This deck is all about Timmy and his love of large creatures. The gameplan is incredibly simple. Play at least one of the 18 ramp sources that cost less than 2 mana by the end of turn 2. Play Drumhunter on turn 3. Play a 5 or 6 CMC creature on turn 4 and start drawing cards.

On the surface, it might seem like this deck is weak to removal, but it's actually incredibly consistent, even when it's getting targeted a lot. There is enough ramp in the deck to consistently replay Drumhunter, and if opponents are spending their removal on Drumhunter, then they're probably going to get trampled down by big beaters in the meantime. If they spend their removal to keep the beaters in check, then Drumhunter will draw you more beaters. With 25 creatures in the deck with more than 4 power and 4 mana sinks providing repeatable card advantage, the hits just keep on coming.

Where this deck is weaker is against aggressive fliers and fast combo decks. This deck has a few sources of reach and a handful of removal spells for creatures, artifacts, and enchantments, but not enough to consistently stop combos every game unless you have enough time for good old fashioned player removal.


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