Scaled Behemoth


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Uncommon

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Scaled Behemoth

Creature — Crocodile

Hexproof (This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

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Scaled Behemoth Discussion

Firebird4Life on

3 months ago

Aquatic Incursion, Carnage Tyrant, Deeproot Waters, Jungleborn Pioneer, Scaled Behemoth, Soul of the Rapids, Striped Riverwinder...all cards that are or create something Hexproof in Standard right now

colton815 on $2 BG Bogles

4 months ago

Scaled Behemoth is too expensive for a deck with only 22 lands, and Carnage Tyrant is strictly better.

Snivy__ on Wait, you can actually win an FNM with a 5$ deck?

4 months ago

What's very easy to obtain are Woodland Streams at about <0.01$ a piece. Since your deck doesn't have any one-drops, your first turn is always doing nothing. Now, with Woodland Stream you can get both colors and still keep your pace.

Also, if it's not too much for you, Deeproot Elite seems pretty strong in this deck b/c a lot of your creatures are Merfolk. If you can't obtain them thats ok, b/c Merfolk Mistbinder can also serve in it's place.

Riddleform doesn't seem too strong in this build. All of your spells are either sorcery-speed targeting your own guys, which you can't do with Riddleform, or Instants that are made to be cast on your opponents turn and not your own. I would probably replace it with either Silvergill Adept if you're going towards Merfolk or maybe Treasure Map  Flip.

I would also take out your Eternal of Harsh Truths for maybe Riverwise Augur. This dude can help you Brainstorm and count as a Merfolk, as well as it being a 2/2 body that's dirt cheap.

Take out Garruk's Horde. There are much better replacements for it such as Scaled Behemoth or another Arborback Stomper. 7 mana is just too much for something that gets targeted by all control-like removal (Vraska's Contempt, Cast Out, etc,)

Other than that, good luck on this budget deck! My brother always says to me: "Make a deck that you can be proud of, not a super-budget deck that MIGHT go 3-1" and I respond with "You just don't get it do you. Money doesn't grow on trees or bushes!"

I am a big fan of budget decks!

HobbyGamer007 on First Try

6 months ago

Some changes I'd do and try out how they fare:




BlaineTog on Bad Bogles 2: Back in Black -- $8 / 2 tix Hexproof

6 months ago

For the main deck, we're already pretty well optimized for what we're trying to do. Obviously you'd want to upgrade the mana base with better dual lands and Carnage Tyrant comes in for Scaled Behemoth, but other than that, I like our setup as-is. There's a case to be made for going with Fatal Push over Trial of Ambition but between getting to re-cast it and potentially taking out Hazoret the Fervents and Bristling Hydras, I honestly think Trial is the better removal spell for us. Honestly, the sorcery speed and 1B cost hardly matter since we're can't even start committing threats to the battlefield until turn 4 and having to wait until turn 6 (Guardian with Negate backup) isn't that bad for us either.

The sideboard changes things up a bit. First, Vraska's Contempt comes in over Hour of Glory. Hour gets the job done but Contempt is better once our mana base can support reliably making double-black by turn 4. This might also be a decent place for some Pushes, swapped in place of Consign / Oblivion. We might also be able to slip some copies of Duress into the sideboard with more-reliable Black mana, but that would depend on your meta.

beast_of_war on What are ways to remove ...

7 months ago

I have a deck in which has a Scaled Behemoth. Assuming he doesn't get countered, are there any other tricks I would need to worry about getting rid of it? Thanks.

BlaineTog on Bad Bogles 2: Back in Black -- $8 / 2 tix Hexproof

7 months ago

Really just swapping in Carnage Tyrant for Scaled Behemoth and upgrading the Mana base to include some mix of premium dual lands, then swap in Vraska's Contempt for Hour of Glory in the sideboard. Other than that, we're already running the best cards we can for this deck; I wouldn't even really want Fatal Push over Trial of Ambition since we can often fire off a single Trial multiple times per game. I guess you could cram a copy or two of The Scarab God in but I'm not sure the deck really needs it.

That said, a stronger mana base would open up more sideboard options. That would really be up to you, though; sideboards always depend on the local meta anyway.

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