Mono black pEDH featuring [Brood of Cockroaches] as the commander. A tier 4, super grindy deck that is ever evolving.

EDIT 8-24-20: I love playing this deck. It's not one of my strongest either. It's just fun and can really hold it's own. My favorite color to play since I started playing magic over 25 years ago has been mono black. Sidisi is my only regular EDH deck that I own and wanted to build a mono black pauper EDH deck. I'm not quite in tune with this deck as I have been making some bad plays and loosing because of it. I get greedy and always try get my commander back and continually loose the life without first setting up the re-gain engine. I'm finding that I need to play more defensively and less offensively. Also let my commander sit for a bit If I'm not needing him right away. I think this deck being as drawn out as it is sometimes makes it viable to hold up against some of the high tier decks. It has plenty of removal and plenty of card draw. The creature base will always need tweaking but other than that this thing plays well. Super happy with it so far.

EDIT 9-9-20: One combo piece I added was a Faceless Butcher. I wanted another Oubliette (type) effect anyway. The Butcher works by casting him using the stack and sacrificing him to an ability of one of your creatures to perm exile your opponent's targeted creature. I also run a Tortured Existence to recycle the Butcher as many times as I can.

EDIT 10-1-20: I swapped out the Mortician Beetle for a Gingerbrute. The beetle was kind of a dead card. Even though I sacrifice creatures a lot it didn't make as much sense to keep in over the brute. The beetle ends up just being a creature that gets picked off pretty quick. The synergy wasn't there. It has zero abilities within itself that net me any gain. The brute has two which are great. With a Sylvok Lifestaff hooked to the brute he gets pretty good. I mean he's good by himself as I can constantly loop him with return to hand effects and use him for life gain or for chump blocking and he returns Monarch to your side consistently if you loose it. It isn't important to make "huge" creatures with this deck. It is important to recycle creatures and net gain or recycle to chump. I'll test him out for a bit and see how it goes.


-Marauding Blight-Priest include? -Ill-Gotten Inheritance in place of Death Denied*


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