Fiend Hunter

Fiend Hunter

Creature — Human Cleric

When Fiend Hunter enters the battlefield, you may exile another target creature.

When Fiend Hunter leaves the battlefield, return exiled card to the battlefield under its owner's control.

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Fiend Hunter Discussion

shadow63 on angels that blink

2 days ago

I have Wall of Omens Wall of Resurgence and Fiend Hunter for the early going. I had jeski barrier in here before but I didn't like it. Wall of roots might come in

lemmingllama on Vials of Wrath

6 days ago

Try out Banisher Priest over Fiend Hunter, typically you want higher power than toughness. I would also consider Reflector Mage, since the bounce effect will typically be better than the limited exile.

Myr Superion is also normally subpar if you only intend to AEther Vial/Collected Company it. I would recommend adding in a couple Noble Hierarchs so you can ramp faster to your three drops/Collected Companys and you can hardcast it in a pinch.

Path to Exile will typically be better than Spell Pierce. If you are splashing in the white, it should probably be a more dominant color. Path also works better with Illusory Angel.

Finally, finding space for four Voice of Resurgence would get you far. That card is fantastic in this kind of strategy.

HinguGrashanshao on Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim (EDH)

1 week ago

Conspiracy, Cartel Aristocrat, Angel of Glory's Rise, and Fiend Hunter

Do before step 2--Cast Conspiracy naming Humans.

1)Cast the angel, then cast Fiend hunter targeting the angel to exile it.

1b)If Fiend hunter dies, the angel will resurrect him so he's fairly safe provided you only exile the angel with his ability.

2)If you have Cartel aristocrat and your Commander,(Or other creatures with an ETB) on the field you can sac him and fiend hunter to the aristocrat to bring the angel back to the field which will resurrect both your commander and the fiend hunter.

3)Re-target the angel with the fiend hunter and continue for infinite damage and lifegain, or whatever other ETB your creatures have.

The combo works well with any ETB effects provided the creatures are human or conspiracy is in play

Snipperman on Knightfall

1 week ago

Also, regarding the humans tech, you might want to squeeze in some removal in the form of creatures.

Fiend Hunter is card worth looking into I think, Silverblade Paladin together with KotR sounds pretty good as well.

I might be too deep on the humans plan here, but at least the Fiend Hunter could be worth a slot, as you don't play any removal at this moment, which is usefull against Abzan company, and also vs Infect and other creatures MU's.

kingfrankzappa on 2016-04-30 update of Archangel Avacyn ...

1 week ago

Hey derhealman, thanks for your suggestions. I'll reply with my thoughts on a few.

Restoration Angel will replace Glimmerpoint Stag and Karmic Guide will replace Miraculous Recovery as soon as I get my hands on them. Both of these are great fits for the deck, not to mention that Restoration Angel goes infinite with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker.

Eldrazi Displacer looks really good, but I'm not sure if I could reliably make colourless mana. Fiend Hunter is tempting, because he also goes infinite with Sun Titan and Goblin Bombardment, or temporarily contains a big threat.

Assemble the Legion was in the deck in an earlier iteration. It is great, but when I had to make cuts to fit some removal I cut it as I needed to prioritise token producers that were recurrable.

I don't like Goblin Rabblemaster as he needs to stick around to produce tokens. Also he forces his tokens to attack, meaning they must survive combat first if I want to use them with Skullclamp or Trading Post. Not to mention, forcing Krenko, Mob Boss to attack or tap in my pre-combat main phase.

Ghostway looks good, but it flickers any tokens as well which could be terrible. Eerie Interlude and Cloudshift are great, but 1-offs in this build. I have skipped them in favour of creatures and artifacts that can be recurred later in the game.

Hellrider competes with Purphoros, God of the Forge and Impact Tremors for a spot. Both of those get in ahead because I don't need to attack to get the burn trigger.

If I was looking for a Soul Warden-like effect, I would go with Suture Priest who not only gives you the life but also discourages your opponents' Gravecrawler and Kiki-Conscripts style shenanigans.

Anyway. Thanks again for taking the time to comment on my deck, and if you do build an Archangel Avacyn  Flip please come back and let me know your results.

derhealman on 2016-04-30 update of Archangel Avacyn ...

1 week ago


nice Deck i gonna build that too.

I will add a samll endless Combo with Fiend Hunter+Karmic Guide + Goblin Bombardment maybe its something for you also ?I think karmic Guide is anyway quiet Playable in this Deck.


RedJokr on Sacrifice To Be Strong

1 week ago

Thanks man.

Thanks for wording it out for me.I need to start learning about resolves and stacks more.I have to add in Fiend Hunter because I lack interaction XD.

I'll add in two Rally the Ancestors.Thanks again!

Pheardemons on Sacrifice To Be Strong

1 week ago

Don't worry about it man.

As for Tidehollow Sculler you word it like this. When it enters the battlefield, say, "with his ETB trigger on the stack, I want to sacrifice him to (whatever sac outlet). His "leaving the battlefield" trigger will resolve first, meaning nothing as nothing was exiled. Then his ETB trigger will resolve and I will choose to exile (whatever card you want). This means the card is exiled forever." My friend said he had a lot of judge calls when he decided to pull it, and if you want something a little simpler just go to whatever judge at the tournament and ask for what to say. You could also add in Fiend Hunter for a similar effect with creatures.

Rally the Ancestors was suggested for the instant effect. It's a way to possibly block your opponent's that have overwhelmed you, and another outlet to get your creatures back.

Have fun with the deck man.

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