Archetype of Imagination

Archetype of Imagination

Enchantment Creature — Human Wizard

Creatures you control have flying.Creatures your opponents control lose flying and can't have or gain flying.

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Archetype of Imagination Discussion

Dtek on Zombie Steel Mill

1 day ago

I was thinking of either Wonder or Archetype of Imagination since the deck has no real answer to flying stuff aside from destruction, it's a toss up. it was that or try and make room for flying stuff or ignore the problem all together?

CrovaxTheCursed on G/u devotion

2 days ago

Yes, that is a good point. Mono blue aggro will see a lot of losses, but I still maintain people will find a way to make it work and still be competitive (they'll still have Triton Shorestalker and Military Intelligence , and I predict they will start to run Darksteel Citadel paired with Ensoul Artifact ). Maybe it's just me that sees so much Flying in my meta; it seems like every deck I face I absolutely need Arbor Colossus and Archetype of Imagination . Anyway, carry on. :)

CrovaxTheCursed on G/u devotion

2 days ago

Seems like you'd have some trouble against Flying. I have been running a deck like this for a while now and Flying has always been my biggest threat (and Thassa's Unblockable ability). I highly recommend at least two Arbor Colossus in the main, and I've found overwhelming success with Archetype of Imagination . Make no mistake, that dude is a game changer, especially when Flashed in at end of their turn. It's got a small butt, but if you Flash it in as mentioned, you're guaranteed value. Plus they have to decide whether to kill the Archetype, Prophet, Pokie, Yisan, etc and if they don't opt to kill the Archetype, they will pay big for it, trust me. I also might up Hornet Queen to 2x. Ofc for the Flying and Deathtouch, but also for the devotion. If you have more Queens, Flying shouldn't be a problem for you anymore. Also, I'm aware that the meta is unknown at this point, but as I've said Thassa wrecks this build if she's not dealt with immediately. So I'd put at least 2x enchantment exile in the sideboard (I prefer Unravel the Aether since it's an instant). Gainsay also can help snap Thassa or any other blue shenanigans they might pull on you. +1

mufintime on 4C Gods

4 days ago

I would suggest out with the Archetype of Imagination and Celestial Archon and Temur Ascendancy . They don't seem to fit much in the deck with the 1 offs and most of your creatures entering as enchantments. These extra spots should be filled with more Sylvan Caryatid s and Rattleclaw Mystic s. They will help tremendously in the ramp needed to play expensive gods and mana fixing is super important.

sujrondc on Showdown 2.0 #5: 720 Degrees

6 days ago

did someone say Archetype of Imagination ?

Control the Krakens *rotation-ready* Playtest

Standard sujrondc


dakotastic on 2014-09-20 update of Oh My! ...

1 week ago

I put a couple Heroes' Bane in my edition, as well as the Vastwood Hydra + Vorel of the Hull Clade just to boost the smaller guys. Once Vastwood Hydra dies, you put the counters on your Kiora's Follower , Archetype of Imagination and Elvish Mystic , the double it a couple times to make more threats on the board. Who says the Colossi and Hydras have to have all the fun? ;)

weisemanjohn on Showdown 2.0 #5: 720 Degrees

1 week ago

I just find the Archetype of Imagination a hilarious finisher because no one expects that card in ANY deck and I make it work. people just kind of go "What does that card do?... oh..." and scoop. The new deck I posted I considered Archetype of Endurance in but at 8 cmc its tough to pull. I just find it fun to work in the cards no one wants and show the value that COULD be had with them. I noticed Arbiter of the Ideal and Progenitor Mimic didn't really show up, but then again, both games ending by turn 9 can do that. Those two cards through were some of the other ones I never see played but can do work when left unchecked. I am noticing a theme though with my build style that I like to explode the field with creatures whenever possible and I think that is a conditioned response from playing against so much removal in both casual and competitive. You can't kill ALL my creatures!...eye twitching...

AEtherling has done me in every time i've seen it played, but then again, every time I've seen it played, it was wrapped around a heavy control shell that just wouldn't let me do anything... which is why I built my RUG engine deck to race control before Supreme Verdict or Elspeth, Sun's Champion hit the table.

Good luck with your next set of showdowns and hopefully my deck inspired you to play more midrange ;-)

weisemanjohn on Showdown 2.0 #5: 720 Degrees

1 week ago

Thanks for featuring my deck Apoptosis! I definitely love playing Kalonian Hydra and am deeply saddened to see it go. This deck definitely snowballs like no tomorrow and I was concerned when you decided to pair it against control. I found my local meta really likes to disrupt 2-drops and even Elvish Mystic to keep me from rolling.

You were right that I don't play removal but that is purely because I don't like it. I would much rather see creatures be dealt with in combat step. Elspeth, Sun's Champion shuts me down pretty well as does Supreme Verdict (a card I'm glad to see leave) and Archangel of Thune would've been effective if I couldn't pull my Archetype of Imagination

I do notice that the opening hand problem seems to plague me aswell and I just can't seem to find a nice balance of lands to solve that issue.

And to Spootyone should you like to face one of my decks as well (possibly khans?) Here is my post rotation adaptation of this deck:

the key word is temur Playtest

Standard* weisemanjohn


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