Lightning helix is a broken card. It acts as removal and sustains us. Now our commander Savai Thundermane does that whenever we cycle!

This effectively turns all our cycling cards into removals AND cantrips, while still serving their alternate modes, whatever else is written on their card.

Control the board early/ midgame, wearing your opponent's resources down while maintaining a high life total.

Lategame, drop down a beater and slowly go face. You can continue the attrition plan by aiming pingers at face too.

About a third (actually 37) of the deck has cycling, this acts as cantrip and also triggers our boss

If 2 damage isnt enough to kill the minions, an added few pings should do the job.

Also, the pingers can remove many utility dorks themselves.

Lategame, the pingers can go face without needing to care about blockers

We pack alot of ramp in this deck, because boros needs it.

And also, triggering our commander's ability multiple times is very mana intensive, so we need all the mana we can get to support it.

Most of the rocks have secondary purposes too, be it becoming a beater Fountain of Ichor or giving card draw Commander's Sphere, Mind Stone, Bonder's Ornament, Seer's Lantern

Of course, we need a way to close the game, all these cycling beaters do a trick. Because they all have cycling, there is never a case where they arent useful in the situation, cantripping early or dropping them down late.

Dragon Breath fits nicely here, since we can loot it early and it comes back to give our beaters haste. The added firebreating coupled with all the ramp means that we can close games out better.

Aside from removing creatures with our inbuilt lightning helix, we have a package of removal for Artifact, Enchantments, or even just big creatures in case the 2 damage isnt enough.

Aside from removing opponent's threats, we want to protect our own, as well as our life total. Other than typical protection instants, we put ALL 5 runes in the deck because you can always cycle them away.


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