Archetype of Imagination

Archetype of Imagination

Enchantment Creature — Human Wizard

Creatures you control have flying.Creatures your opponents control lose flying and can't have or gain flying.
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Archetype of Imagination Discussion

elvennoble on Looking to the Sky to Save Me

1 day ago

Ignore my ignorance, but can you tutor Archetype of Imagination, since it doesn't directly have flying? Or is the presence of the word (in that context) enough?

alphaalec on Kruphix, God of Horizons

6 days ago

Edric, Spymaster of Trest would allow you more card draws when your creatures damage opponents. It's also a card that persuades opponents to attack each other instead of you in a 2+ player game.

Exploration would let you get extra lands out quickly. Very awesome if you get it early on.

You could always use more creatures that get do stuff when you draw, such as Chasm Skulker, Psychosis Crawler or Horizon Chimera

You have some extra turns cards, so could consider Temporal Mastery

An Archetype of Imagination goes nicely with your Stormtide Leviathan; that combo has won me games before.

A nice looking deck. Good luck with it!

whcall on Surrak and Dragons

2 weeks ago

Some Cards I would cut:

So there's a quick 20 or so cards I would cut. You mentioned wanting to include more blue in the deck, and are noticeably lacking Prophet of Kruphix and Cyclonic Rift as well as maybe Maelstrom Wanderer and some clone effects to double up on your more powerful dragons. Hope this helps!

dbpunk on Squirrel EDH

2 weeks ago

Honestly if you decide to use blue too you should use Xenograft and Arm with AEther. And Beguiler of Wills work amazingly too. Or for the pun of flying squirrels and consistent damage Archetype of Imagination. I can't really think of a great GWU or GU commander for tokens though, much less squirrels.

bigmacaroni24 on Combo Idea: Let Your Spell ...

3 weeks ago

So this is just a random idea that may or may not have any promise, but I thought it would be interesting for the sake of debate. Maybe people with more knowledge of the game and cards will be able to work something out of it! :)

So in the Magic Origins Release Notes, under the card Aerial Volley, the following ruling is placed:

"If some (but not all) of the targets become illegal before Aerial Volley tries to resolve, the original division of damage still applies, but no damage is dealt to illegal targets. If all targets become illegal, Aerial Volley will be countered."

I found it interesting that a card could contain the capability to be countered without an outside source (such as a counter-spell), and I figured that because this condition is something the player more or less has control over, it could possibly be used for some sort of crazy combo or exception. This is assuming that because the Wizards website specifically used the word "countered", the event taking place has the same qualities of any other type of counter.

So, with this thought, I turned to the Gatherer, trying to find something (ideally Green) that activated in response to a counter. What I found was the old gem from Urza's Legacy that is Multani's Presence. The fact that both of these spells only cost G to cast makes me believe that there may be the potential somewhere for a combo of sorts, but I don't really know what the other pieces would be. The first thing that comes to mind is Downdraft because it's a green enchantment that gets rid of flying for G as many times as you want. But I still just don't know.

Other cards that seem to fit in the same category are listed here. It seems that Bant is the best color combo for this if not Mono-Green, which is nice because White and Blue are the top two flying colors:

Archetype of Imagination: Makes viable targets no longer legal targets.

Swift Silence: Doesn't help the combo in the main sense, but fits the theme of the "deck" and pairs will with Multani's Presence.

Canopy Claws: Also G to cast with flashback for G; gets rid of flying.

Crash Landing: Gets rid of flying.

Emerald Charm: G to cast; can get rid of flying, but also has other useful effects.

Gravity Sphere: Maybe?

*** Gravity Well: Definite potential. Depends on the timing, though.

Mystic Decree: Like Gravity Sphere, but better fits the Bant-ish theme that seems to reside.

Radjan Spirit: Can get rid of flying by tapping.

Ribbon Snake: Can get rid of its own flying!

Swooping Talon: Costs more to cast than above, but can lose flying for less.

Thundercloud Elemental: Can get rid of flying every turn.

Whiteout: Yes. Maybe?

Let me know what you think! Let's discuss :)

Logics on Steal & Strengthen

3 weeks ago

I'm not trying to be rude, but your deck has no identity.

By that I mean it is trying to do so many things that ultimately it's going to do none of them well. You should decide on one way to win, and then have a possible back-up. Your deck right now is trying to be fast, yet it also wants to counter spells and draw cards. If you want to run a midrange shell, which is what you seem to be saying is your primary goal, then you should focus on creatures and removal, maybe with a little card draw, but not too much.

Now before I get into suggestions, I want to just point out that most decks are 60 cards. This is to reduce variance so you're more likely to draw what you need, when you need it. Also for a starting rule of thumb, you should have about 2/5ths of your deck be lands. For a 60 card deck that works out to be about 24 lands. In a midrange shell that's probably where you want to be if you run a 60 card deck, which I would highly recommend. Another thing is that you want to set up a curve of your spells, where the highest amount of cards is where you would like your power spike. In a midrange shell, you probably want mostly 3-5 CMC cards. You card see your curve on the side of the page.

Now onto my suggestions. Ultimately this is your deck so do what you like.

I would drop all of the 1 mana creatures from the deck, and then add for of the scry lands like Temple of Epiphany. Playing a scry land turn one is a great way to set up a turn 2 play.

I would also take out Archetype of Finality, and Archetype of Imagination. Those cards are slow, and will be removed quickly, usually in a way that screws you more than the opponent. I feel like they create more of a false sense of safety than actually being useful.

The last cards I would definitely not play are Supplant Form and Crypsis. Both of these cards just aren't efficient enough.

Hopefully this helps you out. Last thing, I will link my standard midrange deck. It does I feel exactly what you're trying to accomplish, just without blue. You could easily tweak the deck and make it your own, so good luck and keep working at it.

My deck:

Hellstorm (R/B Dragons) Playtest

Standard Lit3rlyLog1c


kengiczar on Kytheon's Gang

4 weeks ago

My first thought when browsing through creatures is to many of them have a CMC of .

My second thought is "Where is Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit?" She has synergy both forwards and backwards with Preeminent Captain, Field Marshal, Veteran Armorsmith and Veteran Swordsmith as well as Synergy with every other creature in the deck.

Forward Synergy means anything played after her benefits. Backward Synergy means she either benefits from or benefits things played before her. She is a soldier so she would be very solid here.

Sideboard should be more creatures that deal with specific problem startegies. Vs Animar, Soul of Elements you have to look out for giant Primordial Hydras, Hooded Hydra and possibly even Genesis Hydra which can find the Animar players permanents from the side he or she put in specifically to help crush you. The most common one I can think of would be Reclamation Sage which would destroy Archetype of Imagination so hard you'll feel your butt in your hand after having it handed it to you. So what we need then are cards that prevent an army of Hydra's from stomping yo face! We also can't forget about the fact that Animar, Soul of Elements has protection from pretty much your entire deck! For this reason I suggest Ensnaring Bridge. If you can quickly empty your hand of 1 and 2 drop creatures this guy can save your life. Remember Animar gets bigger with each creature drop and you cannot block it so this card will really shut it down. At the same time having both this and the archetype means Animar will need multiple ways to blow up artifacts and enchantments, which means less Hydras are attacking yo face!

In addition Auriok Champion is semi-decent against an Animar player with a less tuned deck. pro red means they will have to either bounce it or just attack around it, which again is harder beacuse of Ensnaring Bridge. Aurak Champion obviously really shines against burn. No need to sideboard 6 spells that gain you life just once if you can get this guy out. Since he's not a soldier and protection isn't always relevant it's definitely a sideboard card.

Against Mill your best bet is to just have so many creatures in your deck that you can aggro as faster than they can mill. Their isn't much in the way of anti-mill for @ CMC 3 or less besides Elixir of Immortality. If you still want something else there is always Feldon's Cane, which can be brought out of graveyard with Treasure Hunter, who can be brought back by the next card..

Order of Whiteclay. While it's generally to slow to be of use against someething like Toshiro Umezawa this can be remedied with either Lightning Greaves or Mother of Runes. What it does not do is save you from them making you sacrifice so you still have to keep your creature count extremely high against them siding out non protection spells for the OoW, Lightning Greaves and perhaps Weathered Wayfarer who is good against a few other decks coughcough despite land ramp not being as ridiculous as it is in regular EDH. Really against mono he's just used to increase creature count so you can outpace kill spells.

I'm sure these aren't the best ways to deal with the problems but it's hard to focus on the deck without play testing it myself on paper. I would still try to find a couple of extremely valuable 1 and 2 drops, other than that the main looks pretty decent. Just remember your creature count should only increase not decrease and you'll be fine.

pahamaki on Where to begin with Tibor ...

1 month ago

I'd suggest making your team fly, and using Tibor and Lumia in various ways to kill/control the board, since their damage ability only affects non-flyers.

Student of Elements, Levitation, Wonder and Archetype of Imagination (essentially anything that keeps your dudes aloft) seem good, then just add any deathtouch equipment (or similar effect) and a bunch of red buyback spells and control the board for days. Charisma is great, as are Basilisk Collar, Sword of Kaldra and Neko-Te. As long as you can avoid hitting your own dudes you'll do nice.

Maybe Pyrohemia and Earthquake for redundancy? Some tasty blue fliers to put in the smackdown once the board is clean? Or just red muscle that you can fly at the enemy with the abovementioned boosts?

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