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Edgewalker Pauper EDH - Walkin' on the Edge

Commander / EDH* Budget Tribal WB (Orzhov)



Pauper EDH

Enchantment Destroy: Absolver Thrull, Kor Sanctifiers, Monk Realist, Soltari Visionary

Damage Prevention (6): Barrenton Medic, Battlefield Medic, Daunting Defender, D'Avenant Healer, Field Surgeon, Hallowed Healer

Damage (4): Evincar's Justice, Crypt Rats, Pestilence, Wail of the Nim Reanimate (5): Aphetto Dredging, Disturbed Burial, Haunted Fengraf, Grim Harvest, Misery Charm

Spot Removal (11): Ashes to Ashes, Oblivion Ring, Weight of Conscience, Blind Zealot, Coordinated Barrage, Pack's Disdain, Rend Flesh, Tragic Slip, Unmake, Disciple of Tevesh Szat

Draw (2): Read the Bones, Syphon Mind

Win-Cons (4): Marshaling Cry, Endless Scream, Vile Deacon, Whipgrass Entangler,

TO ADD:Path of Ancestry, Syndic of Tithes, Vampire Envoy


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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