Tenth District Legionnaire is Feather, the Redeemed for Pauper! #changemymind

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Boros needs 2 things: getting big beaters and card advantage. Our commander does just that!


  • Buff our creatures slowly, then swing for the win with protection or evasion
  • We can last the long game because we just get bigger and bigger with heroic! (also, Eldrazis)


Creatures are chosen in order of utility

  1. Heroic creatures (e.g. Satyr Hoplite )
  2. Recursion (e.g. Tethmos High Priest , Ghitu Chronicler , Auramancer )
  3. Utility (e.g, Stingscourger that can be returned with Tethmos High Priest )
  4. Fatties. Basically the common eldrazis
  1. Recursive auras (e.g. Crown of Flames )
  2. Evasive auras (e.g. Angelic Gift )
  3. Protection auras (e.g. Hyena Umbra and Cho-Manno's Blessing )
  4. Buff auras (e.g. Guardian's Magemark )
  5. Oblivion Ring just because
  1. Recursive/multi-target Protection (e.g. Emerge Unscathed )
  2. Removal (e.g. Allay or Disenchant )
  3. Draw and Recursion
  1. Just ramp and sacrifice for draw (e.g. Mind Stone )
  2. Strider Harness for combo


  1. Cast Crown on Tethmos, heroic ability returning Poet.
  2. Equip Harness on Poet
  3. Sac Poet to return any enchantment
  4. Bounce Crown using its 2nd ability
  5. Repeat until mana runs out


Is Afterlife a legal pauper edh card? Tappedout tells me its not?


I've removed pure-card draw like Tormenting Voice in favor for cards that target my creatures, since I get scry triggers from my commander or Burning Prophet . Not sure if this will net enough card selection.

The recursive auras are pseudo card advantage as I can keep casting them to get the heroic triggers.

27/06/19 - Addd

We only have Wanderer's Strike , Rolling Thunder , Oblivion Ring , Stingscourger .

Of course, we can prevent blockers using Protection, Evasion, tap them down with Elite Skirmisher , outright prevent blocks with Unearthly Blizzard and Nightbird's Clutches .

Do I need more direct removal, or is this fine as it is?


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This deck is not Pauper EDH legal.

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