Fiend Hunter

Fiend Hunter

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Creature — Human Cleric

When Fiend Hunter enters the battlefield, you may exile another target creature.

When Fiend Hunter leaves the battlefield, return exiled card to the battlefield under its owner's control.

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Fiend Hunter Discussion


2 weeks ago

I, myself, played Alesha in tiny and big formats in more... aristocratic ways, so I'll suggest adding cards like Carrion Feeder, Viscera Seer, Cartel Aristocrat, Phyrexian Altar, maybe, Altar of DementiaAlso, Mogg War Marshal is great with ur commander, playing Fiend Hunter and Banisher Priest won't hurt too. Fleshbag Marauder and Merciless Executioner are both great edict-effecting creatures

xlaleclx on tinyleader effect cards

2 weeks ago

Banisher Priest and Fiend Hunter are also very good

Severein on Zurgo WIP deck

2 weeks ago

I been thinking about it..

Its a huge waste of a spell to remove a 2 drop 2/2

The majority of creature removal (black) is Hero's Downfall

This is a pw killer, so...

I believe anything which is creature based, with that kind of effect is easy to remove, had it been an enchantment (bye- bye black) or an artifact, it is a lot stronger

I prefer Oblivion Ring (for the creature effect) to Fiend Hunter for exactly that reason

Obviously, this is not a fair comparison, O-Ring is much more usable, but you get my drift

Femme_Fatale on Just Chatting

2 weeks ago

Fiend Hunter huh ... I kinda like that idea. Too bad he isn't instant speed. And only 1 power.

1 power huh, yeah not worth it.

enpc on Just Chatting

2 weeks ago

If you wanted to you could run Fiend Hunter. At worst, he exiles. At best, he exiles and you stack triggers with Cloudshift or whatever, permanently exile one thing and exile a second creature.

Lame_Duck on Angelic Hordes Come Forth!

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback, mooffalosystema.

I actually was previously planning to build this deck around Luminarch Ascension and Sigil of the Empty Throne, supported by things like Sphere of Safety and Oblivion Ring but I eventually decided to design around Angelic Accord for budget reasons. I've looked and I just can't get the Ascensions at a price I'm willing to pay at the moment.

I think you're right about needing some kind of mass removal; Shrivel and Curse of Death's Hold are too narrow, Hour of Reckoning, Extinguish All Hope and Mass Calcify all cost too much mana. End Hostilities might be OK, but I think Day of Judgment is probably the best option. I've added Black Sun's Zenith into the sideboard for now because that's what I currently own but I'll consider upgrading to Judgment if need to.

Dawn Charm is multi-utility, but none of its abilities are very useful in this deck. I don't have enough creatures to make Altar's Reap reliable and it's redundant with the card draw I already have. With plenty of cheap removal and consistent lifegain, the deck is already very well positioned against aggro, making Angelic Wall and Fiend Hunter unnecessary additions. Curse of Exhaustion is very situational and it's a 4-drop, which already has quite a lot going on.

The deck is already pretty mana-hungry in the late game and Increasing Devotion doesn't do enough for the mana it requires. Intangible Virtue is really good in decks that make a lot of small tokens quickly, but it only provides marginal benefits here. Lingering Souls is definitely great but it doesn't have much synergy with what the deck is trying to do.

hxcrunner89 on Tiny Girl, Big Guts

3 weeks ago

I could also return Fiend Hunter as well with Alesha, is it because he is 1/3 vs. 2/2 that you think I should swap them?

mooffalosystema on Angelic Hordes Come Forth!

3 weeks ago

Luminarch Ascension seems like a shoe-in.

It's a bit above your price range at three-fiddy, but hey. Should you ever get to the activation point, you kinda win.

Shrivel is a good weenie murderer. Curse of Death's Hold does the same thing permanently but there's a reason why it's cheap. It's kinda bad.

Dawn Charm is multi-utility. Altar's Reap for card-draw. Angelic Wall halts most early aggro, alternatively Fiend Hunter. Curse of Exhaustion really slows opponents game to a halt.

Increasing Devotion for late game game-changer. Intangible Virtue is a clear shoe-in with token bonuses, and it's cheap.

There's a reason Lingering Souls tends to sneak into decks.

Hour of Reckoning is perfect for you and it seems like low-cost card. Expensive mana-wise doe.

Regardless, Day of Judgment like cards seems like perfect for you. End Hostilities, Extinguish All Hope and Mass Calcify seem all to be on the low-cost side money-wise.

Power / Toughness 1/3
Color(s) White
Cost 1WW
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 1.71
Avg. cube pick 6.19


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Uncommon
Innistrad Uncommon


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