Archetype of Imagination

Archetype of Imagination

Enchantment Creature — Human Wizard

Creatures you control have flying.Creatures your opponents control lose flying and can't have or gain flying.

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Archetype of Imagination Discussion

Harper26 on Teferi Pick'N'Save

8 hours ago

Archetype of Imagination would make it a lot easier to beat everyone, so you could swing for more then just unblockable.

monkeyofficeboy on Heroes of Meletis (suggestions welcome)

3 days ago

Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I have an Archetype of Imagination and a Crystal Shard spare so can give those a try nice and easily.

Appreciate the suggestions

GobboE on Heroes of Meletis (suggestions welcome)

3 days ago

Archetype of Imagination is nice in your deck too.And Crystal Shard or Word of UndoingI would drop the Coastline Chimera and Roar of the Kha (does not target, so it triggers no ability of your creatures) for one of the above cards.Also, the Azorius Cluestone is nice

Cicjose on U/W Control

5 days ago

you might want to look at getting

Archetype of Imagination to combo with the Stormtide Leviathan

Deadan on What's yours is mine

1 week ago

Your deck has an insane amount of cards giving you trample and flying. You already have a commander that provides trample for everyone, so I would cut on that end: Primal Rage, Archetype of Aggression, Brawn. The other trample providers have another bonus attached, so they are fine. Also what you are trying to do, should not require you to have flying in the first place, since those creatures blocking you are on your side through mysterious circumstances. Cards I would cut: Archetype of Imagination, Wonder

To compensate for those cuts, I would get more haste for your stuff: Ogre Battledriver or In the Web of War, Maelstrom Wanderer, Bloodbraid Elf (because it is just damn good). Also while you are stealing creatures you might as well copy them before you sacrifice them: Clever Impersonator (can also copy any nonland permanent), Progenitor Mimic (adds a new copy every turn).

Also I am not a fan of creature based ramp. One board wipe and they are gone and your mana with them. In EDH that is not an unlikely scenario. I prefer the signets (Izzet Signet, Gruul Signet, Simic Signet) and Thran Dynamo as well as Gilded Lotus. Artifact removal is a thing in EDH, too, though. But at least your opponent needs to spend an extra card or two to remove them independently from the boardwipe.

Lastly: While you are going for control of your opponent's creatures, why not keep them? Control Magic, Mind Control can do wonders, when there is an Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre or Kozilek, Butcher of Truth on the other side. And you probably have some kind of haste provider in the field, making them ready to annihilate your opponent.

Hope that helps!

Popalofiti on The color combination that shall not be named...

1 week ago

I definitely get Ephara's Enlightenment for Archetype of Imagination, but the deck is meant to be more Aggro, so control like Lyev Decree wouldn't work too well in here I think. But also note that I have Righteous Authority in here and that's why hand size is important. But more card draw is never bad, so Pressure Point and Treasure Cruise are going to be sided if not added!

Thank you good sir!

yuna.miller on The color combination that shall not be named...

1 week ago

Well since you are forcing me to do this xD, I would get rid of Archetype of Imagination to costly and if you want flying I would put in Ephara's Enlightenment also I would put some card draw in, you decide on that, I would probably say Treasure Cruise. I would also put some detain in, have it more control, Pressure Point Lyev Decree first one is pretty good. Archetype of Courage really not needed, you should be able to get it to point where they wont be attacking because you will be controlling them. I would suggest goingo do these, I would put in Seeker of the Way because you'll probably have a decent amount of prowress trigger. also, I would but some things like Righteousness because obvious reasons and I would - 2 and put in more lands, hand size isn't too important, but your choice. I would make it aggro, get as much stuff out as possible, detain, buff up creatures with whatever you want, then swing. I would put some buff up creature cards for Fencing Ace, or if you don't wanna go that way, take him out

hope this helps I will copy it if you don't mind then show you what I would do

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