Archetype of Imagination

Archetype of Imagination

Enchantment Creature — Human Wizard

Creatures you control have flying.

Creatures your opponents control lose flying and can't have or gain flying.

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Archetype of Imagination Discussion

mufintime on Counters Quest (Recommendations)

7 hours ago

Champion of Lambholt is great in this kinda deck. Its basically a cheaper version of Archetype of Imagination. Instead of Bred for the Hunt take a look at Hunter's Prowess, a little more mana, but way more consistent with a possibility of being unbelievably powerful. Etched Oracle is also a cute card draw engine, basically an Ancestral Recall right? The number one card that is a must have in this deck is Fathom Mage no question. Cheap in mana and money, works with or without the commander, and draws a buttload of cards, what more could you ask for. As for personal favorites in this deck, I really like Nemesis Mask, the ultimate of all chump blocks will be had. Gyre Sage can tap for 10 mana easy. For win conditions take a look at Pathbreaker Ibex and the underutilized Dragon Throne of Tarkir. They both allow you to end the game in very few combats. That's what I've found in my personal research for this deck at least.

SomeJustice on Control Freak

1 day ago

Hey I'm not sure if you know, but there are a lot of cards in here that are no longer in the current Standard rotation. Doom Blade, Fated Return, Interpret the Signs, Psychic Intrusion, Clone, Fate Unraveler, Nighthowler, Archetype of Imagination, and Archetype of Finality are all not Standard-legal. If you were wanting to run this for Modern you're going to need to remove the Treasure Cruise.

NinjaFist on Ezuri

1 week ago

Pathbreaker Ibex is an Overwhelming Stampede on a stick and can be used multiple times if it's allowed to stick around unchecked.

He's slowly going down from being shifted out of standard, but I have a feeling that Ezuri would be great friends with the Master of Waves.

While being a little pricey, Momir Vig, Simic Visionary is a great addition to this deck, and can get out of hand very quickly if he is allowed to fetch you a Prophet.

Yavimaya Dryad for the funny look people will give you when you hand them one of your lands :P (also good ramp for yourself if you need it).

Throwing your ETB guys through a Conjurer's Closet is a good way to abuse them when you don't have the Dead-Eye.

A little high on the mana cost, but Verdant Force nets you EXP on your opponent's turns as well.

Archetype of Imagination is a great finisher when you have a game finishing board but too many chump blocks to deal with.

If you ever need to find yourself stopping a board wipe, Fuel for the Cause is a good cheap counter spell that will make your dudes bigger and get EXP.

Master Biomancer and Progenitor Mimic for when you get the money; and heck, even just Clone and Body Double are great for copying ETB stuff you already have.

Strionic Resonator? Dunno how well that'll work, but copying ETB triggers on some of those guys seems pretty good (8 hornets for 9 mana instead of 7? I'd take it).

Wonder if this would be good...

Etched Oracle for some massive card draw.

If you find yourself going up against that horrible G/B precon, Night Soil is a really good counter to grave power decks.

AEther Mutation, gets rid of a blocker and gives a bunch of EXP.

Thada Adel, Acquisitor is great against other blue decks for stealing their sol rings and other pretty things. I've got plenty more suggestions, but I think this comment is already pretty large and wall-of-texty, so I'll leave whatever works for you for now. Just curious, what would be considered "budget"?

meecht on Ezuri's glorious evolution

1 week ago

Experiment Kraj can be removed. You don't have very many activated abilities, and the ones you do have are fairly low-impact.

Cytoplast Manipulator seems a bit too conditional for my liking. You have to either graft onto an opponent's creature or hope they put a counter on their own creature(s). However, keep it in if your meta has a deck or two that does the latter, especially if Karlov of the Ghost Council is being played.

Cloudfin Raptor should just be replaced with Invisible Stalker.

I don't like Cold-Eyed Selkie because you can't guarantee an opponent will have an island. Keep it if blue is popular in your meta, though.

Inexorable Tide seems a bit underwhelming and costly. It helps your planeswalkers, but if a creature already has ten +1/+1 counters, one more won't make much of a difference. Same can be said about Tezzeret's Gambit. If you like proliferate, use Thrummingbird.

Lightning Greaves should be Swiftfoot Boots because the shroud prevents you from targeting the creature.

Undergrowth Champion is just going to be a generic beatstick in EDH, and is going to be really bad late-game.

Possible additions:
Tuskguard Captain - evasion
Give / Take - Draw all the cards
Archetype of Imagination - evasion
Ooze Flux - Maybe? Make big dudes, or lots of little dudes
Plaxcaster Frogling - protection
Spike Breeder - Makes little dudes
Spike Weaver - Maybe? Political tool, and protects you from crack-backs
Saproling Cluster - Risky, but you can get more value out of the little dudes
Trailblazer's Boots - everyone plays with nonbasic lands
Stratus Dancer - counter on a creature, and it can counter Krosan Grip

Token generators would be interesting. Maybe Sylvan Offering, Fungal Sprouting, and/or Notorious Throng.

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