Bloodrage Brawler


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Bloodrage Brawler

Creature — Minotaur Warrior

When Bloodrage Brawler enters the battlefield, discard a card.

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Bloodrage Brawler Discussion

landofMordor on Last Chance to Solve Zada/Mirrorwing

3 days ago

I'm thinking Naya zoo/stompy has the best chances here, where Zada and Mirrorwing are value engines at the top end of the curve.

Sylvan Advocate is still legal, along with Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Bloodrage Brawler, Narnam Renegade, Beastcaller Savant, Glory-Bound Initiate, Greenwheel Liberator, Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip, Hidden Herbalists, Prowling Serpopard, Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, Honored Crop-Captain, and Samut, Voice of Dissent as a Zada get the grind against control by Expedite-ing or Fling-ing your board in response to shenanigans, and the combat tricks ensure you have the upper hand in any combat with midrange or aggro.

Essentially, I suggest Naya because it's able to drop a meaningful creature every turn before Zada/Mirrorwing, which is what the deck needs in order to win on T5-7. It's also got a robust enough suite of instants that you can cast responsively, such as Blossoming Defense or Tandem Tactics, to be versatile against anything the opponent does to interfere. Lastly, the zoo foundations of that deck are strong enough to be a decent matchup even if the opponent manages to neuter your two build-around cards.

I wish I had a brew for you, but I literally just came up with that. I have a deck @ One-Punch Woman (Primer) that's essentially a zoo deck with Zada as one win-con, so I have some experience with her potency. I'd be happy, however, to provide feedback on any list you brew up.

MrTristan19 on BR aggro

4 days ago

I would recommend Shock, as it can be both a removal spell and a burn spell to close out the game. I'd also recommend Bloodrage Brawler, its a 4/3 for 2, yes please! I think you could also cut down your removal spells, maybe down to some thing like 2 push and 2 unliscensed? You could also consider 1 or 2 big top end creatures like Hazoret the Fervent or Glorybringer. If you have the budget, you can also use Heart of Kiran for evasive beats. I might cut the Kari-Zev's expertises,but i think you should see how they perform.

Kittus on You Remember That Censor I Cycled...

4 days ago

Hi Zooby9! I have been playtesting a bit and the deck feels good :)

Playing vs midrangy creature based decks it has performed well for me, early blocking with some drakes to finish with the creatures in the graveyard. However I have found myself several times without cards in hand and praying to draw a card with cycling to keep fueling the game. I have cut Drake Haven down to 3 so I can play the 4th copy of Censor and also played with 2 Abandoned Sarcophagus to play 4 Fatal Pushes as I was playing vs a lot of creatures. What do you think about that?

Playing vs aggro (RB Hazoret/Madness) has been tougher. Losing too much life in early game (vs things as Scrapheap Scrounger or Bloodrage Brawler) and losing the game to some unblockable creature when I was starting to control the situation... I was thinking about taking in 2 more Vile Manifestation for the Archfiend of Ifnir in these matchups in order to have more early blocker, maybe some more removal would help.. I dunno. What would you do in these situations?


Argy on Worthy Minotaurs

5 days ago

LittleBlueHero that's a lot of stuff for me to address. I'll try to hit everything. I will use headings to address each point.

Let me say up front that there is no "right way" to build a Minotaur deck. You have to use cards that suit your play style and work well in your local meta.

  1. Neheb, the Eternal
    I only ever use this as a finishing "bomb". I don't have any card which can utilise his mana creating ability. I considered adding Burn from Within, but it was too situational for me.
    I mostly use his Afflict 3 to get the last piece of damage through, or I get him to survive a Chandra, Flamecaller board wipe.

  2. Cut / Ribbons and Torment of Hailfire
    You'll have to playtest to see which of those cards is better for you.
    I initially ran Cut / Ribbons, and it was very useful for finishing games.
    Unfortunately my local meta is very competitive, so I needed an Instant removal spell. Grasp of Darkness went in and Cut / Ribbons got taken out.

  3. Claim / Fame
    The majority of Minotaurs in this deck are not legal targets for Claim / Fame.
    It does NOT bring back Neheb, the Worthy. Read it CAREFULLY. 2CMC OR LESS. The ONLY Creatures it is bringing back is Metallic Mimic and Bloodrage Brawler.
    Why anyone would run it instead of Supernatural Stamina is beyond me, when that card saves your Creature from the Graveyard AND gives it an extra +2/0.
    If you've got Neheb, the Worthy on the field and you give one of your Minotaurs +2/0 it's very likely that it will kill another Creature with its First Strike.
    If you still did want to go with Claim / Fame it might be better NOT to run Neheb, the Eternal, but use another 2CMC Minotaur. If there is one. I haven't checked.

I hope that helps. If you want me to check out your Herd then just let me know.

Now get out to those pastures and make some mooooosic.

ninexpad on Mono-Red Aggro (Avg. CMC 1.82)

1 week ago

Yeah 3 Kari Zev, Skyship Raider sounds like a good amount. Could also look into Abrade could be a pretty decent sideboard option. Having the Bloodrage Brawler and the Bomat Courier you could also experiment with Fiery Temper for some extra burn. The 3 dmg reach could come in handy even without the upside of casting it for

Argy on Worthy Minotaurs

1 week ago

Thanks for your suggestion to add an extra Bloodrage Brawler, Rhys_Fahey.

That seems to be working very well.

razelfark on Just my first deck

1 week ago

reeljazz7 suggests some good ideas overall. But if you want to participate at FNM (Friday Night Magic) at a local shop, you will need to avoid the spells he suggests to use in the 2 and 3 paragraphs because those cards are not "Standard" legal. If you are just playing casual with friends then they will work just fine.

Some suggestions to add to deck would be:

Bloodrage Brawler: cheap big body, discard can be turned to advantage because you can get Hazoret the Fervent faster.

Insult//Injury(card linked to wizards gatherer): can be useful because if it is discarded you can still get the other card side to be useful. (not very effective vs b/g Winding Constrictor decks)

Fiery Temper: solid burn card that works well with Hazoret the Fervent and Bloodrage Brawler.

Soul-Scar Mage: is a solid one drop. The "Prowess" keyword gives him +1/+1 until end of turn whenever you cast a non-creature spell. The othe ability is also really useful because you can turn any of your spell damage to creatures into permanent damage because of the -1/-1 counters. (warning: this means if you Sweltering Suns then you also permanently weaken any of your creatures that survive.)

Cards you may want to remove:

Frontline Rebel: its not very strong and can have the problem where you have to attack into an enemy that is setup to deal with it.

Paradox Engine: this card seem to lack a purpose in your deck. The card is meant for combo playing with cards that use tap functions to get extra uses of cards in play, but you don't seem to have anything that makes use of this.

Treasure Keeper: interesting card but I am not sure how functional it is.

These are just some quick assessments I can make right now. Will see what else I can recommend when I can if you like.

Lagwire on A game of chance

1 week ago

crabtrp202 I put him in for some testing and I actually really like what he brings to the table. Bomat Courier was always a hit or miss but with Bloodrage Brawler i'm always smellin what hes stepping in.

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