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Archetype of Imagination

Archetype of Imagination

Enchantment Creature — Human Wizard

Creatures you control have flying. Creatures your opponents control lose flying and can't have or gain flying.

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Archetype of Imagination Discussion

kingchacha4 on Taming the Ocean [Post Rotation]

2 days ago

While the Stormtide Leviathan , Archetype of Imagination combo is awesome it's too slow for this sort of aggroish deck. Also from playtesting I've found that Peel from Reality can be awkward when you don't want to set one of your creatures back a turn. Void Snare seems like a much better option because it's cheaper and can send an Elspeth home who's nearing ultimate.

Centaureayl on Taming the Ocean [Post Rotation]

2 days ago

Another possible combo if you should go with Stormtide Leviathan is him + Archetype of Imagination . It lets all of your guys attack, but none of theirs attack. Sort of a bomb, but takes a long time. Your call if you go that way :)

DMFDUDE on Flying Blue

3 days ago

Love that Illusory Angel , works well with just about everything once a Warden of Evos Isle gets onto the field. I have considered adding another Kira, Great Glass-Spinner , but there are two problems with it. one; the price, over five dollars for a card is a lot and two if i play him too early i cannot cast curiosity on my early flyers. I have also looked into getting the Archetype of Imagination and Gravitational Shift , both could be useful side board items I think. I will definitely get the Faerie Swarm much better than the Nephalia Seakite might take him out to work in the Illusory Angel and the Faerie Swarm . Thanks for your suggestions!

XTrinX on Flying Blue

4 days ago

Some good flyers to consider (budget):
Judge's Familiar and Spiketail Hatchling are great early; they make the opponent think twice about casting their spells.
Illusory Angel has a potential, I would switch him with Nephalia Seakite or Belltower Sphinx .
Don't be afraid to add one more Kira, Great Glass-Spinner , removal hurts your deck quite a lot and he's a great help.
Since you run a lot of creatures and enchantments, Faerie Swarm can get quite powerful there.
Another enchantment that can be good there is Gravitational Shift , but I would be more careful about that since it can also buff your opponent's flyers. Archetype of Imagination could be considered for safety measure.

regnitteo on W/U Midrange Standard (Please Help)

4 days ago

If Azorius is your theme of choice, you might consider some heroic/evasion setup, that imho could work quite well. I made a similar (r/w-)attempt in

Boros Post-Theros Playtest

Standard regnitteo


Notable mentions here are Battlewise Hoplite in conjunction with Ordeal of Thassa (Hero of Iroas is helpful here as well), Triton Tactics , Aerial Formation and Aqueous Form . Daxos of Meletis does a great job here on his own.

Spectra Ward is awesome, though expensive. Gods Willing can fit into a similar role (evasion/protection) for only one white and at instant speed. Plus never underestimate the power of Scry.

Polymorphist's Jest is the most powerful removal I can think off, you might want to add some to your sideboard. Just in case ...

Archetype of Imagination and Resolute Archangel are cards that I wouldn't consider in Standard and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx isn't that useful in multi-colored decks imho. Better add some Mana Confluence here, to make your mana-base more reliable.

weisemanjohn on Hydra Ramp

4 days ago

Archetype of Imagination it will be a win con with that field of hydras. Just use it when you have enough to finish the game and swing past anything your opponent has to offer.

Soul of New Phyrexia saves you from removal other than exile as you can keep mana open with prophet of kruphix and the soul will give you a constant indestructible barrier against your opponent.

Nagaram on Light as a Feather

6 days ago

It's not great but maybe a 1 of Archetype of Imagination makes all your creatures unblockable, but its 6 mana so it's not great. Also maybe 1 or 2 Quickling s to save your Pride of the Clouds from a board wipe or kill spell.