Archetype of Imagination

Archetype of Imagination

Enchantment Creature — Human Wizard

Creatures you control have flying.Creatures your opponents control lose flying and can't have or gain flying.

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Archetype of Imagination Discussion

zero51423 on Phenax on a millingspree

15 hours ago

Slagwurm Armor generally makes for a really good Phenax card. Makes all your fatties fatter and makes milling that much easier.

Aqueous Form Seems like a very odd inclusion. If you are looking to fix draws, Sensei's Divining Top or Crystal Ball might be better inclusions.

Archetype of Imagination is a pretty good card, but Wonder usually works a bit better. But honestly, nearly half your creatures already have some kind of evasion, so I'm not sure how useful either of them really are.

Zedius on Flying Deck

21 hours ago

actually don't use Archetype of Imagination, just read what it does.

dagan94 on Invincibubble

2 days ago

Declaration of Naught takes care of sheoldred as well as some other painful commanders pretty easily. Redirect and Commandeer can make it hard for people to try and take out your creatures since you can increase your effective counter effects. Archetype of Imagination gives all your creatures evasion and combos well with your stormtide leviathan. Mystic Speculation is an amazing budget alternative to sensei's divining top.

dagan94 on Clash of Wills; Braids, Conjurer Adept

3 days ago

Since I'm dropping massive writhing tentacles on the ground, I'm really not lacking in size for fighting, not to mention my win con creatures tend to be clones of no blue creatures or colorless. While flying is great, I prefer that in the form of a Archetype of Imagination or Akroma's Memorial, the latter of which is in here. Unfortunately it's just a weak card better tweaked for a blue tribal, giving it limited actual viability. Creatures I have that hundred percent benefit from it is 9, 10 with braids. And unfortunately Muzzio isn't really there for fighting.

Just a really lack luster card synergy wise, and I haven't even looked at what a potential drop could be.

MasterThief on Mind Games

5 days ago

Hm, I hadn't thought about Archetype of Imagination, not a bad idea at all

Cicjose on Mind Games

5 days ago

Surprised you dont have the Archetype of Imagination since you are running the Stormtide Leviathan

also Chasm Skulker is amazing for its draw effect

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