Fiend Hunter

Fiend Hunter

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Creature — Human Cleric

When Fiend Hunter enters the battlefield, you may exile another target creature.

When Fiend Hunter leaves the battlefield, return exiled card to the battlefield under its owner's control.

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Fiend Hunter Discussion

dominguez on Two's Company, Three's A Crowd [Bant CoCo]

2 days ago
  • Horizon Canopy is an excellent land for this deck

  • 1-2 Spellskite Mainboards makes your CoCos much more powerful and versatile, and it also reandomly wins against certain decks like Infect. Not running Chord of Calling makes the 'skite worse, though.

  • I've played some test runs on Fiend Hunter and even without Chords he can be a great addition. Consider cutting on Flickerwisps for him.

  • Jenara, Asura of War could be a real beater if unchecked, and I like it better than Geist. Geist tends to work best in decks with spells that support him. Otherwise he will just be stonewalled.

Tomnofx on Modern Knights - The Knight's Watch

3 days ago

I have quite a bit of experience with Knight tribal, so I can help here. I've noticed that you have a one-ofs which isn't going to make your deck consistent enough. If your wanting to keep it three colours but having green isn't that worth it to me but it's up to you. Just some suggestions. +1 Knight Exemplar -3 Skyknight Legionnaire -1 Knight of the Reliquary +4 Knight of Meadowgrain -1 Truefire Paladin -2 Fiend Hunter -1 Selesnya Charm +4 Student of Warfare. If you want some ideas check out my Knight builds. :)

thecomputermonkeyatgmaildotcom on Exile Evolved

3 days ago

I like this. I've been looking for other ways to build decks around Norin.

You might consider Impact Tremors in place of Vigilante Justice. It works on non-humans, and it only costs two mana, although you do lose the ability to target creatures. Great in multiplayer games though, as it damages all opponents at once. Purphoros, God of the Forge is also nice, twice the damage and bloody hard to get rid of.

I recently tried adding Legion's Initiative and Impact Tremors to a classic Norin / Soul Sisters deck, with some interesting results. With both cards out, blinking my army resulted in some pretty heavy direct damage from Impact Tremors, which was multiplied considerably with a Genesis Chamber or Spirit Bonds in play.

In your case, Legion's Initiative fits the blinking theme and the colors, and caries the bonus that you can use it to redirect Fiend Hunter to a different target in a pinch. Plus since you can control the order in which ETB triggers enter the stack, you can manipulate the triggers for maximum life gain when blinking soul sisters.

Downside is that your Ajani's Pridemate and Champion of the Parish lose their +1/+1 counters, but if you bring them back first the rest of the army blinking in powers them up (with at least one soul sister to add lifegain for Ajani's Pridemate. Pair this with a board wipe, and you can deal direct damage, wipe out your opponent's army and overrun your opponent with pumped up champions all on the same turn!

pahamaki on Trostani needs more removal!

4 days ago

I'd definitely keep Hour of Reckoning in, it's like bread and butter for token decks. And Phyrexian Rebirth works well with Populate.

How about Sunblast Angel, Angel of the Dire Hour, Admonition Angel or Angel of Serenity? Sunblast and Serenity do great work in my Karador build. As do Fiend Hunter, Banisher Priest and Leonin Relic-Warder.

As for tutoring effects for consistency, Fierce Empath is a true gem for that. Dirt cheap too.

And a suggestion on cutting: Storm Herd would really beg for a haste enabler to be worth it in my opinion, and Worldspine Wurm is gloriously clunky. Verdant Force seems a little slow for the mana cost as well. And do you need a Vedalken Orrery?

If stampeding in with a horde is your wincon, maybe you should focus on spawning a load of tokens fast, rather than play the slow game with big dudes? Having multiple avenues to victory is all well and good, but focusing on a single strategy may be more efficient from a deck design perspective.

TheGamer on Elves of Ashenvale... Unite!

4 days ago

Dorotheus: Cloudstone Curio is what allows me to combo, so i cant take that out. Same with Beck. I hear where youre coming from about the others, but even Staff is a combo piece as well.

The 2 Collected Companys are only since i dont have 2 more. I play on gettinf them soon though. Fiend Hunter i greatly dislike because if i draw it, i cant cast it. Plus, its a human. E-Wit i understand why you would say it, but its not an elf :/

The sideboard plan is very interesting, the only problem is it just doesnt fit with the theme of this deck... At all. I think about this the same way you think of Garruk and the others. It seems way to cute to be viable.

Dorotheus on Elves of Ashenvale... Unite!

4 days ago

It's fine to disagree, but Garruk, Caller of Beasts, Cloudstone Curio, Staff of Domination, Regal Force, Soul of the Harvest, Beck / Call are just all too cute to play either because their cmc is high and increases chances to brick or they are too reliant on a situation that can be difficult to craft. Beck is actually the best one of these as it is cheaper to cast for what you want it to do, but since Elves is now a streamlined competitive modern deck, due to Collected Company a lot of people have "figured it out."

Increase Collected Company to 4, add 2-3x Chord of Calling, 1-2x Elvish Champion, 1x Fiend Hunter, 1-3x Eternal Witness, and 1x Gavony Township and your deck will take off like a rocket and be more sustainable in a modern meta.

Craterhoof Behemoth is something I personally believe should be in modern Elves as a one-of, many do not actually run it however, but I am for it. I really like Coiling Oracle! It's a great addition. I don't entirely like Summoner's Pact, but it can work, I would like to see 2x Hivemind, 1x Slaughter Pact and 1x Pact of Negation in a sideboard as an alt win con in an elf deck though, it could be a great "Surprise! Got there!" against decks that aren't ready for it.

Tata on The Lion, The 'Quips & The Wardrobe (competitive)

1 week ago

I don't like the maindeck Revoke Existence and Fate Forgotten. I think Council's Judgment is better. I also think you could stand to run a little more targeted removal (not an edict). Silkwrap isn't bad, and neither is Oblivion Ring. Prison Term is good enough for the main. I also like Fiend Hunter and Banisher Priest.

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