Fiend Hunter

Creature — Human Cleric

When Fiend Hunter enters the battlefield, you may exile another target creature.

When Fiend Hunter leaves the battlefield, return exiled card to the battlefield under its owner's control.

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Fiend Hunter Discussion

The_Ninjurai on Healing Church - Needs 2? more cards

8 hours ago

Have you thought about Fiend Hunter? Works well with Panharmonicon, Wasteland Strangler, and Cloudshift. Also, what about Otherworldly Journey or Long Road Home?

rockleemyhero on Removal Spells

17 hours ago

Sounds like a more competitive EDH deck? Than i'd for sure skip out on Oblation, I'd only maybe play it in selvala. Sun Titan should actually be really powerful in a G/W build, even at 6 mana it should be able to stabilize or take over the game. You can also play sticks like Fiend Hunter or Reclamation Sage. Return to Dust is ok too, albeit expensive but at least its a 2 for 1.

Mind if i ask who your general is? That will help a lot.

frogkill45 on In the Company of Humans

22 hours ago

FNM 11/25Overall Record 3-1-1

First 2 games were both vs Lantern ControlAggro'd pretty fast in both game 1's before they could get a hard lock established1 opponent was able to get a hard lock in game 2, Sideboard helped so much in these games. Brought in Meddling Mage and Stony Silence for both games. Meddling Mage got out naming Ensnaring Bridge

Game 3 Infect2-1 He won first game on turn three, not much i could do to stop god hand 2-3 Boarded in Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Rule of LawDropped in Reflector Mage and Fiend Hunter to make him burn his protectiongame 3 he didnt get Blighted Agent so i was able to chump Glistener Elf every turn.

game 4 bant eldrazi 1-1-1Fun games. I won first game, he didnt get a temple or noble for first 4 turns and my aggro was too muchgame 2 i kept a 5 lander which was a bad choice on my part. he got to far 3 he had a worship on the board, was waiting for my Mangara of Corondor from a collected company on one of his end steps. just didnt come before time in the last round did.

game 5 u/w control0-2first game got stuck on 3 lands (no ramp either) for 5 turns never recovered after Supreme Verdict second game was about the same as the first Selfless Spirit or Geist of Saint Traft would help but it breaks my tribal theme. might just run him anyway.

walked away with 20$ store credit cant complain

Morthian on Any Roon EDH tips?

2 weeks ago

First of all thank you for taking the time to leave me a reply! :)

I don't really like Fiend Hunter as there is other creatures that do nearly the same but better like Gilded Drake and Mangara of Corondor. But I really like the Peregrine Drake! I'll probably switch out the Stonehorn Dignitary for that one.

Fetches is something on my wish list for another time, but something to think about indeed. Thanks for your help man! :)

Zottelgecko on Any Roon EDH tips?

2 weeks ago

Hey there, I ran a quite similar Roon build once.

Some quick suggestions:

  • Peregrine Drake and Cloud of Faeries - You already run stuff like Eldrazi Displacer so here's an easy opportunity to get infinite mana
  • if your budget allows it see that you get some fetches and shocklands, to make your manabase more reliable
  • Fiend Hunter is always worth a slot in a flicker deck, as you can permenantly exile stuff with it

It's hard to say what to cut though. I guess it mostly depends on your meta, as this list would be well suited for my meta already.

Hope I could be of some help :)

Lilbrudder on atraxa

3 weeks ago

Im sorry for the oversight. The inclusion makes sense now. I am assuming your path to victory involves Dread Return into Angel of Glory's Rise reanimating azami and labman among others and tapping her to draw for the win?

If it were my deck I would replace dosan with Grand Abolisher.

I would also add Silence, some more cheap reanimation effects, more cheap protection, and a Necrotic Ooze package.

It may be too card intensive but I personally like to be free from labman victories at times due to the risk of backfire. I am partial to Zulaport Cutthroat Cartel Aristocrat and Fiend Hunter as a backup win condition. You can use hunter to exile angel, aristocrat to sac hunter, which brings back angel, which brings back hunter. The infinite loop kills the table with cutthroat. I have more thought on card selection but ill let you decide if you want to hear more.

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