Souls of the Faultless


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guildpact Uncommon

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Souls of the Faultless

Creature — Spirit

Defender (This creature can't attack.)

Whenever Souls of the Faultless is dealt combat damage, you gain that much life and attacking player loses that much life.

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Souls of the Faultless Discussion

Belerion on The Devil Wears Prada, God Wears Gucci

1 week ago

Hey thanks again, I really appreciate the help!

So when I goldfish test this deck, it kills on turn seven pretty consistently. Does that sound right? Is it too slow? Oddly enough, it seems like there's potential for it to kill faster with a live opponent, because of situational effects / passive abilities like Athreos, God of Passage, Souls of the Faultless, and Pillory of the Sleepless. Getting Sanguine bond into play really makes a big difference as well. The one thing I'm noticing is that it might have slightly too many removal spells and slightly too few fast creatures... but maybe that's a consideration for the sideboard? Hopefully I'll get a chance to playtest it soon and (life)gain some more insight.

Tiadon777 on The Danish Bank

2 weeks ago

Gifted Aetherborn could be a viable option, or Souls of the Faultless for some cheap defense.

The7thBobba on Knight_of_Aces

1 month ago

Souls of the Faultless so darn flavourful

Spirit of the Hearth mmmmmhmmmmm, hexproof

Thief of Hope delicious lifedrain

Waxmane Baku great control. Really great.

Yosei, the Morning Star fuck. Yes!

Afterlife flavourful removal

Angel of Flight Alabaster recursion, yes please.

Beckon Apparition soooo good!

Devouring Greed i cannot even begin.....

Field of Souls tokens galore

Lingering Souls yum

Rend Flesh flavourful removal

And.... Long-Forgotten Gohei!

Those are my immediate hypes :) I hope a few ideas have formed ;)

RK-Lounge on Esper Spirits

1 month ago

Have you tried Souls of the Faultless for sideboard? Against any stompy decks it can be lights out if you flash it in during combat to block a Death's Shadow or Reality Smasher

GuardGamer on Obzedat Blink Council

2 months ago

Souls of the Faultless would be good here. Maybe even add a Sorin Planeswalker. Other than that Awesome deck!:)

Darth_Savage on White/Black Main Deck

2 months ago

Your deck seems really inconsistent, I'm not sure why you aren't running 4x of any card. You can also only have 15 cards in your sideboard and should be aiming for 60 in your deck. That being said there are some fairly quick improvements that can be made by substituting some cards.

  1. 4x Victim of Night replaces Doom Blade and Murder there are too many black creatures that appear in decks which you will want to kill.

  2. 4x Zealous Persecution replaces Gallantry, Vendetta, Crystal Ball and Prophetic Prism boost your creatures and reduce your opponents.

  3. 4x Souls of the Faultless replaces Kytheon's Irregulars, War Oracle, Crypt Ghast and Languish your opponent won't want to use removal on it, but also won't want to attack into it.

  4. 3x Chalice of Life  Flip replaces Implement of Improvement this works with your lifegain plan.

  5. 4x Ajani's Pridemate replaces Bloodbond Vampire, Graveblade Marauder and Rancid Rats the Pridemate has the same ability as Bloodbond but can be played 2 turns earlier.

  6. 4x Perimeter Captain replaces Topplegeist and Planar Cleansing works with lifegain also Planar Cleansing is just too expensive to cast and you likely don't want to clear the board.

Thats me, hope this is of help.

Ballzanya on Tainted Remedy

2 months ago

Also, I'm considering playing two copies of Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim and two copies of Souls of the Faultless in my version. Of course, mine is white/black and not Abzan like yours, so it might be harder cutting things for them, but I'll suggest them nonetheless.

Ballzanya on

3 months ago

Yeah, thats a decent one, I considered that and Souls of the Faultless for a less, eldrazi driven, less etb effect related version of the deck. (If someone wants to play that, then they should definitely play 2 copies of the Alms Beast.

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