Welcome to value town! Mono-Green Warrior Tribal in the new-ish format that is PDH. There is an Elf sub-theme here, but I wanted the focus to be on Warriors only. The general idea is cast creatures every turn and swing aggressively and always pressuring your opponent. With a high creature count this deck is designed to scale-up every turn. Cards like Lead the Stampede and Commune with Nature allow us to fill our hands with bigger threats like Lifecraft Cavalry (can enter as a 7/7 trample for 5 mana=value!). Once you have 4 or 5 bodies out it's time to scale them up with cards like Thrive and Crown of Vigor This deck is fast and can easily out-pace midrange decks as they simply cant keep up. Those 4 or 5 bodies are swinging for 20+ damage every turn.

PDH: Uncommon commander+99 commons...EDH on a budget. Challenging and fun builds. Kinda like singleton-100 card pauper.
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