Deadeye Plunderers


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Deadeye Plunderers

Creature — Human Pirate

Deadeye Plunderers gets +1/+1 for each artifact you control.

2UB: Create a colorless Treasure artifact token with "T, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."

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Deadeye Plunderers Discussion

Saint1129 on Death by treasure!

1 day ago

Doomed Dissenter and River Sneak really don't contribute to the theme of your deck at all- ESPECIALLY River Sneak.

I would suggest replacing them with artifact creatures like Scrapheap Scrounger (which can come back from the graveyard after being sacrificed or killed off) or with treasure generators like Prying Blade, Revel in Riches (which provides an alternate win condition), Deadeye Plunderers (which grows while you get more artifacts), or Pitiless Plunderer,

Take note, a lot of the cards I suggested have a really high mana cost, so you'll have to pick which ones you like better so that your mana-curve doesn't get too top-heavy.

daNoodalz on Sex Pirates

5 days ago

You're missing the biggest rares and mythics that are pirates. I would add Admiral Beckett Brass, Deadeye Plunderers, and Hostage Taker.

Chasedrk1 on Ixalan Treasure

3 weeks ago

I would highly recommend you choose 1 or 2 of those win conditions and focus on refining the deck around them. Mechanized ProductionRevel in RichesMarionette MasterDeadeye PlunderersPossibly Torment of Hailfire

I have a pretty successful deck that used to run all 4. When the meta was slower, it was possible, but difficult. In the RIX meta, it takes more consistency and requires card advantage. Check out Control the Treasure-Control I have tried a ton of things over the past few months with different levels of success.

w33m4n on Grixis Treasure Tokens

3 weeks ago

I'd recommend using Gleaming Barrier over Wily Goblin for an early game option. It'll slow them down more giving you more time to setup and counter the early plays also it's not double red so it a guaranteed to come out turn 2 on. Instead of Deadeye Plunderers , Spell Swindle , Prosperous Pirates , or even another Contract Killing will do you more good than the Deadeye Plunderers.(his lack of evasion is very saddening, they shoulda made like a pay 4 give him flying instead of treasures).

I will say I like your use of Release the Gremlins a very different route than expected. Another option if you'd entertain it could be Cut / Ribbons for Ribbons. Decent early removal and late game direct loss of life payout if you don't hit Marionette Master or Torment of Hailfire. (it usually catches people of guard hiding in the graveyard.

If you want any other idea feel free to look at my treasure deck.

Treasure Production Control

Standard* w33m4n

SCORE: 152 | 258 COMMENTS | 24867 VIEWS | IN 70 FOLDERS

Iron_eye2 on Control the Treasure-Control

4 weeks ago

I would suggest getting 2 Deadeye Plunderers for additional treasures and power

KaladeshFavorer on Is That A Shiny? Esper Treasures

4 weeks ago

I thank you for your suggestion. I put the Deadeye Plunderers in here because with Anointed Procession I can make two Treasures for four mana and make it huge, but after playtesting it was too slow. I agree with you and have to admit that i didn't even think of Mist-Cloaked Herald. However, since this is not a merfolk deck, Slither Blade would be a little better just because of the extra toughness. I have Looked At your deck before and its defiantly a good deck.

Chasedrk1 on Is That A Shiny? Esper Treasures

4 weeks ago

I like what you have going here. I have been highly invested in the art of treasure decks for while now and have a pretty solid deck Control the Treasure-Control.

If I may make a small suggestion, I really like the idea of Prying Blade but it needs a consistent target to really work. Mist-Cloaked Herald would slot into this deck and all but guarantee production. Deadeye Plunderers on the other hand, is a card that stops a lot of treasure decks from taking off in competitive standard. As attractive as it seems, it falls short on immediately effecting board state. Tier 1 and 2 top curve is likely devestating, while this 5 drop guarantees a 3/3 creature and nothing more. The IF isnt likely to get you anywhere as the opponent Will likely handle it before it becomes a real threat.
The herald/prying blade combo may be worth taking a look at in that slot. Cheers +1 for sure.

Chasedrk1 on Grixis Treasure Trove

1 month ago

I love that your working on the treasure possibilities. I have been working it for quite awhile. Immediate suggestions from Looking this over. Deadeye Plunderers are an IF trap. They slow down an already top heavy deck and take up valuable space in the deck. I know the IF is attractive, but it is to inconsistent to be competitive. I would recommend using those open spaces for some low cost counters, card draw, filtering, or board control. Metallic Rebuke Fatal Push, Lookout's Dispersal, or even Spell Pierce to protect your wincon casts from counters.

With Treasure you have a unique ability to play 2 styles of decks in one. I personally have chosen to focus on control- winning with my planeswalker Tezzeret the Schemer or Mechanized Production. Or I will play more ramp instead, and finish with a Torment of Hailfire or Marionette Master

The important thing is to figure out how you want to win and then trim that way. Looks like you have 17 cards over 5 mana right now. Maybe try to reduce that a bit for competitive?

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