Archetype of Imagination

Archetype of Imagination

Enchantment Creature — Human Wizard

Creatures you control have flying.Creatures your opponents control lose flying and can't have or gain flying.

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Archetype of Imagination Discussion

wolfging on Get Off My Battlefield

9 hours ago

Favorable Winds Archetype of Imagination or Pride of the Clouds could find their place here quite nicely. Check out my azorius flying control deck, The Winds of Exile. :D

Didgeridooda on No Ego, No Remorse (SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!)

10 hours ago

The lands are easy, but don't take your land count any lower. Just swap out when you get em.

You have some sorcery draws, and those are easily replaced with instant draws, or engines.

Not really sure that Archetype of Imagination helps with control.

Graceful Adept is not something I would play. There is always Reliquary Tower, and you already have that in there. Maybe Expedition Map if you use more utility lands, so you can tutor one up when you need it.

With 40 life, Norn's Annex is not all that effective normally.

Bident of Thassa is not something I like in control, but it depends on how often you are able to draw off of it. More of an aggro draw engine.

Mana Leak is iffy in commander. Same with Journey to Nowhere. O-ring is not bad because it can get non creatures.

Hope those help.

Schmidty on Birds tho

3 days ago

Schmidty here from your facebook post. Just going to throw in some "taking out" suggestions and some "adding in" ones as well to mainly help the theme of your deck. Take them or leave them :)

Take out-

Guile - Doesn't fit the theme, mana intensive, and you aren't counterspell heavy.Perplexing Chimera - A fun spell, but doesn't fit the theme, and better options available.Long-Term Plans - Soooo many better options for tutoring, or even get something with more draw power.Conjurer's Closet - You have only a few creatures this would be useful for, not enough value out of it unless adding in more ETB creatures.Bribery - Could be useful but can also be a whiff for 5 mana based on what type of decks you're playing against, and doesn't fit your theme.Calming Verse - Better removal available in these colors.Tunnel Vision - Interesting card, but only useful with your Hinder really. Can find a better fit as you aren't a mill theme deck and have no graveyard hate if facing a reanimate deck.Enchanted Evening and Opalescence - not a great combo to try to get :/

Add-ins - Rhystic Study - AMAZING draw for group games, even 1v1.Consecrated Sphinx - Flyer, even better draw power.Elvish Piper - Cheat out some of those high CMC creatures.Archetype of Imagination - Give your creatures flying and take away opponents.Stormtide Leviathan - Fatty, also hinders opponents and fits theme of flying.Bloom Tender - Amazing mana with Derevi out.Chromatic Lantern - Commander Staple in multi-colored decks.Eldrazi Monument - Flying and Indestructible whaaaaaat.Defense of the Heart - Get out two insane creatures like Elesh, Vorinclex, Stormtide, etc....Lightning Greaves - Protect that Derevi!Mirari's Wake - Mana as well as buffing.Wingcrafter - Flying on fatties.Wonder - Flying help for fatties.Shimmering Wings - Flying!

Just some suggestions...also you're going to want to run a minimum of 36 lands. MINIMUM.

FaustHarbinger on So I Heard You Don't Negotiate With Terrorfish?

3 days ago

@MrHyde94- I dont not like Combos, I just dont like overly janky ones. Rings is great but it is expensive. Archetype of Imagination was in the original build but it did get cut. I might work it in again though. thanks for looking!

MrHyde94 on So I Heard You Don't Negotiate With Terrorfish?

3 days ago

I know you don't like combos but Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth is a great way to make colorless mana to get those terrorists out. And what could make Stormtide Leviathan even stronger? Adding Archetype of Imagination. Flood the field then rip the wings off all those pesky fliers and bash everyone's face in.

MagicMarc on Izzet Pinger

5 days ago

I really like this take on a Pingers deck. Using Guttersnipe that way is hilarious. +1 For this. Great idea.

We used to call them Timmy Decks back in the day because of Prodigal Sorcerer who was nicknamed "Timmy". I wanted to suggest a couple of cards to you. I am not entirely sure I would put them in but they are also good sources for pings. Firstly, a nice combo is Hermetic Study + Horseshoe Crab + Sigil of Sleep . For every Island you have its an untap. Kind of turns your Islands into a Hecatomb swamp. You can also land Curiosity Instead. Or both. Another suggestion is maybe Grafted Exoskeleton + Spikeshot Goblin . Also, if you don't need infect, there is another excellent equip item that is less mana and equips for 0. Grafted Wargear. Serves similar purpose as the exoskeleton and works awesome on the Spikeshot Goblin. Another source is Spikeshot Elder if you looking for pinging for their power cards. Tthere is a "Tutor'' pinger that is an option as well. Embermage Goblin tutors copies of himself up for you.

And lastly, one of my favorite cards of all time and a perfect target for multiplayer abuse is Fire Ants. You use Basilisk Collar + Fire Ants + Scythe of the Wretched and watch people at the table lose their minds trying to understand just what happened. With the scythe you don't even lose your guys, they come right back to you. Just pay attention to how you stack the returning creatures so you get the one you want equipped with the scythe. Scythe of the Wretched works awesome with your other guys as well. And now, there is a card called Archetype of Imagination that takes flying away forever, making the Fire Ants deliver even more abuse.

griffstick on Zur the Enchanter: Lessons Learned

6 days ago

you know i always like to try to find ways to replace other spells with creatures. how about Archetype of Courage, and Archetype of Finality, for first strike, and deathtouch. and because why not, Archetype of Imagination. also because of all the enchantments perhaps Agent of Erebos for graveyard hate, if thats a problem in your meta.

AGunWithLegs on ~Pearlessence~

1 week ago


Because a 10/10 Omniscience could be a thing. Also, Archetype of Imagination could be good.

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