Archetype of Imagination

Archetype of Imagination

Enchantment Creature — Human Wizard

Creatures you control have flying.

Creatures your opponents control lose flying and can't have or gain flying.

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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster (MYS1) Uncommon
Commander 2018 (C18) Uncommon
Born of the Gods (BNG) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal

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Archetype of Imagination Discussion

glintzy on Draw cards, make +1+1 counters, feed Ezuri

4 days ago

Here's a list to consider. Some are expensive, some will make you lose friends, and some are just jank.

In terms of extra mana production, Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger and Mana Reflection are always fun.

If you want to draw cards, Alhammarret's Archive is vital if you pair it with draw engines like Finale of Revelation or Pull from Tomorrow.

Some board control can come in the form of Cyclonic Rift

Some other funny creatures to include might be Archetype of Endurance, Protean Hulk, Progenitor Mimic, Beguiler of Wills (as long as you have enough creatures), and Seedborn Muse (there's more that's just a few)

If you're needing more token generation, Avenger of Zendikar can provide that (however brief), and it has a similar effect to Mycoloth (which you have already), and that gets plain dumb when you pair it with ETB-affected cards like Kapsho Kitefins (and it buffs Ezuri when you have token doublers on field). Also Ezuri gets really happy when you Clone Legion someone with a bunch of tiny tokens on their field

Also if you want to Omniscience and Planar Bridge are kind of unfair (but that's a good thing)

and finally, one of my favourite combos to this day...

Stormtide Leviathan and Archetype of Imagination (together they lock opponents out of attacking)

dzanon on A Pirate's life, Pilfer, Pillage and Plunder

1 week ago

Nice deck! How about Levitation and Archetype of Imagination to give your team some evasion? Open Into Wonder could be nice too

ravensfeather on Unesh - Mono Blue Sphinx Tribal

1 month ago

Birthing Boughs could be useful, it turns into a 4 mana fact or fiction + leave behind a dude

Myriad Landscape is a very, very, very slight form of ramp, maybe worth it

Wayfarer's Bauble is again, very, very, very slight ramp.

Universal Automaton is now a 1 mana 1/1 sphinx, not a bad idea

Archetype of Imagination grants your board flying, evasion is always good

Dreamscape Artist is the only other bit of blue land ramp I can find

bushido_man96 on Wishes on the Wind: Inniaz EDH

1 month ago

You should consider Archetype of Imagination to combo with Magus of the Moat. And Island Sanctuary. I also like Kumena's Awakening for card draw, and you will hit City's Blessing pretty quickly. Gush is good card draw.

Tylord2894 on Do Luminous Broodmoth and Mystic …

2 months ago

There isn't a clear cut yes/no answer for your question, so I'll talk through an example that will cover most of the cases that could arise.

Let's say you have a Luminous Broodmoth out when your Hill Giant dies. It will come back with a Flying counter. Now, you play Mystic Decree then Wrath of God. The Moth will trigger both for itself and the reanimated Giant because they lost flying due to the Decree. Both will come back with flying counters. Now, the reanimated creatures will still have flying. When determining the characteristics of a permanent, the game uses a system of layers. Both of these effects are applied in Layer 6. Most of the time, we will use "timestamp" (chronological) order to determine how these effects will interact. That is what we will be doing here.

When the original reanimated Giant with a Flying counter was out with the Decree, it didn't have flying. Let's walk through what goes on in Layer 6 for the Giant. The card didn't have any effects to start and then got Flying from its counter. Then the Decree takes Flying away. That's the last of the effects, so the Giant doesn't have Flying. This is similar to what happens to the Moth.

Now, after both creatures get reanimated, what happens in Layer 6? Let's take the Moth as our example this time. The Moth starts out with the abilities printed on its card (so it has Flying). Since Decree was out before the Moth got a counter, the effect from Decree will apply next. The Moth then loses Flying and then gets Flying again from its counter. In the end, the Moth and Giant both have Flying. So, the Moth won't trigger when either creature dies.

There are a couple of things that I want to point out that don't directly pertain to the question at hand. Effects like Mystic Decree are very different from something like Archetype of Imagination's "can't" ability. Second, if you're somewhat familiar with layers, you might think that this is a dependency question. It is not, though. The Decree effect is applied to all creatures, not just the ones with Flying. It would have to say something like "All creatures with Flying lose Flying" in order for this to form a dependency. In that case, the answer to your question would be very different.

To recap, any creatures with flying due to an effect will lose Flying once Decree hits the table. Anything that gains Flying through an effect after Decree is out will have Flying.

Hope this helps!!

InfernoTitan115 on Inniaz Thieving Flyers

2 months ago

So you forgot about the most relevant flier in Commander... Archetype of Imagination. Turns on your commander's ability permanently, and if you steal a creature without flying from your right, it suddenly has flying as well(plus Gravitational Shift is an absolute POWERHOUSE with Archetype.)

0rc on All-Star Commander #1 - Aboshan

2 months ago

Nice! We should run Willbreaker and Archetype of Imagination because they both have great synergy with your commander and provide for a brutal combo.

We could run Thassa's Oracle alongside Laboratory Maniac for a alternate with your Leveler combo (nice combo btw! ;) )

Card draw may be a minor issue—and you’ve got looting going on to fill up the graveyard—-so consider Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time. Look at Enclave Cryptologist for a useful 1-drop. Deep Analysis can be cast from the GY.

We should run Fierce Guardianship because it’s amazing.

Note: Funny that you’re working a deck featuring cephalids—-I am as well! Stay tuned.

Stardragon on Walking the Eternities

2 months ago

Update 2

Cards cut:

All red cards cut going Bant instead of Jeskai

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets

Cards Added:

1xBasri Ket- as early game Elspeth for token generation to either attack my opponent or defend my walkers

2xKiora, the Crashing Wave- because her +1 protects my walkers, her -1 is ramp and draw all in one and her ult brings a big boy to the field each turn which is nice even if it can be chump blocked

2xTeferi, Master of Time his +1 is draw, his -3 again protects my walker and me from creatures artifact and enchants for a turn has phasing might as well be a bounce effect with added benefit that it doesn't trigger enter or left the battlefield effects at instant speed. And his +10 which granted will be hard to get to but if does happen two extra turns.

1xTeferi, Hero of Dominaria- Oloro_Magic explained better than why i should add this card


2xTemple Garden

2xHinterland Harbor

2xBlind Obedience- mainly to slow my opponents down but has extort to keep me alive a little longer and to kill my opponent a little faster

2xDig Through Time- for its Scry 7 add 2 to your hand

added to side board Archetype of Imagination to hate against flying deck as none of tokens have flying though Elspeth, Sun's Champion ult could give them that.

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