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Gary Was Here, Ash is a Loser: Gray Merchant PDH

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Fun with Gray Merchant of Asphodel in Pauper EDH

By now, everyone knows how good Gary is in EDH. Getting it out with a normal board makes huge swings in the game and can sometimes give you an insurmountable amount of life. In Pauper EDH it is much the same except now, thanks to Theros: Beyond Death, you can have Gary in the command zone! The deck plays similar to Kokusho, the Evening Star in regular EDH: play value creatures and draw spells to build your boardstate until you can play Gray Merchant of Asphodel , then find ways to retrigger its ability. It is a bit slow to get going but after you stabilize you should no longer be worried about losing via life loss. The deck's biggest weaknesses are going up against combo decks (decks that don't win via damage) and Voltron (decks that win via commander damage).

Any comments or suggestions? Let me know!


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