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A Swarm of Humans (And other Stuff)

Pauper EDH


The start of my testing with Phalanx Leader . The list focuses on building up a small army of 3 to 4 creatures over the first 3 turns then casting as many buffs as possible on Phalanx Leader .

I goldfished the deck 10 times so far with the guidelines that I will always mulligan if I have over 4 lands, no lands, or just a bad hand. The other condition was that I always will be going first. The average goldfish for the deck came out to 5.5 (5 games on turn 5, 5 games on turn 6) with the only notable game being one in which I was 1 damage off a turn 4 win.

After the first few games of playing the deck in a group of 5 the deck performs fairly well but has the probably of becoming a threat too fast so I've noticed it has the same effect of a voltron deck in regular edh where you'll kill someone then get taken out by the rest.


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