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Nezumi Graverobber is barely only choice to play with other's players creature is PDH.
It provides you ability to have card-advantage by reanimating creatures and abuses their value Ulamog's Crusher, repeat mass discard Liliana's Specter, or even gain mana Soldevi Adnate.

Deck tech

  • There is no obvious wincon. You will need to find it in opponent's graveyards.
  • You have 13+ creature-removal spells, like Murder, that gelps to get rid of danger and fill opponent's graveyards with good stuff
  • Gravehate spells like Nihil Spellbomb will prepare your opponent's graveyard to flip Nezumi Graverobber. Use this way: wait before card should fall into graveyard; exile graveyard in responce; exile appeared card to flip Nezumi.
  • Many artifact ramp helps you to have more mana to using Nighteyes the Desecrator several times a turn



Please suggest how to make this deck more competitive and stand against Tier1 PDH generals. Also, i would like to use more powerful common cards, so please link them if i missed some.


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