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King of the Pride Aggro Cats

Pauper EDH* Cats Mono-White


+2/+1 is a powerful tribal boost, and giving it to a tribe with quite a few low cost cards is even better. The idea of this deck is to play lots of cheap cats early, buff them with King of the Pride, then use evasion, first strike, team buffs, and tap down effects to continue pushing damage through. Ideally, the deck should be killing an opponent on turn 5 or 6, but will probably have to slow down and play more conservatively after that, finding openings to pick off the other two.

Most of the choices in this deck are pretty straight forward. The only ones I want to make a special note of are the protection spells. If you haven't seen these used before, they're pretty great. They allow for both offense and defense by either making a creature unblockable or giving a creature protection from an incoming removal spell.

The deck has a relatively low cat count (36, including changelings, not including the commander). That's because I was trying to find room for enough other effects to help get damage through in the mid game. 36 should still be enough to consistently have two to three cats in hand by turn 3, though.

Future improvements will probably include lowering the mana curve by a hair and slowly replacing some vanilla cats as more cats trickle out in new sets.


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