Garruk's Packleader

Garruk's Packleader

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Creature — Beast

Whenever another creature with power 3 or greater enters the battlefield under your control, you may draw a card.

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Garruk's Packleader Discussion

dagan94 on Ruric Thar, the Unbowed: Only creatures

2 weeks ago

To start today's episode I'd like to begin by saying you have very reliable mana dumping, meaning this is not a problem. I'll probably suggest either more efficient dumping or better synergy dumping, but this was not a weakness.

I'll start with R/G's ultimate rival. I'm talking about my main color blue. Your deck doesn't hate blue enough, despite being a color combination that should have nothing but malevolence towards blue. This is a problem. Blue is control. Blue is inevitable. Blue is patience. To counter this you need to take steps. Gruul is anarchy. Gruul is explosive. Gruul doesn't know why I'm having to explain this and just wants to know how to kill blue already. Essentially you need to rage out of control so fast that no amount of control will be able to delay the game long enough to set up a win con through milling or other means. This is done through some very simple cards. Vexing Shusher guarantees your commander and other key threats make it to the field in the first place so they can even do anything. Spellbreaker Behemoth is more passive and covers less cards, but nonetheless important. Mistcutter Hydra hates blue. If that doesn't cover what I just said I don't know what will.

Next up is top decking. Your running cards in a long term format using colors that's personal motto is yolo. So you've gotta sneak in your long term game plan in sneaky ways. Courser of Kruphix allows you to play a land from the top of your deck, which effectively counts as a draw, and Garruk's Horde allows you to play a creature... sooo basically with these two cards out you always get at least one extra draw a turn. Since all you run are creatures and lands its not like your opponent didn't have an idea what was on the top of your deck, so it also doesn't leak out any unnecessary information. We can also add Garruk's Packleader. This guy is important as he doesn't actually require you to play a card. Tokens are creatures too, and I'm going to add some great token suggestions in a bit.

Next up is screwing your opponent over completely. You're probably wondering why this wasn't the concentration of my suggestions before? Because if we're going to screw them we need to make sure we can reliably do so. It'd be stupid to invest all of someone's stock to bankrupt them into a company that we have no idea whether or not is doing well. You need to be aggressive. Like stupid aggressive. Spawnwrithe and Giant Adephage aggressive. Who cares if you lose creatures. You get creatures just for trying anyways so swing swing SWING! Okay maybe you can't swing. Obsidian Fireheart doesn't need to swing his fancy fists to hurt. Oh and the only way to stop him is to blow up lands so that's sweet too. Utvara Hellkite is annoying. REALLY ANNOYING. Once again swing swing without any thoughts towards defense. Your defense is that your oblivious to defense. Hellkite Charger allows you to untap your creatures for attacking once. Oh and you can attack again if you feel like it. Essence of the Wild makes your small tokens big... and your small creatures big. Basically if it enters the field it is going to be big. Your graveyard is probably going to have a lot of creatures in it late game. Kessig Cagebreakers will explode at that point. Rage Thrower encourages you to attack recklessly, and discourages opponents from doing so. You're low on life? Swing with Wurmcoil Engine!

Now let's pretend you're having mana problems. Fine. I get that. Not really. I won't list a million suggestions. I'll state two things. You aren't using Llanowar Elves. You aren't using even a fraction of the mana ramping creatures available to you for under 2 mana.

If you need suggestions for drops ask away. I can think of a few that are quite obvious upgrades, but ultimately this is your deck. This is your play group. And maybe most importantly this is your wallet. With that said there are a TON of cards I didn't list that fulfill some of my descriptions listed above. These are just what popped into my head as I was typing. Case in point this needs to be highly aggressive. Your healing and defenders should be born via your attacks, not by sacrificing a creature. This will pressure your opponents who run control very hard, since this method is both repeatable and can exponentially explode. My suggestions currently would result in a massive swarm that feeds off of the death and carnage it creates. You can opt for more control creatures if you wanted, and if that's what you want just give the word.


Seraphicate on What is an activated abillity?

3 weeks ago

Activated abilities are abilities that have a cost and effect. Intrepid Hero and Krosan Restorer both have activated abilities, the cost for both of them, being to tap the creature. Llanowar Elves has an activated ability, that adds mana to your mana pool, therefore, a mana ability.

A triggered ability uses the words "when", "whenever" or "at", to state the conditions which must be met in order to trigger that ability. (for example, Soul of the Harvest)

With regards to Illusionist's Bracers, you would have to equip it to a creature that has an activated ability (Mayael the Anima in this case), in order to have it trigger. Equipping it onto Garruk's Packleader will not allow it to copy the draw ability.

You might want to look at Strionic Resonator as well, if you wanted to copy triggered abilities.

Fang008 on What is an activated abillity?

3 weeks ago

Mayael the Anima has an activated ability. Yes? Llanowar Elves is a mana. Garruk's Packleader is a triggered ability? What are these: Intrepid Hero, Krosan Restorer. I'm asking in regards to using Illusionist's Bracers.

GobboE on The Road Less Traveled By

1 month ago

Hmmm, nice idea: adding lots of mana to play your spells. Perhaps you could do with even more card draw:Garruk's Packleader for instance or Foster

purplebackpack89 on Modular-Proliferate-Affinity

1 month ago

For your draw problem, you need a Fathom Mage. Other possibilities would be Prime Speaker Zegana, Temur Ascendancy and Garruk's Packleader. Also, why aren't you running Vigor or Riku of Two Reflections?

TheAnnihilator on Caligula

1 month ago

Well, I play in just about every deck I make. Thirst for Knowledge, Ponder, Brainstorm, etc.

I'm also looking for some good cards for a semi-casual Mono- Tron deck (Modern). Things like Prophetic Prism (I have three, but need a single more), any Chromatic Stars you might have extra, some good CMC huge creature cards to play -- think resilient threats like Thragtusk, things that go well with my draw-engine Garruk's Packleader (I don't need any more Packleaders, though), etc., etc.

Got any Karn Liberateds? I hear they're pretty cheap! ;)

LittleBlueHero on Surrak Goodstuffs

1 month ago

No one can tell you exactly how to build your deck, especially because Surrak offers so many possibilities. He's simply good, has no drawbacks and benefits all your other creatures. But he doesn't specifically say "Build the deck this way".

I have been having a lot of fun with my current build of Mr. Bear Punch and you can check it out here:

The Temur Frontier Playtest

Commander / EDH* LittleBlueHero


Obviously you are working from a limited card pool at the moment but I can highly recommend a couple of cards. Beastmaster Ascension is awesome with Surrak since he gives everyone trample. Pair that with +5/+5 and anything you drop becomes a huge threat. Don't underestimate card draw when trying to run fat creatures. You already have ascendancy which is pretty good, another I use to great effect at Garruk's Packleader which is making me want to try out Abzan Beastmaster and see how it does.

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas. And have fun building!

mortilus on hey, want a pack of... wolves?

1 month ago

Well, I don't know which direction you want to take the deck, so here's a bunch of cards that may or may not be useful.

if you want more Red in the deck, two more Immerwolf certainly wouldn't do you badly. Pyreheart Wolf might be okay, but i'm not a huge fan. You might want to decide whether you'll keep the werewolf sub-theme or not - right now it's forcing you to dabble in Red, which might be more hassle than it's worth.

Regardless, I'd recommend swapping Elvish Mystic for Arbor Elf - it can untap your Stomping Ground to get you an extra R. At minimum it's equivalent to the mystic.

If you get more Elves or Shamans in the deck, Wolf-Skull Shaman wouldn't be terrible for more wolves. Similarly, Ivy Lane Denizen will allow your wolves to put counters on your creatures as they come in.

Garruk's Packleader will turn your creature tokens into card draw, but you have to have a lord out for that to work (Adaptive Automaton, Immerwolf, or Mayor of Avabruck  Flip).

I wouldn't recommend Howl of the Night Pack unless you go monogreen, but if you do it might be useful.

Feed the Pack has good synergy with Ivy Lane Denizen, and it will get you at least 2 wolves each turn (assuming you feed a wolf to your wolves).

Adaptive Automaton counts as a wolf and a wolf lord,

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