Renegade Rallier


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Renegade Rallier

Creature — Human Warrior

Revolt — When Renegade Rallier enters the battlefield, if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn, return target permanent card with converted mana cost 2 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Renegade Rallier Discussion

pumpkinwavy on 4 Color CoCo

2 days ago

If you're putting all that strain on your manabase to play four colours, you might as well play the best of those colours. Bounding Krasis and Fairgrounds Warden are fairly weak creatures, which could fairly easily be replaced by more powerful 3-cost creatures in Goblin Rabblemaster and Renegade Rallier.

To complement that, a manabase of the full set of 12 fetchlands + 2 of each battlelands + 1 of each basic lands + 2 or 3 others would be ideal. Right now, the manabase is skewed to support red the most even though it is the least played colour. The manabase I suggested would leave you with enough white and blue sources.

I would also recommend cutting a number of 3 drops and replacing them with 2s.Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip, Greenwheel Liberator and Voltaic Brawler are cards I'd look to choose from.

Dorotheus on Inspectigator [RW Humans Frontier]

4 days ago

bamboocha, Right now, Harsh Mentor is not good enough in any format, he doesn't punish enough, OR doesn't punish enough different things OR would need haste, he would need to do one of those to be playable, and I would rest that it just needed to be "activate a non-mana ability" otherwise there are stronger more aggressive cards.

As for Humans, with Renegade Rallier being such a strong stability card, it gives me reason to shift to Collected Company and I would likely move around some of the creatures, drop Village Messenger and lose the few spells there are in favor of Lightning Strike over Wild Slash probably.

I just don't have a way to get Collected Company, I play on mtgo. Naya, Jeskai, and Bant humans are all extremely viable, meaning that 4c is probably viable as well (which probably is just Rally combo).
Monowhite humans is also playable, and actually has known favorable match ups.

Grrvvpp23 on Renegade Rallier and Panharmonicon

5 days ago

How would a revolted Renegade Rallier work if I have a Panharmonicon out? Let's say I crack a Vessel of Volatility triggering revolt and then playing RR, then two ETB abilities would go on the stack, so could I return the vessel with the first one and crack it again before the second one resolves or the ETB triggers would need two targets before I can resolve one of them? Thanks in advance!

DubiousDanish on Bant Humans(Needs Help)

6 days ago

Baral, Chief of Compliance: Can help with your control plan, in combination with your counter spells this will generate card advantage.

Channeler Initiate: Can help fix your mana and then become a threat itself.

Courageous Outrider: May be a weak option, but he can help you gain card advantage within your current theme.

Devoted Crop-Mate: If they remove a creature that you would like to have back, he can throw it right back into the fray.

Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip: Used heavily in the old Bant humans and also the Aristocrats decks.

Glory-Bound Initiate: A 2 cmc 4/4 Lifelink every other turn could be useful. Even stronger in combination with Always Watching.

Maulfist Revolutionary: It's a human and it bolsters your theme. It can also be used on your Planeswalkers which might be relevant, similar to skyship plunderer.

Renegade Rallier: Another human that can pull your creatures back from the grave.

Rogue Refiner: Kind of off theme because of the energy, but it's a 3 cmc 3/2 that draws you a card. Might be worth consideration...

Tireless Tracker: This card finds it's way into a ton of decks, if nothing else your opponent will respect it enough to use a removal spell on it.

Trueheart Duelist: Kind of a strange option, but it could be a lifesaver against aggro decks.

Unwavering Initiate: This is another fringe option, though a 3/2 Vigilance in theme may make the cut.

Vizier of Deferment: This one seems like it belongs in the deck to me, the versatility is a real bonus. Offensive and defensive uses that assist the growth of Thalia's Lieutenant.

billium813 on Value City Rallier

1 week ago

Emzed Thanks for the input! Personally, I do love the Order of Whiteclay in this deck due to all the juicy targets, but Iv noticed that it's really slow and there are too many situations where my opponent isnt using removal and theres nothing to bring back. Ultimately, I think Ill be sequestering them to the sideboard for control/ removal heavy matchups. The maindeck plan with Renegade Rallier already offers good recursion, but Whiteclay would be nice to boost that in some isolated matchups.

I decided to use Brain Maggot over Tidehollow Sculler due simply to a less complex casting cost. This may be an unnecessary concession, but ultimately both do the same thing and can crew copter (removing them from the dangers of combat).

I had been trying out Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth in the deck as a way of preventing the need to fetch until I need the revolt trigger. This probably just dilutes the manabase and I will most likely remove it soon.

Noble Hierarch is good for the exalted. If I had some, I would probably run 2 nobels alongside the birds. Unfortunately, I dont have any and dont plan on getting any in the near future. Ill add Noble Hierarch to the maybeboard since it's a very good suggestion.

Eldritch Evolution is not really meant for tutoring up Tireless Tracker, Eternal Witness, or Kitchen Finks. The tutor targets are really Restoration Angel and Siege Rhino. Eternal Witness,Kitchen Finks, and Voice of Resurgence are really just sac targets.

Scavenging Ooze is a great card, Ill add it to the sideboard, but Im not sure about running it main just yet.

Ultimately, im not a fan of mainboarding a deck full of 1 ofs that might be good game 1. To me, 1-2 ofs in the main board are meant to cover inadequacies of the main deck vs certain matchups. For instance, what would this deck do in game 1 against prison enchantments?? If my opponent got a Ghostly Prison or Sphere of Safety or Blood Moon down, would I just HAVE to scoop game 1 for lack of answers?? This tells me I need SOMETHING to interact with artifacts and enchantments in game 1. For that reason, I will be moving 1-2 Qasali Pridemage to the mainboard.

Other 1 ofs, dont seem that detrimental... sure, there will be game 1 moments against Boggles, Infect, and Burn where I really wish I ran Spellskite as a 1 of just to have that gotchya moment. But for all those moments, there will be even more moments where I rue Linvala, Keeper of Silence being terrible against Ad Nauseum, Dredge, Boggles, Burn, Death's Shadow, Jund, Jeskai Control and wish I ran something that just integrated with my deck more

Thanks again for the suggestions. I appreciate the input!

Emzed on Value City Rallier

1 week ago

Hey, i like the Copter / Order synergy a lot! Seems like a great concept, i'd love to test that myself.
That said, Brain Maggot should probably be Tidehollow Sculler. Despite being weaker to Kolaghan's Command as an artifact, an extra point of both power and toughness matters a lot.
Also, Urborg doesn't make sense to me: You need very little black mana and have no double black costs. It doesn't leave room for a basic Swamp which is important for your fetchlands to find against decks where your life total is under pressure. Also, Blood Moon is a card.
Since you barely need black mana, my experience tells me you should run Noble Hierarchs over Birds of Paradise. Exalted is a huge deal in most games, whereas flying and the option to get black mana are merely occasional upsides.
Overall, your whole deck is generating massive amounts of value (card draw, recursion, lifegain, etc). But there are a couple of decks where that doesn't accumulate to much, since what they do is even more powerful and they simply kill you. Elves or Merfolk, for example, don't seem like great matchups for you, since you lack the tools to break up their synergies (one or two Path to Exile won't be enough most of the time). Living End and Tron seem even worse. If all your Eldritch Evolutions and Chord of Callings can find are Tireless Tracker, Eternal Witness, Renegade Rallier and Kitchen Finks, which more or less do the same thing, those tutors can't reach their full potential. Sure, Brain Maggot (or Tidehollow Sculler) offers some interaction, but i think you should have access to a wider range of tools. Scavenging Ooze seems like a must to me, it's a great card on its own, and can make a big difference in matchups where graveyards are a factor. Just having a single copy to tutor up can massively affect the game. For similar reasons, you might want to consider cards like Qasali Pridemage, Orzhov Pontiff, Linvala, Keeper of Silence or Fiend Hunter for your maindeck (or sideboard). They won't always be great, but your fanastic value engines can make up for that. However, if they shine, they really shine, and might turn games around on their own.

PrismaticSparx on Animal Taxes

1 week ago

From a cursory look over the list, it seems half decent for casual play. Some notes:- Devoted Crop-Mate and Renegade Rallier probably aren't going to give too much value, as most of your creatures have cmc greater than 2.- I'd swap out Yavimaya Dryad for Wood Elves - If the aim is to tax opponents then Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Aven Mindcensor, Kataki, War's Wage, Leonin Arbiter, and Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker might be good additions

Master_Of_Obscure_Blue_Spells on Do the Sylesnya Stomp (T5-6 Win on a Budget)

1 week ago

Lmaokai Thanks for all the suggestions! I will certainly play Ridgescale Tusker instead of Stomper. I was splitting Natural Obsolescence w/ Dissenter's Deliverance for Indestructible\Scrapheap Scrounger, and because I'm not really familiar w/ my LGS's standard meta. I run only three Scrounging Bandar because they're dead if there are no valid target for it's ability. Then it's just a vanilla 2\2. I will consider Nature's Way instead of Prey Upon, but I'm not sure if I will switch them out. I usually just use Prey Upon on Narnam Renegade to kill a bigger creature (Deathtouch) and trigger revolt when Narnam dies. Since I can usually swing lethal on T5, I'm worried that Evolving Wilds will slow me down, but the ramp with Renegade Rallier is undeniably great.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

In return, I'll +1 one of your decks



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