Shaman of the Pack


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Uncommon
Magic Origins Uncommon

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Shaman of the Pack

Creature — Elf Shaman

When Shaman of the Pack enters the battlefield, target opponent loses life equal to the number of Elves you control.

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Shaman of the Pack Discussion

Oloro_Magic on Modern Elves

44 minutes ago

Elfball is generally quick enough to kinds dodge Blood Moon seeing how your elves make the mana you need, ad ideally you aren't playing many lands anyway so if I had Blood Moon in the side I probably wouldn't side it in unless I am really scared of Shaman of the Pack for some reason, and even then it isn't a permanent fix. Drop Kataki, War's Wage for another Reclamation Sage and then Heroic Intervention is the only good replacement to Selfless Spirit nut if you are only ever going to cheat it out I guess it could stay though it seems like a bad idea considering you shouldn't be playing white mana. You have other cards like Thragtusk, Chameleon Colossus, and Melira, Sylvok Outcast (unless you actually still have to face infect) that aren't really needed in the sideboard that could clear up some space for the Heroic Intervention.

ej133 on ElderWofl

1 day ago


Thanks for commenting.

Well, yes, I do know some things about elves. I believe the strongest modern elf combo with these days is using for copies of Shaman of the Pack, Dwynen's Elite and Collected Company. I believe the only expensive card of these is Company.

It lets you do an absurd amount of damage straight to the face of your opponents. And since Shaman of the Pack's effect is a ETB trigger, removal spells won't cause you so much trouble.

Other possible cards who would make this strategy consistent are Elvish Mystic for early mana, Elvish Visionary for card advantage, and if you want some tutors Chord of Calling is probably the best one.

If you want some more in spot technical info, ask me and I get into detail.

See ya!

filthyc4sual on Foul-Tongue Shriek: is it playable?

4 days ago

As an Abzan Elves player I would stay far away from it. It reduces Collected Company hits and usually it's a worse Ezuri, Renegade Leader/Shaman of the Pack, and is card disadvantage.

GeminiSpartanX on Foul-Tongue Shriek: is it playable?

6 days ago

I used it during origins standard in my Gb elves deck as a 2-of, and combined with CoCo hitting Shaman of the Pack and an attack with all the creatures and tokens, it actually did help put away some games faster than I otherwise would have. Against decks that had larger creatures (but fewer of them), it helped win through an otherwise stalled board.

However, I don't think it's good enough in modern. If you need the lifegain in modern elves, Essence Warden is the better choice since it can turn sideways or just gain life without putting other creatures at risk. Many modern decks have plans for creature-heavy decks, so it's reliability is lessened. Modern is powerful and fast, so I don't think you'll get the time to cast a card like that with a big enough board to make it worth having your aggro deck be less consistent.

Who knows until you test it out though. I've kept it on my watch list since it's been in standard and didn't get rid of my playset. Try it out and find out for yourself! (Then tell me if it works so I can use it again lol!)

rothgar13 on Best card advantage spell for ...

1 week ago

Modern Elves runs Collected Company 100% of the time. After that, given that you're on the Shaman of the Pack plan, I would prefer Chord of Calling - it's not a card advantage piece, but it does enable stacking 2-3 Shamans in the same turn for lethal.

P.S.: Aether Vial isn't a card advantage piece, it's a tempo advantage piece that lets you cheat on mana. Needless to say, cheating on mana is not something an Elf deck needs help with.

frusciante7 on Best card advantage spell for ...

1 week ago

Yo guys.

So here's my question : I was wondering which of the following spells you think is better to generate card advantage off of green mana in a Gx Elves deck.

I'm thinking about building in the first place, because... Shaman of the Pack. I want it to be competitive enough, but my heart is good so I'm not interested in unfair strategies (aka Ezuri combo) nor linear ones (aka Tron/Turbo Fog). I want to be able to still play the deck and have fun with my friends (owning them, obviously).

So far, here are the cards I think might suit the best:

  1. Collected Company : the most 'random' (revealing 1 creature can always happen), but might be better to pump up my army EOT before dropping SotP
  2. Chord of Calling : here's the linear aspect I mentioned. It's really good and can turn your deck into a toolbox Elves but I'm affraid you actually always end up tutoring the same things in the end (Hello Ezuri, Renegade Leader and Craterhoof Behemoth!). Maybe as a one of?
  3. Lead the Stampede : obviously a powerhouse, also help refilling the hand to drop more before casting SotP. Call also fizzle sometimes but too good to pass on, right?
  4. Aether Vial : here's the tricky one. The mana advantage Vial offers is undeniably the best, but it doesn't pair off very well with the spells above. Do you think coupling them is viable? Or do you think one is strictly better?

My humble opinion is that playsets of CoCo and Stampede would match my excpectations better but I want to have your insight aswell. If you guys know any experienced Elves player, please tag him/her ;)


WiltLeafElves on Smash Them with Elves

1 week ago

This deck is fine as it is, but if you want to shift more into competitive, ambassador oak cost too much mana for what it does. If you look at your curve, you are very low on 1 drops. That is a problem I see here, as elves are really low to the ground, and known for their very low mana costs.

Running mainboard hate, unless it targets every single other deck in your meta, is generally considered to be unwise, as instead of casting a 3 mana removal spell, you could've just cast another elf to help you win. Basically, it is better, game 1, to be advancing your strategy, than to try to disrupt your opponent, unless that is the sole purpose of your deck. An elf deck is generally always creature heavy, and doesn't require mainboard hate.

Below are some steps I'd take to polish this deck up, as your average CMC is way too high for the amount of lands and mana sources you have. Sorry for making this really long, but please bear with me.

-3 prowess of the fair

-2 aerial predation

-2 aim high

-2 essence warden

-1 nissa's chosen, as it isn't that good without nissa revane, which can't be hit by collected company. You can keep this in if you still want to run nissa's.

-3 oakenform

-1 ambassador oak

-2 cylian elf

-1 soul of the harvest

-1 gilt-leaf ambush, as elves are low to the ground and generally always lose clash anyway.

-2 elvish promenade, which will be explained somewhere below

-hunting triad, as it is just a worse version of elvish promenade

-the two nissa's.

-5 swamp, as they do not help you cast green cards, which are the majority of your spells.

-4 forest, which will be explained later below.

Now you only have 11 lands. I suggest you run around 18~19 if you want to be more aggressive, or 20~21. Lets go with 19, as that is still more aggressive, while staying safer.

You'd need 8 more lands for that. Now, this is where I explain why the 4 forests and the swamps were cut. You generally want to make all your black sources dual lands, as you rarely ever want to have swamp as one of the few lands in your opening hand. That only causes you to make unnecessary mulligans. I'll suggest 8 dual lands on the cheaper side, but if you want, you can always change to more expensive ones.

The cheaper options are 4x Blooming Marsh, and 4x Llanowar Wastes. The more expensive option is 4x Windswept Heath, 3x Overgrown Tomb, and 1 Cavern of Souls.

Now that you have 19 lands, you have 25 spaces in your deck to fill up with nonland cards.

These are some ideas, you can always add in other options.

-3x Elvish Mystic You want a lot of 1 drop elves in an elf deck

-4x Llanowar Elves, OR 2x llanowar elves and 2x Elves of Deep Shadow. the second option is if you think you need more black sources.

-4x Heritage Druid. They combo really well with the next card, as well as letting you have an awesome turn 3 win.

-3x Nettle Sentinel They have a great body, and are just great overall. 4 can be a bit too much sometimes.

-2x Elvish Archdruid These are really powerful, and are necessary.

-1x Dwynen's Elite These are very great, as you get 3 power/toughness split among 2 bodies for the cost of 1 (of course, this is only because you have a heck ton of 1 drops).

-2x Collected Company These are really powerful, as you can get 2 elves all at instant speed.

-3x Chord of Calling. This is where I will explain why we cut elvish promenade. It is a really powerful card, and one of my favorites, but is overkill, doesn't work with collected company, and is not as good as chord of calling. Chord is another place where heritage druid shines, as each of these essentially lower the cost of chord by 1 (as they tap for convoke, then untap right after). Chord of calling also lets you tutor for your sideboard creatures, or even any other elf, all at instant speed.

-2x Elvish Visionary this card is really important. Elves lack card draw, and this guy provides some.

-1x Ezuri, Renegade Leader not as important, because with 4 coco and 3 chord, if you want these, you can always tutor. even so, Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, and other hand disruption will always be able to steal ezuri, so running 2 is safer.

Earlier, we moved 9 cards from your mainboard into your sideboard. Now, we'll be cutting some of those cards out of your sideboard, as they aren't that necessary. The full sideboard I'll put here is

-2x Essence Warden Great card overall, having this keeps you from dying from every heavy hitter. Also prevents you from dying from any lifeloss.

-2x Prowess of the Fair this card is really interesting. although you could use its synergy with Rhys the Exiled to some extent, its main power is to protect you from a single wrath effects. Also helps with Shaman of the Pack, as Prowess of the Fair is an elf.

-2x Thornweald Archer. You ran many anti flying cards mainboard, so I put this here. It serves a similar purpose, having reach and deathtouch, and is an elf, allowing it to be tutored, hit by coco, or to make mana off of Heritage Druid or Elvish Archdruid. Can also be used as a deathtouch attacker if need be. Very versatile.

-1x Phyrexian Revoker can be tutored with Chord of Calling, this card can stop any combos, or anything specific that has an annoying ability.

-2x Creeping Corrosion against any artifact heavy decks.

-2x Abrupt Decay, or even 2x Fatal Push. the second option is more expensive. really depends on how many death's shadow decks are lingering around your LGS. decay is less effective against that, but has a wider range of targets, and is a better sideboard overall.

-1x Nissa Revane since you really like nissa, this is the one you should use. Is actually modern playable.

-1x Nissa's Chosen helpful card if you have Nissa Revane.

-2x Inquisition of Kozilek a cheaper alternative to Thoughtseize, still hits many annoying cards, and is one of the reasons to run black in elves (along with Shaman of the Pack).

I hope some of this helps! If you have any questions or concerns, you can leave it on my wall userpage thing. +1 from me. Have a great day!

answering your question, a non nissa elvish planeswalker would be Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury, although she is secretly only half elf and half human, is not modern legal, and died killing a hole in space.

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