Fiend Hunter

Fiend Hunter

Creature — Human Cleric

When Fiend Hunter enters the battlefield, you may exile another target creature.

When Fiend Hunter leaves the battlefield, return exiled card to the battlefield under its owner's control.

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Fiend Hunter Discussion

Lethgorias on Mono White Control Modern

1 day ago

Was replaced the 4th Ghostly Prison, the 2nd Suppression Field, and the 4th Fiend Hunter with 2x Baneslayer Angel and a 2nd Hero of Bladehold. Why? Because this deck generally takes 2-3 times longer to play than Mono Blue. I was getting bored playing it, not to mention that I rarely got to Game 2, never mind Game 3.

punchdrinkcry on Alesha, Who Smiles under a Budget (Under $20)

3 days ago

You seem to have it out for enchantment removal, which is good if that's your local meta and not good otherwise. There are eight total effects that destroy enchantments, which you can easily cut in half to add some more in-game value for your wallet value list.

Avalanche Riders breaks certain archetypes in half, and keeps the pace even against ramp and control. Plus they sacrifice themselves so you'll never need to find an outlet. They are also inexpensive. TCG's mid price is $1.14 for one.

Loving Faceless Butcher because that thing never gets used and was the OG Fiend Hunter, but why no Fiend Hunter or Banisher Priest to clear the way for swings? At $.20 and $.25, respectively, surely they make the budget cut line.

Upvotes all the way.

Femme_Fatale on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

4 days ago

I don't use Flickerwisp in a Flicker/Blink oriented deck, purely because it can't be played at instant speed, which is the primary value of blink cards. I don't use detention sphere either. I would just use Fiend Hunter in your case.

Femme_Fatale on DIfferent bases for Esper Flyer ...

1 week ago

A better example of tempo would be to play stuff that serves multiple purposes/2-for-1's the opponent/disrupts the opponent from doing something while being a threat.

For example, in a GW shell, Flickerwisp and Fiend Hunter can be considered tempo cards. Flickerwisp slows the opponent's creatures down, resets countes, and can even obstruct fort game plans like Ensnaring Bridge, all the while being a very significant threat. Fiend Hunter chucks a creature, forcing the opponent to use removal on a weak creature that isn't killing them to get the creature back. As long as you were able to get some additional damage out because Fiend Hunter chucked a creature for a while, then it has served its purpose. Languish, Engineered Explosives and damage wraths can be considered massive tempo plays as you are doing a one sided wipe when you use these cards.

Pheardemons on Welcome to Meliraland!

1 week ago

Grixis control and Splinter Twin decks are always going to be matchups that hurt. Almost for any type of deck out there. Storm will usually always win game one if it takes time for someone to set up their combo which this deck does. That is why there is a card called Mindbreak Trap for the sideboard. Chord of Calling is a good card but you play Collected Company which is in place for that. If you truly get enough mana (6) to search for one of your creatures your opponent is probably close to comboing off of or your playing control which will try to counter it. Also if you get enough creatures to bring Chord of Calling's CMC lower then you should have enough creatures to do your combo. I'd strongly suggest sticking to 4 Collected Company's no matter what.

I know you don't want white, but the reason white is usually included in this deck is to add Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit which can bolster your creatures infinitely bigger. Also other cards I've seen used is Tidehollow Sculler (if you want I can explain the stack rules to permanently exile a card in their hand) and even Fiend Hunter (also there to permanently exile creatures) to deal with your opponent.

One thing that you definitely need to work on is your mana base for competitive modern. Fetchlands and shocklands are almost a necessity.

Hugadarn on Roooons many realms

1 week ago

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. This deck has been a really fun challenge because I'm trying to avoid just going standard Roon blinkyness. One of the big problems is the land sweet spot seems to be between 42-44 so that means less good stuff.

Anyway @Lanzlo493 Courser of Kruphix was originally just a placeholder for Oracle of Mul Daya but pending some testing I may decide I need redundancy with the view top card thing which has a lot of synergy with Abundance and Primal Surge. Future Sight does the same thing but since creature recursion is easier for the deck I defiantly lean towards them apples to apples. Azusa, Lost but Seeking is obviously better then some of the cards that could be seen as place holders for her but when budgeting for the deck it was buy her or Crucible of Worlds and there arent as many stand-ins even that are 60% as good as crucible.

@PookandPie Prophet of Kruphix is just straight up broken, that being said, she is a bit of a tell and a major hate generator in the local meta. I did test Murkfiend Liege but the lack of flash limits it. Fiend Hunter didnt make it in mostly as a result of me trying to mitigate hate. Plus really want it to be a landfall deck mostly. Admonition Angel is almost never used on opponents creatures instead since I can pop out a lot of instant speed lands I can protect from wraths and such. I mostly just Roil Elemental and sack to get rid of creatures but try not to do that until I am already winning. As for Solemn Simulacrum I have thirteen decks right now :( running low on the "sad wobots".

Currently I am experimenting with Ensnaring Bridge working so good with Manabond or Psychic Vortex

PookandPie on Roooons many realms

1 week ago

---- That, so make sure to use Fiend Hunter or Angel of Serenity and not Banisher Priest.

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