play it at a normal table. Though I'll only recommend it for casual to mid power tables as commons typically cannot keep up with the card quality of optimized/CEDH decks.
This deck is mid power (5-6) - it has a game plan, good card quality and a decent amount of synergy. For the most part it should perform slightly better than a precon most of the time but don't expect to crush with this at a CEDH table.
This is an attrition deck. We have loads of removal and we aim to out value our opponents with monarch cards and our commanders ability. Eventually, win with a big Gray Merchant of Asphodel ETB trigger or reanimating an Ulamog's Crusher early game and just smacking people with it.
So, to really profit off our commanders ability we use "free" cards to get that 2nd spell trigger. For examples see Lotus Petal , Patrician's Scorn , Spinning Darkness and Snuff Out - all of these are easy to cast or essentially free and our commander's ability replaces them =)


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