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Salvage Yard [Pauper EDH]

Pauper EDH* Artifact Mono-White



Auriok Salvagers pEDH. A work in progress. The idea is to recycle artifacts costing 1 or less to net gain in the form of recurred chump blockers,life gain, damage to opponents or opponent's creatures or disrupt their hand with discard. Use the artifacts for recurred ramp abilities. IE: Search out lands. And just cast rocks to better enable the artifact recycling engine. There are some tricks and card combos that I'll touch base more on later. Usually it takes me a little bit to get the description and details noted. I mainly use tapped out for deck record keeping. Better description to come.

Thanks for looking.

On a side note. I hope Birthing Boughs at some point gets a down shift so I can include it in this deck.



10-14-20: Barbed Sextant out, Sylvok Lifestaff in.

10-29-20: Out Prismatic Lens, Flayer Husk in.

11-6-20: Out Syndic of Tithes, Foundry Inspector in.

11-6-20: Out Shield of Duty and Reason, Remember the Fallen in.

11-6-20: Out Crown of Awe, Benevolent Blessing in.

11-18-20: Out Renegade Map, In Golem-Skin Gauntlets.


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