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Valiant Changeling Aggro Voltron

Pauper EDH* Aggro Mono-White Voltron



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As the description says, the game plan of this deck is to get out the commander as soon as possible and start racking up the commander damage. Getting any changeling onto the field means you can play your valiant commander for two mana. A powerful draw can mean a turn two commander, but a more typical draw puts the commander on board on either turn three or turn four with protection. This, combined with the power of double strike and a few cards to augment power means that you usually two-shot each opponents.

While there are only 5 white, common changelings, our other cards with multiple creature types do a pretty good job getting our commander out in a timely manner. However, increasing the variety and number of types in my supporting creatures is the biggest area this deck needs improvement in. So, let me know if you see any good options with multiple or uncommon creature types, or if you know how to search for creatures with more than two types. For example, Cliffside Lookout is good for a 1-cmc creature with 3 types, but does a really sub-par job of doing anything else, like buffing my commander. If i could replace it with another 3-type, 1-cmc creature with a little more utility, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Once the commander is on the field, we have several ways to boost his power, including auras and equipment like Bonesplitter and Dragon Scales, and augmenting creatures like Angelic Page and Tah-Crop Elite. While once in a rare while you might be able to get enough power to one-shot somebody, most of the time the extra power only serves to make your commander impossible to kill when attacking.

For protecting the commander, we have a lot of cards that prevent them from being targeted, such as Whispersilk Cloak, Standard Bearer, and Shelter. Even when the commander does die, it usually isn't a terrible loss in tempo unless he dies more than twice, since you should be keeping up the 5 mana cost reduction. The deck also has a ton of tricks for getting damage through blockers, including trample, flying, and unblockabld from equipment, as well as protection making Valiant Changeling semi-unblockable. There are also a lot of supporting creatures that can tap down enemy blockers or threats.

For miscellaneous tricks, there are a lot of tribal shenanigans that can happen. For instance, Herald of Dromoka gives vigilance and True-Faith Censer gives an additional +1/+0 to out commander because of creature types, while Path of Ancestry lets us scry off of casting any creature spell with a creature type. This is another area where this deck has a lot of room to improve and be customized.

Overall, this deck has a lot of room for improving the supporting cast of creatures to diversify their types, but it is already very powerful and decently consistent.


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