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PDH(UW) - Olka's Shenanigans are pretty oppressive

Pauper EDH* WU (Azorius)



My most shamelessly competitive PDH deck. I generally dislike control and lockdown strategies, but I do love the way that Olka just turns the entire game up on it's head while generating value like some kind of finely-tuned value machine.

Obviously the major theme is getting Olka to abuse EtB effects, like Vedalken Dismisser and Stonehorn Dignitary . But the deck is also full of some much more subtle tech:

  • Olka doesn't get you your EtB effects until EoT. If you want them at instant speed, tuck your EtB creature under Wormfang Drake . Then when you flicker the Drake out, the EtB effect you want happens immediately.

  • Oblivion Ring and Journey to Nowhere are formatted in such a way that you can take advantage of their triggers: removing them from play while their EtB trigger is still on the stack causes their LtB trigger to go onto the stack above their EtB trigger: nothing is returned to play (nothing's been exiled yet), then the target of their EtB is exiled forever. This is the purpose of cards like Rescue and AEther Tradewinds in this deck. (or, if you're feeling very brave, you can do it with a Olka, using a Kor Skyfisher tucked under a Wormfang Drake ).

  • Reality Acid and Weight of Conscience can be similarly abused. reality acid is easy: put it on something (anything! it says "enchant permanent"), then bounce it. Weight of Conscience 's activated ability can be put onto the stack, then bounced to your hand before it resolves - the creature still gets exiled, and you can put the weight on something else.

  • Ghostly Flicker targeting Archaeomancer and Peregrine Drake is infinite mana. I don't have anything to do with infinite mana, but it's kinda neat. (EDIT: I originally included Drake 'cause I thought I wanted to make this deck good. I have since learned that I hate drake. It's dumb. Bye Felicia.)

GUYS I JUST DISCOVERED A BUSTED INTERACTION. I was looking at Who_The_Hell_'s list and trying to figure out why Oracle of Dust and Murk Strider were doing in there. THEN I FIGURED IT OUT AND I ADDED THEM TO THE DECK 'CAUSE THEY'RE SUPER BUSTED.


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