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Whirler Rogue's Sneaky Swarm

Pauper EDH* Midrange Mono-Blue


This goal of this deck is to abuse Whirler Rogue's ability to make creatures unblockable with creatures that draw you cards when they deal damage to opponents. This can start as early as turn 4. Once you are consistently drawing cards every turn, you can hold up mana for counterspells and bounce spells to hamper your opponents.

Equipment play a double role in this deck. They beef up your draw engines so they're less susceptible to removal and chip away at opponents faster, but the equipment can also be tapped to make your attackers unblockable. The last possible use is as defense, turning one of Whirler Rogue's disposable thopters into a hefty blocker.

Once you've drawn some additional cards and have a healthy land count, don't be afraid to chump block with Whirler Rogue. You can replay them next turn before you attack, and will get even more thopters in the process.


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