Shaman of the Pack


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters (EMA) Uncommon
Magic Origins (ORI) Uncommon

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Shaman of the Pack

Creature — Elf Shaman

When Shaman of the Pack enters the battlefield, target opponent loses life equal to the number of Elves you control.

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Shaman of the Pack Discussion

Boza on Elf Advantage

1 week ago

I have no idea why you want to UG. Blue offers next to nothing for elves. Lead the Stampede is a better melody, as is Collected Company (a bit expensive there. Remand is kind of useless to keep up mana for when you could be playing more elves. Momir does not really do muc with only Oracle as your UG creature. Plasm capture is just too expensive and double blue is really hard to achieve in your deck. Snake druid is cool, but there are a lot of other effects that can draw you cards that do not require the use of blue.

I would suggest to cut every blue card and land, then add 4 forests. Additionally, cards like Channelers and Viridian Zealot and even Prefect are a bit too situational. This will free up 32 slots.

4 Heritage Druid and 4 Elvish Archdruid and 2 Ezuri, Renegade Leader are the best elfs you are not playing. Going with the minimum 10 rares. 23 cards to go.

2 more mana elves in the form of 2 Arbor Elf will be pretty good. 4 Lead the Stampede and 4 Sylvan Messenger generate a ton of card advantage. 4 Dwynen's Elite for massing up some elves. The other 8 cards depend on you:

  1. 4 Sylvan Ranger, 4 Shaman of the Pack and 2 swamps instead of forests to splash black and gain access to a powerful win condition.
  2. 2 Sylvan Ranger, 2 Joraga Warcaller and 4 Lys Alana Huntmaster to go over the top in swarming.

billium813 on Intro Decks

1 week ago

Mono green elves can be a very budget friendly tribe to start with since the lords are really cheap (substitute Collected Companys for Lead the Stampedes). Plus they have a nice ability to expand and upgrade as money becomes less of an issue for new players (upgrade to Collected Company, go the combo route with Craterhoof Behemoth or Devoted Druid, go the aggro route with Shaman of the Pack, expand to GW or GB, ect)

LeaPlath on Frontier Cube

2 weeks ago

Heya all.

So as to stop competing with the other cubes in the area (we have powered, pauper, eternal and C/U) I've decided to turn my cube into a frontier cube. This means only cards since M15, which gives me 14 sets to work with.

I could expand this to only frontier bordered cards, such as those from the Commander sets, as it gives access to some powerful interesting creatures that support archetypes I want to develop. For example Akiri, Line-Slinger is a powerful interesting card with a somewhat build around me ability who could go well in the RW Cars archetype, or powerful game ending spells like Ezuri's Predation for ramp archetypes.

I am also thinking about this as having archetype support and cross over. So for example, the R/B archetype is steal and sacrifice. W/B is tokens. R/W is cars. So there is some obvious cross over, such as the token decks being able to use sacrifice outlets for extra value if they are getting multiple small creatures from 1 card,

So here is what I have and the sort of level I want in terms of power level, would value your opinions. I am not having planeswalkers except the origin flip walkers due to power level and the recent move away from burn spells going face to deal with walkers and to creatures.

W/U: UW Flyers with a Dragon subtheme. There are a lot of decent U/W flyer cards and there is always an option to go aggro with something like favourable winds , backed up with recent flyers from other colours. The dragons are more control finishers and enable some synergistic cards such as Orator of Ojutai or similar. The two sort of signalling uncommons I intend to have are

U/B: U/B Artifacts, with a bit of a treasure subtheme. Deadeye Plunderers and Tezzeret's Touch as signalling uncommons. If I do decide to go into commander packs and stuff Baleful Strix is a control and artifact deck option.

B/R: Steal and Sacrifice with Makeshift Munitions and Ruthless Knave as signalling cards. There is also an option to try something like a R/B Vampires/madness deck but that has less cross faction synergy.

R/G: Land based ramp. I'm struggling to find uncommons that support this as well as the others as they tend to just be big vanilla beaters, but Raging Swordtooth is probably there as he punishes you for playing mana dorks.

G/W: I am not 100% on this one, it could be a G/W counters deck or G/W Humans but I'm not sure.

W/B: Tokens! The two signalling uncommons being Call to the Feast and Hidden Stockpile.

B/G: I'm not sure on this either. I'm thinking a G/B Elves deck which can be beat down or ramp using stuff like Shaman of the Pack to drain or the mana dorks to drop some big bomb like Ulamog or a gear hulk. There is also stuff like Constrictor for counter manipulation that has synergy with energy and stuff but I'm unsure how good it is?

G/U: I'm tempted by energy as there is a lot of semi decent energy generation and payoff cards like Hydra which are OK on their own but really good with enough energy production. However this means generically good stuff like Glint-Sleeve Siphoner might make people blur and expect more pay off in black than that one card.

U/R: Raid/aggro with a pirate subtheme/pay off cards. I'm concerned though that they may not be enough pirates or hint at it being 3 coloured for me to include Fathom Fleet Captain which is good in tokens or in a generic aggro deck.

R/W: Cars! Renegade Wheelsmith and Veteran Motorist are both aggressive and play well with cars. There is some concern though about them being too generically good and making the R/W player fight too hard.

So folks, your thoughts?

Hyperalgialysis on Is it worth it to ...

1 month ago

What kind of elf deck are you running? If it is the basic they get big with all the lords, or Shaman of the Pack then not so much. If you think you could or are running Master Biomancer then I suggest you try it. Basically if your mana base can handle it and you have another reason or two to run some blue then go for it. If you are just running it for the draw, it will probably be better as Lead the Stampede since melody is based in you having creatures out.

GabeCubed on Fodder Elves

1 month ago

To be honest, everything besides the Elvish Archdruid and Shaman of the Pack should be removed. I'd try to go with the base Elves list, as it's power has been proven, and it is more consistent.

However, this is all with keeping winning in mind. If you do want to keep up some amount of Devour cards in your deck, by all means do that, just know that a creature for some amount of counters isn't a good rate. There is too much removal out there to sacrifice your own cards without a really good purpose for doing so (Viscera Seer+Kitchen Finks+Melira, Sylvok Outcast, Aristocrats). In addition, to be taking turns off for cards that don't impact the game immediately is not a great idea, especially in the case of Corpsejack Menace. Just letting you know why those aren't the best in Modern. I'm not trying to squash your dreams, just letting you know what is going on.

rothgar13 on Fodder Elves

1 month ago

The devour threats will generally fare poorly in Modern, and I would cut them - Modern has access to powerful spot removal spells like Path to Exile and Terminate, which will be a massive blowout if you cashed in a lot of creatures to make a big threat. Elves in Modern generally functions by having lots of small dudes and pumping them to the moon with Ezuri, Renegade Leader and their mana-generating creatures. It also has access to infinite mana generation combo with Devoted Druid and the aforementioned Ezuri, or with Vizier of Remedies, or a backup kill condition in Shaman of the Pack.

Thorbogl on Elf Deck feedback

1 month ago

Elves are a very playable tribe, just as merfolk or humans.

But they all got one thing in common:you need the important creatures 4x.

As you play elves, that means 4x Nettle Sentinel

4x Elvish Mystic

4x Llanowar Elves

4x Heritage Druid

4x Shaman of the Pack

4x Elvish Archdruid

4x Collected Company


2x Ezuri, Renegade Leader

Thats more or less the core a modern elf deck needs to compete in current meta

Variux on

1 month ago


I think he's kind of hot garbage, not gonna lie. I've tried him out and I've either not had the mana available to cast him, or he's just really bad and easy to remove in all honesty. The decks that run a ton of board wipes are usually U/B Control, which also has this nifty card called Fatal Push, which kills this guy no matter how high his power and toughness are.

The deck is pretty okay, it's what I'm playing the most right now aside from Temur when I want to play competitively. The deck is really good and if you get the right mana, it will win you games for sure. Sanctum Seeker is an all-star here, and most people underestimate his power. It's effectively a Shaman of the Pack every turn when you're swinging with everything.

I think that the deck is in a decent position and if you take it to FNM you can definitely win with it, but you won't be able to take this to a Grand Prix or any sanctioned event and do that well unless you get nut draws. Temur is too strong and the removal is too good, Ramunap Red isn't a horrible match up because of all of our lifelink but it's still pretty quick and I haven't honestly play tested a lot against that deck.

Hopefully when Rivals of Ixalan comes out, vamps can get some much needed love. A lord would be great.

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