Archetype of Imagination

Archetype of Imagination

Enchantment Creature — Human Wizard

Creatures you control have flying.Creatures your opponents control lose flying and can't have or gain flying.

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Archetype of Imagination Discussion

supergen777 on 2014-10-29 update of I look ...

5 days ago

Thought of yet another suggestion for your deck. I'm kinda stealing this idea from my buddies Temur deck (which took 2nd place in last weeks standard tourney by the way). My suggestion would be to use some Hornet Nest in your deck or even sideboard a few copies. When he played against my Temur deck, he got 17 tokens with Deathtouch (granted my deck had at least two ways to get around it in the form of Archetype of Imagination and Mindswipe ). This is a pretty good pressure control card to keep groundbound opponent's creatures at bay until you can nail them with your removal spells. Anyway, I thought it might be good for your deck man.

recklesspong on ALPHA STRIKE!! aka Star Trek Salad post rotation

6 days ago

Definitely 4x Stubborn Denial seems like a must. Cool as it is I think the best thing to remove might be Archetype of Imagination . Icy Blast does something effectively similar (make your creatures unblock able) but is more versatile and costs less. The other obvious candidate, unfortunately, might be Dragon Throne of Tarkir just because of its expense. It's a drag because I totally get it -- insane when you can make that work. The other thing I can't help but think isn't pulling its weight for 4 mana AND a tap is Oracle's Insight . Dig Through Time would be amazing in that slot, but that card is ridiculously overpriced at the moment post-Protour. There are so many great card draw spells in uG at the moment though: Treasure Cruise , Divination , Ordeal of Thassa , Life's Legacy , Garruk's Packleader ....

KnyghtZero on UW Aggro-Combo?

1 week ago

I have been considering adding another Aqueous Form , but keep in mind the theme behind this deck is not to utilize the heroic mechanic. It just happened to have some prominence and usefulness. I did take Kheru Spellsnatcher out, mostly because of the high cost, but I left in Archetype of Imagination , as it fits the deck idea very well. I have added Gods Willing and Feat of Resistance to my acquire board, because it could use some more cheap protection for the buffed up creatures, I think.

magicalhobbits on UW Aggro-Combo?

1 week ago

decent heroic build, i like where youre going, ive built a heroic deck before so in my opinion i would drop Kheru Spellsnatcher and Archetype of Imagination for 2 more Battlewise Hoplite or even Eidolon of Countless Battles also you need to thin your enchantments down, to run a decent heroic deck, you need consistancy in card draw, and only having 2 Aqueous Form is not enough, and in my opinion, Spectra Ward is such a difficult card to bring out for cheap. so again, in my opinion, drop Spectra Ward for another Aqueous Form . also consider adding a couple of Gods Willing or Feat of Resistance for protection.

Fangorian on Edric and Tiny Thugs

1 week ago

Skarrgan Pit-Skulk would be useful if only it would read "Power greater than - can't block it.", now it can be blocked by any creature with power 1/2 or more. :(

There are few cards that can totally wreck this deck but every deck has those ultimate hate cards. One of the worst cards for this deck is propably Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite if it hits the battlefield. Other nasty cards are Supreme Verdict and Volcanic Fallout but you can always side Wrap in Vigor against those.

As for Archetype of Imagination , the effect is nice but the card is way too expensive for this deck, also pretty much every creature already has avoidance. I like to keep everything as cheap as possible to keep up the tempo and be able to cast several spells every turn without extra mana ramp.

nleming17 on 2014-10-27 update of The Pursuit ...

1 week ago

but have you given thought to adding in 1x Archetype of Imagination . You probably know better then i do, but i just thought of mentioning it because it doesn't seem that bad

Photonix on RUG Monsters Spin

1 week ago

I have 4 Hypersonic Dragon that I am going to add as well as 1 more Archetype of Imagination and 2 Birds of Paradise I'm thinking of switching

2 Market Festival + 2 Ordeal of Nylea for the 4 dragons2 Chandra's Fury for the 2 BOP and1 Magma Spray for the ARTOI

Photonix on RUG Monsters Spin

1 week ago

I have a second Archetype of Imagination and 2 Birds of Paradise If possible I dont want to switch those with the Elvish Mystic how should I get them into my deck???

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