Humble Defector


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) None
Commander 2016 (C16) Uncommon
Fate Reforged (FRF) Uncommon

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Humble Defector

Creature — Human Rogue

: Draw two cards. Target opponent gains control of Humble Defector. Activate this ability only during your turn.

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Humble Defector Discussion

DuTogira on Firesong

4 weeks ago

needs some more mana rocks: Coalition Relic, Worn Powerstone, Commander's Sphere and Fellwar Stone should do the trick.

Should be running Past in Flames and Braid of Fire.

might want Humble Defector for card draw, and if you are going the "i win cuz i have high life total kek" route, I might add Academy Rector and Test of Endurance.

spicy idea: could run Galvanoth.

Love the stuffy doll idea.

Suns_Champion on Rate each draw engine from ...

1 month ago

Nice! I play pretty casually and play almost exclusively Boros colors, so here's my take:

  • 1) 3.5. Skullclamp is really good in just about any token, sac or equipment deck.
  • 2) 4. The only thing holding this back is the price.
  • 3) 3. Not bad. The fact that you have to pay every time is annoying. Not quite as good as number 1.
  • 4) 2.5. Not a huge fan. This basically eats up half your mana base and makes you the target of Strip Mines.
  • 5) 2.5. Mask of Memory is pretty decent. Middle of the road.
  • 6) 3. Solid. I like it.
  • 7) 3. Good plan, Lifegain to mitigate paying life. Best with Necropotence.
  • 8) 2. Still helps opponents, and normally discard outlets are useless without the deck being built around them.
  • 9) 2. Tower of Fortunes is not really good if you don't have insane ramp. Better options out there.
  • 10) 3.5. Nice!
  • 11) 1. Just play Phyrexian Arena. Use Strionic Resonator for bigger trigger effects.
  • 12) 2. Well of Lost Dreams is actually pretty good, but there are better lifegain effects than Peace of Mind. I like Inventors' Fair.
  • 13) 2.5. You have to be pretty desperate to use this but it seems like it'd be okay sometimes.
  • 14) 3.5. Tribal is always powerful.
  • 15) 2.5. It's okay, kinda easy to interupt.
  • 16) 3.5. I love Infiltration Lens!
  • 17) 1. Little too janky and helps opponents.
  • 18) 4. Because Slate of Ancestry is so good.
  • 19) 1. I feel like there are better ways to repeat wheels. This one costs too much.
  • 20) 5. My all time personal favorite. Humble Defector is good alone and my top two-drop in all my Boros/red decks.

So again, from a strictly Boros perspective, those are my thoughts. I'm sure you can see the biases and the ones I've actually tested haha!

Others to consider:

Hope some of this helps. This will be a good resource!

StopShot on Rate each draw engine from ...

1 month ago

A draw engine is a two card synergy that results in repeatable card draw. I run a Mardu deck so most of the cards will be in colors. I've numbered each engine so you just need to post the engine number followed by your personal score for each. (Feel free to skip any since the list is lengthy. No card is mentioned more than once however.)

A score means the draw engine is janky, unreliable, clunky, inefficient, etc. Basically an engine you'd never consider running under any circumstance. A score means the draw engine is consistent, reliable, fast, and effecient at drawing cards. This score signifies a considerable auto-include for any EDH deck.

) Skullclamp + Bitterblossom//Reassembling Skeleton = Draw off equip cost.

) Land Tax + Scroll Rack = Exchange 3 basic lands for 3 new cards every turn.

) Mentor of the Meek + Norin the Wary = Draw a card every time Norin flickers.

) Underworld Connections + Deserted Temple = Double draw by untapping enchanted land.

) Skyhunter Skirmisher + Mask of Memory = Dig through four cards while discarding only two.

Sensei's Divining Top + Quicksmith Genius = Repeatable loot effect by resolving QG's ability last.

Greed + Ivory Tower//Authority of the Consuls = Gain life to mitigate life loss from Greed.

Ghirapur Orrery + Tireless Tribe = Discard your hand to activate the Orrery's second ability.

Tower of Fortunes + Braid of Fire//Mana Flare = Use extra mana to activate ToF's ability.

Geth's Grimoire + Geier Reach Sanitarium = Draw extra cards equal to the number of opponents.

) Phyrexian Arena + Strionic Resonator = Double draw from Phyrexian Arena.

) Well of Lost Dreams + Peace of Mind = Discard one card to draw three.

) Aggressive Mining + Drownyard Temple = Pay three mana to draw two cards on every turn.

) Endless Ranks of the Dead + Cryptbreaker = Produce lots of zombies to draw cards with.

) Gift of Immortality + Moriok Replica = Pay 2 mana to draw 2 cards and lose 2 life on every turn.

) Invasion Plans + Infiltration Lens = Draw 2 cards for each creature that blocks equipped creature.

) Otherworld Atlas + Voltaic Key//Energy Chamber = Accelerate charge counters for draw power.

) Call the Bloodline + Slate of Ancestry = Produce multiple vampires to draw multiple cards.

) Strands of Night + Magus of the Wheel = Repeatable draw seven cards.

) Humble Defector + Homeward Path = HP regains control of Defector after drawing 2 cards.

Not all draw engines need to be rated. Rating the ones that are the most interesting will do. This feedback will be crucial for other people when considering what draw engine to use for their decks.

Suns_Champion on Hurloon Brothers - Heat and Treat

2 months ago

Hello! Love seeing more Boros players! Props on the near creatureless. build.

Azor's Gateway  Flip should be really useful. The loot effect alone makes it worth it, but if you ever manage to flip it and have an X-spell in hand...

On the topic of lifegain payoffs, Book of Rass is one I'm trying out and I encourage you to as well! Closest thing to Necropotence Boros will ever get.

I think Radiate will be a powerhouse. Target a lightning Helix on the stack to copy it 15 times and get the 9 damage 6 life deal 15 times.

Humble Defector is a great draw and an AMAZING political tool. Start making deals! Bedlam Reveler might be some good draw to when you're all burnt out late-game.

Alone, Generator Servant, Coalition Relic, and Worn Powerstone can all get you a turn 4 F&S.

Hope some of this helps! Look forward to further discussion and testing!

Suns_Champion on The Stock Exchange: An ongoing ...

2 months ago

Copied from main forum! :)

Hello again! Still building my Boros EDH deck piece by piece! I'm trying to trade for as much as possible! But I also have some cash to throw at ya if you have a good deal :)

What I want: Commander Staples and Boros stuff! See binder for full want list.

BINDER | Thanks in advance!

Suns_Champion on W: Boros EDH stuff! H: ...

2 months ago

Hello again! Still building my Boros EDH deck piece by piece! I'm trying to trade for as much as possible! But I also have some cash to throw at ya if you have a good deal :)

What I want: Commander Staples and Boros stuff! See binder for full want list.

BINDER | Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I do want to emphasize that I am willing to buy cards, so if you're not finding anything in the binder and are willing to sell, hit me up!

Daedalus19876 on Matthew 25:29 (Mathas Control) (v4)

2 months ago

Hunter of Eyeblights and Humble Defector seem very odd for a stax/control deck. Defiler of Souls is cute, but I think it's too much mana for its effect (given that you have a decent number of mono-colored creatures) - I'd almost rather run something like Reaper from the Abyss (more versatile and gives you the choice) or Sheoldred, Whispering One. Tsabo Tavoc is a LOT of mana, and I'd consider removing her.

I'd find space for Anguished Unmaking - while you should play both, probably, it's generally better than Chaos Warp. Beyond that, Null Rod, Armageddon, Rule of Law, and other common stax pieces are what I would consider a "must". Also, no Archfiend of Depravity? It's a good way to thin out large hordes.

...also, I'd put more basics in the deck, and work on making more of the landbase come in untapped. You need to drop your stax/control pieces before opponents drop major answers onto the field.

Suns_Champion on GODS of healing and burn

2 months ago

Thanks Spirit_Logan, had already seen it and was preparing a comment :)

Temerities Hi! More Boros commander players! Love it!

Here's my deck for you to check out!

Super Smash Boros | Firesong & Sunspeaker EDH

Some suggestions to put in(echoing DrunkenReaps):

  • Mistveil Plains to support sunforger
  • Well of Lost Dreams take it from a lifegain Boros player: This is the best card draw we have. Use it.
  • Treasonous Ogre great lifegain payoff and huge mana swings. Great for X-spells.
  • Neheb, the Eternal amazing ramp, all star in my deck, my other Boros deck, and as a commander. X-Spells.
  • Generator Servant, Coalition Relic, and Worn Powerstone are great ways to get a turn 4 F&S.
  • Radiate is probably the best copy spell for F&S. Imagine copying Lighting Helix, and getting all those triggers off of each copy and gaining so much life.
  • Repercussion will be great especially because you have so much protection.
  • Humble Defector is great card draw and can have some amazing political plays.
  • Some more dual lands. Check out my mana base for some budget and non budget options.

Some to take out:

  • Pyromancer's Swath: For real... this card is awful. It kills your hand every end step, meaning no instants on opponents' turns, no late game cards in the early game, and card disadvantage for what... 2 extra damage? Not worth it.
  • Soul-Scar Mage: Seems like a non-bo because then you don't deal damage to creatures, thus no lifelink.
  • Rhox Faithmender: Simply gaining more life should not be enough. Play another damage/lifegain spell.
  • Flame Wave: there are many other burn spells that do more for less.

Hope some of this helps!

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