Winding Constrictor


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Uncommon

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Winding Constrictor

Creature — Snake

If one or more counters would be placed on an artifact or creature you control, that many counters plus one are placed that permanent instead.

If you would get one or more counters you get that many of those counters plus one instead.

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Winding Constrictor Discussion

ursamaul on Insects

5 hours ago

I get why you want to use tokens to dump your counter on, but lets say you don't have a Nest of Scarabs on the field and a Winding Constrictor, your Exemplar of Strength and Channeler Initiate will die automatically. If you replace your Winding Constrictor with Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, you'll be generating that extra token but itll be a deathtouch snek! Also Splendid Agony should probably be used to kill/ shrink your opponents creatures, not to be put on your own tokens.

ursamaul on Insects

16 hours ago

You're going Golgari counters with no Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons? Also I dont like using Winding Constrictor as putting counters on yourself ends up shrinking your army even more and you need beat down creatures. I'd drop the constrictors and do 4x Channeler Initiate and Exemplar of Strength for better ramp and beatdown. Also avoid having 2 of a kind and go for 3 or 4 for better reliability on your card draws.I run a deck very similarly to this Look at my deck on my profile for ideas!

multimedia on Energy Elves (XLN)

21 hours ago

My new test too see if this deck is going to work in new Standard, can I beat Ramunap Red without a nut draw? The answer to this so far is no. I can't consistently beat Ramunap Red with this latest version.

Ruin Raider is not going to work and Rampaging Ferocidon shuts down Aethersphere Harvester life gaining. Harsh Scrutiny has been very good at taking Hazoret before she can hit the battlefield, but other than Scrutiny black has been very underwhelming. Winding Constrictor is not even safe anymore because of Lightning Strike. Fatal Push is also not reliable enough as removal now in the matchup because Evolving Wilds is too slow to trigger revolt.

Some positives in the matchup are green, Ripjaw Raptor is most of the time a 2 for 1 or more and Shaper's Sanctuary has been very good to get some card advantage from all the abilities that make creatures unable to block. These two together in my control are especially good for me. Walking Ballista has been fantastic in the matchup.

The next step is back to the drawing board and adding red for Harnessed Lightning and Glorybringer.

JAPuckett85 on Corpsejack Constrictor

1 day ago

I will probably add another Kalonian Hydra, but Mistcutter Hydra only seems good as a sideboard against Blue/control decks. The thing I like about Protean Hydra is that its ability is a DTA (delayed trigger ability). So if I spend 4 mana on it with 2 Hardened Scales in play, it would enter the battlefield as a 5/5, right? (Could just as easily be 2 Winding Constrictor, or any combination of the two). Say I am able to block something with 3 power on my opponent's turn- then the 2 Hardened scales actually trigger separately for EACH +1/+1 counter removed, so that during their End Step, my Protean Hydra becomes a 14/14. Or I could simply remove a single +1/+1 counter from Walking Ballista on their end-of-turn, which with 2 Winding Constrictor in play would have exactly the same effect as I just detailed, making it able to attack as a 14/14. I would have to try it in some games first, but it seems doable.

NV_1980 on Meren's Returning Army

2 days ago

Hi Brightest_Day,

Thanks for your input. Ophiomancer is nice but compared to my other creatures he isn't strong/useful to replace anything. An extra 1/1 with deathtouch is nice to have on the field, but then I'd actually prefer Hornet Queen (even if her CMC is a lot higher).

Ramunap Excavator is a great card ... if you're worried about land destruction or lots of milling (from the opposition). Land destruction is no concern of mine. I don't use many sac lands and my playgroup frowns upon any land destruction cards. We've not banned them, but people will tell you you're a dick/cunt if you use them. As for milling, meh ... if it happens, it happens. I've got Life from the Loam to compensate if needed.

Savra, Queen of the Golgari is a great card and it was in this deck a while ago. She definitely is powerful but I don't feel like I really need her. The deck already contains plenty of ways to force sacs and gain life; often in more powerful ways.

Winding Constrictor is definitely an option and one I overlooked until now (mostly because I just recently acquired one). I'm not worried about infect; my playgroup has banned this broken mechanic (especially in EDH). I think I'm going to replace Catacomb Sifter with it.

Thanks again for your feedback; greatly appreciate it. If your comments are always this useful, I can't wait what you have to say about any of my other decks. If you'd like me to have a look at one of your other decks, please let me know.

Happy gaming!

Brightest_Day on Meren's Returning Army

3 days ago

Hi NV_1980, I was somewhat comparing our Meren decks were built, and while they are very different I do have some cards I might recommend, however take them lightly as i have not been able to play test them, they are just ideas.

Ophiomancer has some good defensive capabilities, due to her putting a token onto the field on anyones turn, keeping them from swinging at you with their things they dont want to die.

Ramunap Excavator is basically Crucible of worlds on a dude, something Meren can recur. I find that having him allows you to be a lot more generous with your draw/self mill, who cares if a land hits your grave if you can just play it from the grave.

Savra, Queen of the Golgari is one of "Unique" cards I want to add into mine. She isnt a staple, but she is far from bad. Sac a black creature and pay two life to make your opponents sac a creature, and if a green one dies you get the two life back, removal and lifegain in one.

Winding Constrictor also give you two experience counters per sac vs just one, turning your clock up by two each time, however infect is also something that will kill you faster as well.

Just some food for thought, Im not 100% sure how well the upgrades ive given mine will work, but I feel like the cards I mentioned are better in general.

MoGoose831 on Buggin Out - ULTRA BUDGET

3 days ago

Haha yeeeeaa its still a prototype.

Thinking about adding 2xAmmit Eternal, 4xHapatra's Mark and 4xWinding Constrictor... maybe some buff spells like Gift of Strength or Shed Weakness or more -1/-1 like Stinging Shot.

MoGoose831 on Another ULTRA BUDGET idea

3 days ago

Here is my newest idea for another one of my ULTRA BUDGET decks.

This one is a BG -1/-1 Insect deck. I have about $5 worth of wiggle room but plan on including 2x Ammit Eternal and a playset of Winding Constrictor. Any and all input is appreciated!!!

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