Drogskol Captain


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Uncommon

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Drogskol Captain

Creature — Spirit Soldier

FlyingOther Spirit creatures you control get +1/+1 and have hexproof.

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Drogskol Captain Discussion

filthyc4sual on Are Spirits the new Faeries?

7 hours ago

Spirits are better because Geist of Saint Traft is such a good finisher, especially when you can pump it with Drogskol Captain, and Fae doesn't play Collected Company. Don't ask me why.

Sunnydash on Pauper EDH Primer

3 days ago

Yes, I would like to compare notes with anybody who plays this format (not many people in my area do). I have built the following decks so far:

Drooling Groodion: Voltron/control deck that uses some recursion elements to repeat effects such as Crypt Rats, Nantuko Vigilante, and Dimir House Guard. Bascially, you generate a lot of tokens with cards like Sporoloth Ancient and Sprout Swarm, which you then sacrifice into the commander's ability. Actually surprisingly strong, because it allows repeated removal (which is great in this format, since most wins are creature based) and boosts itself at the same time.

Thunderclap Wyvern: Beatdown/control. Plaxcaster Frogling: Beatdown/control. Gelectrode: Control/Combo. Mesa Enchantress: Beatdown/control. Cliffhaven Vampire: Lifedrain. Contraband Kingpin: Artifact control. Stromkirk Captain: Vampire tribal.Drogskol Captain: Spirit tribal. Unraveling Mummy: Zombie tribal.

Currently thinking about Ruthless Sniper as monoblack cycle commander.

hwagner on marsthesoos

1 week ago

Sounds good to me! Some of the Drogskol Captains maybe LP. Is that okay?

Jedders on Competitive Bant Spirits HoD Updated

3 weeks ago

Hi Calispotato, I really wanted to like Mausoleum Wanderer and spent a couple of months trying to make him work early on into my local 'tyranny by spirits' era. The problem is that the card is completely opposed to the playstyle of this deck; the control play land, pass turn game that I so often have best success with for most hands and against most decks.

If you have the Wanderer in a Blue/White flash spirits tempo deck, especially running Always Watching and maybe Metallic Mimic, then Mausoleum Wanderer shines and you get max value out of the card slot. Without this exact shell and tempo mentality, it is a dead card - the opponent will play around it with ease while you are not pressuring quickly, and the body will achieve little.

Meanwhile, Negate is like gold dust. If I have one Negate and one Essence Scatter in hand, I know I am in for a good game and have any disaster covered.

These are the reasons I gave up using Revolutionary Rebuff and Metallic Rebuke sadly too - with control becoming more and more a thing, and people generally able to play more lands thanks to the cycle lands, these cards are becoming very bad. Wanderer suffers the same fate outside a dedicated tempo shell, sorry to say.

Lastly, the complex Bant manabase is not friendly to 1-drops on turn 1. Similarly, when rocking 1-drops with deathtouch like Narnam Renegade or as good as, like Permeating Mass, they don't need to be dropped turn 1 if it is difficult.... throwing them down turn 3-4 while leaving up a counter or Spell Queller is perfectly fine.

There has been an argument before now, until people have seen the deck play, of, 'Why bother with Bant? Why not just go Blue/White tempo like the others?'. There have even been people telling me, 'You could play it faster, it is a tempo deck', until I have beaten them as a control deck and then they have changed their tune. I have fond memories of almost decking Aetherworks Marvel... that was a powerhouse game, and certainly not something a tempo deck would do.

The point is, I am able to easily beat the blue/white flash every time I play it, and beat a lot of the decks it struggles with. Having the green gives me the card-draw powerhouse, Tireless Tracker. It gives me Tamiyo, Field Researcher which is a major win-con unless the opponent can kill it within a turn, due to the crazy card draw. It gives me Nissa, Steward of Elements as another win-con in slower matches, and a surprise to generally board in when I am on the play (seriously, watch them freaking out over a turn 3, on the play Nissa protected by flyers and counters). Another worthy mention is Lumbering Falls. This manland is amazing... a 3/3 hexproof goes a hell of a long way, and can easily kill off walkers even after your board is nuked. The amount of games this land has saved me.

Basically, I really wish I could love the Wanderer...I just can't. In a fast Modern Aether Vial tempo spirits however, running Metallic Mimic, Drogskol Captain, Phantasmal Image and maybe flicker effects like Essence Flux, the card could be boss.

PickleNutz on Need help with Spirit Deck

3 weeks ago

4x Selfless Spirit 2x Supreme Verdict is a great combo. Selfless can be sacrificed to make your spirits invulnerable and then you can boardwipe your enemy without losing your creatures. Spell Queller, Rattlechains, Geist of Saint Traft, Drogskol Captain, Lingering Souls, Intangible Virtue, Spectral Procession, Path to Exile, Serum Visions, Mana Leak, Spell Pierce, Journey to Nowhere and Ardent Plea are all good for a spirit deck.

Oloro_Magic on Spirit Deck

3 weeks ago

Honestly, most of the cards in the deck with the exception of Pieces of the Puzzle, Sleep Paralysis, Nebelgast Herald, Fogwalker, and Uninvited Geist  Flip are just filler cards from pre-cons used in limited with better alternatives that I suggested above. I would say you decide what needs to upgraded: the control, the creatures, the card draw, and then replace the relevant cards with the better alternatives as you go. Also, spirits really wants if for nothing else then Drogskol Captain, alone spirits are not strong enough to win consistently, the buff from Drogskol makes them that much deadlier. Good luck with the deck.

Oloro_Magic on Spirit Deck

3 weeks ago

From your maybeboard you want Mausoleum Wanderer as a 4 of as it slows down many decks. You also want Rattlechains. You can also make a case for Latch Seeker and Take Inventory. If you want to make this deck substantially better then you will need to buy cards. Nebelgast Herald, Geist of Saint Traft, Drogskol Captain, Kami of False Hope are the spirits that come to mind as cards you want to work towards. You also want to have some control, Path to Exile and a number of counters such as Remand, Spell Snare, Mana Leak, etc.

GoodLuckGuy on WuWuWisp

1 month ago

PerfectDisguiseI've actually already run Blessed Spirits in an earlier version of this deck and it turned out to be pretty weak so I removed it. You'd think it would be perfect for a spirit/enchantment build but the deck is pretty low to the ground, so as a 3 drop, Blessed Spirits has to be especially strong, especially because it has to be compared to Drogskol Captain and Geist of Saint Traft. Unfortunately it just doesn't stack up.

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