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Herald of Eggs: Banishing Knack Combo

Pauper EDH* Artifact Eggs UR (Izzet)


The goal of this deck is to use Herald of Kozilek's cost reduction with artifacts that draw cards in order to quickly find combo pieces. Our gameplan of cheap artifacts that cost even less plays perfectly into the Banishing Knack combo, since Herald makes a ton of our 1-drops cost zero so we can infinitely return them to hand and recast them to trigger things like Nettle Drone to kill the table.

For defense, there are a few equipment that give some nice toughness boosts to hold off beaters, and for interaction, there are a handful of counterspells and Viridian Longbow for picking off tokens and utility creatures.

When unable to combo off, playing and sacrificing several eggs can still produce some nice threats with Golem Foundry, Elusive Spellfist, and Spellgorger Weird. Double strike spells can also allow a large prowess creature to one-shot an opponent.

Potential upgrades for the deck include Rhystic Study and Quicksilver Dagger , as well as the relatively new Golden Egg .


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