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Tribal Cube

This is a creature heavy tribal based cube. I purposefully chose not to have overpowered spells or artifacts so that you rely more heavily on creatures and their abilities!

Red (Goblins and Giants) Blue (Wizards and Merfolk) Black (Zombies and Vampires) Green (Elfs and Beasts) White (Soldiers and Clerics)

Things to get rid of IRL :

1x onyx mage 1x skeletal changeling 1x Cabal Archon 1x Blind Zealot 1x Ebonblade Reaper 1x Cabal Executioner 1x Infernal Caretaker 1x thunder of hooves 1x geosurge 1x giant's ire 1x Courtly Provocateur 1x Mistform Dreamer 1x Voidmage Apprentice 1x Imagecrafter 1x Sea Gate Oracle 1x Llanowar Knight 1x Safehold Elite 1x Scuzzback Marauders 1x Skarrgan Skybreaker 1x Vodalian Zombie 1x Zealous Guardian 1x Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers 1x Pyrrhic Revival 1x shaleskin bruiser 1x changeling berserker 1x rune-cervin rider 1x judge of currents 1x longbow archer 1x blinding mage 1x stalking stones 1x barren moor 1x buried ruin 1x coastal tower 1x crypt of agadeem 1x elfhame palace 1x forgotten cave 1x ghost quarter 1x lake of the dead 1x lonely sandbar 1x secluded steppe 1x tranquil thicket

Things to add IRL:

Things to Replace IRL:

Colorless (92)

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Pack size 14
Cards 481
Date added 5 years
Last updated 5 years