Drogskol Captain


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension (DKA) Uncommon

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Drogskol Captain

Creature — Spirit Soldier

Flying Other Spirit creatures you control get +1/+1 and have hexproof.

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Drogskol Captain Discussion

thebigragoo on spirits modified

1 week ago

I like the Spirits and Cavern of Souls mechanic. I wanted to have a threat early and a turn 4-5 finisher consistently. T1 -- Mausoleum Wanderer Ideally Cast from Cavern of Souls and Lotus Bloom T2 -- Rattlechains -- Sac Mausoleum Wanderer if need be to slow opponent. T3 -- Drogskol Captain T4 -- Sovereigns of Lost Alara sacrificing Lotus Bloom and Tutoring for Eldrazi Conscription

Vesosoft on Bystander Mode Activate

2 months ago


Yeah, I'm looking at different cantrips and draw spells/mechanics to see about shrinking the virtual deck size and digging for things I need.

I'm really leaning towards cantrips. Serum Visions is definitely a top contender right now; but I'm thinking I may want to look for instant speed, so I can save my casts for my opponent's turns as much possible.

But I'm also thinking Bygone Bishop could be interesting in the deck; especially since I now am running more creatures, and all 3 cmc or lower. The only thing I'm not a fan of on this is: Bygone Bishop is a 3 cmc, can be removed, and it gives me investigation tokens I need to spend mana on to get the draw effect. More points of failure on drawing; but potentially could add way more card drawing than any of the cantrips, and it synergizes with Drogskol Captain and Rattlechains.

Hard decision, if you'll notice, my Maybeboard is stacked with cards that could give draws; so trying to narrow down to what I really want to include with the deck.

Once again, I appreciate your input and suggestion on the card drawing, and as always, your suggestion is one of the best (if not the best); just going through the motions to find the exact card I want for the deck.

Vesosoft on Bystander Mode Activate

2 months ago

Considering dropping 2 Redirect and Godhead of Awe for 3 Spell Quellers.

Id lose some speed on anything Redirect affects, and lose my one off bomb card; but now that my creatures are not so defensive, I dont think I need Godhead of Awe. A Drogskol Captain or two and my other spirits, combined with the board control spells should open up enough opportunity to beatdown the opponent, without needing to set all creatures to 1/1.

This will give me more creatures, more instant speed casts (even without Rattlechains, well one more instant speed cast), and a little more permission built into the deck.

I think a fairly good trade off; but I do love Redirect when it works...

Vesosoft on Bystander Mode Activate

2 months ago


Oh, and as for the combo...Curse of Exhaustion isn't really similar to the combo; it is similar to one piece of it, but not exactly.

Eidolon of Rhetoric is played because as a spirit (so it can help with the beatdown), Drogskol Captain can protect it from targeted removal and is 1 mana less than Curse of Exhaustion. Now, Curse of Exhaustion is one sided, but I actually don't like that; I want it to affect everyone.

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets is there for his token.

With both the token and Eidolon of Rhetoric in play, my opponents (yes could be multiple in a big game) will be limited to playing 1 card per turn, and the first card per turn they cast will be countered. So, they get 0 cards per turn, unless they have a bunch of uncounterable cards; which I'm not sure how common that is, but they tend to be more expensive (cmc wise), right, so I thought it would be rarer.

Now you may be right, my combo may not be fast enough, which would suck...and that is why I wanted to build control to extend the game long enough to get the combo.

Vesosoft on Bystander Mode Activate

2 months ago

First, thanks for you input and suggestions, Path to Exile will definitely be added, just not sure for what yet (although I am a bit concerned with the ramp up of my opponent, but that shouldn't be too bad).

I suspected this deck was too slow for Modern, which is why I am asking for help. I have a pretty big gap in between my times of play (Unlimited to Fourth Edition, then Tempest and Stronghold, and then random booster boxes bought from 2012 forward, except, I haven't bought any new cards for about 2 years), so I am not aware of many of the options that are out there. Additionally, because the time I played most actively was so long ago, many of the staples of play are not Modern Legal and I'm not sure what replaced them or what the best option for replacement was. Which is why Cancel was in the deck, I knew it was a 3cmc straight up counter, one turn slower than my favorite spell in the game Counterspell; I didn't know what else to choose (going with Mana Leak btw, thank you).

Okay, on this deck, it is not a Azor's Elocutors deck; it is intended to be a deck in the vein of Tempest Deep Freeze. Objectives are to limit what makes it to the battlefield, then lock down what you do allow to the battlefield. Any opportunity where you have a battlefield advantage because of the control aspects, you should be swinging with whatever you have on the field. It really is a control and beatdown deck. Azor's Elocutors is in as an alternate win condition, if you can completely lock down the board with the Eidolon of Rhetoric + Jace, Unraveler of Secrets combination, essentially making it a 3 card combo against decks that can't answer the primary combo. However, this has convinced me walls are the wrong choice for this deck, too passive. So I need some decent low cmc creatures to replace the walls, preferably with some permission or control aspects to them.

Okay, for counterspells, dropping Cancel and picking up Mana Leak. What are your thoughts on Mausoleum Wanderer? I was thinking it doubles as a creature for my deck (since I am sticking with spirits) and gives me a counter. My concern is it is limited to instants and sorceries. I anticipate early game to be facing a lot of creature casting, so it seems of limited value, and isn't a strong creature until pumped up by Drogskol Captain, and if I make it to turn 3 or 4, then even a hard counter like Cancel would be a better choice due to the limits on what it can counter.

Definitely like Cryptic Command; but not sure if it should replace Rewind. I really like Rewind, because if I can force the game late, it is a, qualified, "free" counterspell.

On the lands issue, yeah, in the old days (maybe I'm shackled by my previous experience...lol) it was common practice to run around 1/3 of your deck land, and I still build like that. I don't mind being mana tight. I start getting up to 24-26 lands, like suggested currently, and I notice I flood seemingly way more often. I despise flooding. So yeah, I run tight; I think the curve on this deck may be too high, but the high cmc cards (excluding Jace, Unraveler of Secrets and Eidolon of Rhetoric) are not necessary until later game, while the lower cmc cards are intended to help make it to late game. Telling me "I need to make it 8 turns" is an issue for the deck? That is what I'm trying to make the deck do...drag games out > 8 turns. Also 70% of my deck is <= 3 cmc. I am going to be removing Drogskol Cavalry for Leyline of Sanctity, so that should reduce the curve a bit too. That being said, land tweaking is always the last thing I do, and you may be right, it may need 24-26 lands, or some digging. But that usually comes from play testing for me, not my initial build. I build tight, then loosen up if needed. This allows me to know which cards can be removed from the deck and replaced with lands.

On the walls, I do agree, for different reasons. I'm going to remove them from the deck, for some slightly more aggressive creatures, who hopefully will have some control aspects built into them. I liked the utility both of those walls provide; but they don't allow me to attack when opportunity arises. If you have any ideas for <= 2 cmc creatures that provide some good control utility (preferably without paying something every turn, like Gideon's Lawkeeper, although I do like that card) but still allow me to chip away when opportunity presents itself, I'd really appreciate it. The argument that walls shouldn't be used because removal exists is silly to me though. In that case, non Shroud/Hexproof creatures shouldn't be used because removal exists. A player using removal on my creatures is a part of the game and mostly 1 for 1 trade; this deck shouldn't (if built right) mind 1 for 1 trades in normal game flow. That card and mana could have been used by my opponent to strengthen their board, instead it was used to weaken mine; but this deck will struggle most against opponents that focus on strenghtening their own board quickly. I used to play a modified Tempest Deep Freeze a lot, and that is what this deck is inspired by, and I will tell you, in my previous experience, attacking my board was not the way to win against the deck. Removal spells are the least of my concerns, especially when used on a disposable 2 cmc blocker; unless that next attack takes my life to 0, I don't mind losing those early creatures and delaying, whether it is delaying an attack hitting me, or delaying my opponent playing a more meaningful spell because they used removal on essentially a chump blocker. I hope I explained this correctly; not sure if I did. Either way, walls are out, and I'm going to put in more aggressive creatures.

As for the Card Advantage discussion; yeah, I could use some for sure. I like Sky Hussar, that could be useful. If I have a positive board state (which can often happen due to the board control spells in the deck) I could definitely use that card to draw. That being said, I'd prefer if I could get some extra draws on some control spells. Any ideas?

Finally, thanks again for your input. Definitely a lot to think about and some changes to be made.

Happymaster19 on Spirited Away: A Paranormal Primer [U/W Spirits]

2 months ago

Steel is just too inconsistent for my liking. Itll smash teeth every now and youll feel clever about yourself but enchanting any mono-colored spirit would feel bad and I wouldnt want it to sit in my hand until I find the right target. If I were in a board state that forced me to enchant Mausoleum Wanderer or Rattlechains...

I can just use Rattlechains, Mausoleum Wanderer, Drogskol Captain, Selfless Spirit, or Kira to protect Spell Queller. Like Im supposed to. :)

Dorotheus on Tempo Ghosts (Tribal Spirits)

3 months ago

@LuciferHex, yea I've been testing different cards that have potential and collecting some cards if I ever need them. At the time of my posting this I have another friend playing a similar list also and he just 2-0d Jund tonight for FNM and is 2-0 overall.

Phantasmal Image is a 2 mana Clone, it can be a hedge against some decks that miiiight run better cards that you might want yourself like Reality Smasher or Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, there are plenty of blue sources to cast it and Aether Vial with 2 counters and just drop it into play, also naming Illusion on one of the Tribal lands isn't the worst idea as long as the rest of them are spirit-named. But mostly it's to get more of the cards I'm already playing, on curve I can make my board hexproof while protecting itself, Casting Drogskol Captain and then if my opp interacts with my board Vial in Image and make it a Captain and then all my spirits have hexproof, functionally countering a removal spell in the process and making the "sacrifice" clause on Image very very difficult to trigger for the opponent. Or just making it another Spell Queller at times too. It's a modal card, and it works very very well in spirits, like it's human counter-part.

hungry000 on Send Me an Angel

3 months ago

I think your spirits deck lacks a sufficient number of spirits. The thing that spirits are good at is the tempo game: disrupting your opponent while putting threats onto the board. But when your deck only plays 13 creatures you're not going to be applying as much pressure as you want to, and so you aren't using the tribe to its full potential.

Cut down on some spells and also that Elspeth, Knight-Errant to fit in more creatures. Also, go down at least one Geist of Saint Traft and a Selfless Spirit. Geist is very hard to deal with on its own and you don't want to draw multiples since it becomes dead in hand, and while Selfless Spirit is very good at protecting your board, you don't have enough creatures to bother protecting, and it isn't much of a threat in itself. Most lists I see (even ones with a high density of creatures) play 3.

Mausoleum Wanderer is a very nice spirit to have since it forces your opponent to play noncreature spells off-curve to play around it, play 4. Topplegeist is another one-drop you could play if you felt like it. You can put some Rattlechains back in since the flash that it gives your spirits is actually very relevant, and Drogskol Captain is a great spirit lord, made even better with flash.

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