Fiend Hunter

Creature — Human Cleric

When Fiend Hunter enters the battlefield, you may exile another target creature.

When Fiend Hunter leaves the battlefield, return exiled card to the battlefield under its owner's control.

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Fiend Hunter Discussion

Flagellum on Blinking Contest

17 hours ago

Panharmonicon is going to be so broken in most decks that use ETB effects (which is a lot). It's either going to be banned or Commander's next Sol Ring. Brago, Purphoros (it's a Parallel Lives in !!!), Alesha, ect, ect... It's not as good as say Strionic Resonator and Sol Ring with Brago, but it still double's most our effects with no mana investment. I'm curious as to what happens when Fiend Hunter exiles a creature with this in play. Does the Panharmonicon exile trigger permanently exile the creature (since their is no second Fiend Hunter to leave play) or do both come back in play if the Fiend Hunter leaves play? If it's a permanent exile it might be worth running Fiend Hunter and friends. NTM with Strionic Resonator and a Brago trigger, Fiend Hunter can permanently exile a creature anyhow.

Have you thought about Grand Abolisher? It's something else that doesn't need blinked and can let you breathe without worrying about counters.

MoonTurtle7 on White Booster Packs

1 day ago

In all honesty I have to ask how well is the Lone Rider  Flip working out for this deck? And instead of Quarantine field I would suggest something like Fiend Hunter or Oblivion Ring or Bound by Moonsilver maybe even Ghostly Prison. Ironclad Slayer is almost always awesome. Also you may want to consider trying to make the fellow you buffed hexproof or shrouded with some equipment. Also seeing as you have some fellows whom transform you may wish to consider Neglected Heirloom  Flip. it's a pretty sweet card esspetially if you threw it on Lone Rider  Flip or Avacynian Missionaries  Flip. I'm just spit balling Ideas to you, I hope it kinda helps.

Raging_Squiggle on Blasting Station Combo Question

2 days ago

Technically you don't even need Reveillark for this combo to work. He's just a utility card in case your two combo creatures get destroyed or something. He's an unnecessary complication for it.

All you need is Fiend Hunter in hand to cast to exile Karmic Guide or in the graveyard to be recurred by Karmic Guide.

Raging_Squiggle on Blasting Station Combo Question

2 days ago

Fiend Hunter and Karmic Guide are in your graveyard, Blasting Station is untapped and on the battlefield with Reveillark.

  1. Tap Blasting Station, sac'cing Reveillark. Reveillark's LTB triggers, recurring Karmic Guide and Fiend Hunter.

  2. When Karmic Guide and Fiend Hunter enter the battlefield, both their ETB abilities trigger along with 2 instances of Blasting Station's untap trigger.

  3. Stack your triggers so that Blasting Station's triggers resolve last. Fiend Hunter's trigger resolves, exiling Karmic Guide. Karmic Guide's trigger resolves, recurring Reveillark, triggering Blasting Station's untap ability.

  4. The topmost Blasting Station's trigger resolves, untapping it. Tap it to sacrifice Fiend Hunter to ping something. His LTB ability triggers, returning Karmic Guide to play, triggering its own ETB ability, and Blasting Station's untap ability.

  5. Karmic Guide's etb ability resolves, returning Fiend Hunter to the battlefield, triggering both Blasting Station and Fiend Hunter's ETB ability, exiling Karmic Guide again.

  6. You now have an identical board state the moment upon which you pinged something. Rinse and repeat sacrificing Fiend Hunter for an arbitrarily large amount of damage.

Profet93 on Blasting Station Combo Question

2 days ago

Hey guys, I want to apologize in advance for all of the questions I've been asking.

I am currently confused as to how the Combo with Karmic Guide + Reveillark + Blasting Station works. This is what I understand so far...

  1. Tap Blasting Station to send Reveillark to the graveyard

  2. Karmic Guide + Fiend Hunter comes into play

  3. Both Karmic Guide + Fiend Hunter come into play at the same time. Karmic Guide targets Reveillark, Fiend Hunter targets Karmic Guide.

I'm confused regarding the untapping of Blasting Station. With so many creatures coming into and out of play, how do you create the stack in a way that allows for blasting station to untap? Is there a step by step process on how this works?

WhisperingBlade on Anafenza, the Pros and Khans

2 days ago

Under Notable Synergies I would put the following combo: Fiend Hunter + Sun Titan + Sac Outlet + Effect Card. This is how the combo works. Let's say you have a Champion of the Parish (the effect card) and a Cartel Aristocrat (the sac outlet) on the battlefield, along with Sun Titan. You then play Fiend Hunter, targeting Sun Titan. Sun Titan is exiled. Then you sac Fiend Hunter to Cartel Aristocrat, which makes Sun Titan reenter, and you choose to bring back Fiend Hunter, targeting Sun Titan. You do this infinitely, making Champion of the Parish infinitely large. The "effect card" can be stuff like Xathrid Necromancer for infinite zombies, or Grim Haruspex for infinite draw.

derhealman on W/U Sundial value deck

3 days ago

Endless Combos i know with Sundial or with Fiend hunter are together with red :

  1. Fiend Hunter + Karmic Guide on the Battlefield + Goblin Bombardment on the battlefield = Endless Damage
  2. Sundial of the Infinite+ Isochron Scepter what has imprinted Final Fortune and 3 Mana left = Endless Turns

so maybe you should switch to red ...

MoonTurtle7 on

3 days ago

I actually completely forgot that Oblivion Ring existed. tho I'm not sure, KLD has a lot of enchantment and artifact removal. I suppose It could never hurt to at least throw it in the sideboard or maybeboard considering Fiend Hunter is just as vulnerable

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