Fiend Hunter

Creature — Human Cleric

When Fiend Hunter enters the battlefield, you may exile another target creature.

When Fiend Hunter leaves the battlefield, return exiled card to the battlefield under its owner's control.

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Fiend Hunter Discussion

totalnovice on Jimbo, God of Chopped Meat

1 day ago


Some value creatures:

Card draw:

Other stuff to consider:

Mr_Sausage on Falconic Humanoids

2 days ago

I like the deck. If you strain against burn, add 3-4 Fiend Hunter. You can exile another hunter (3 must be exiled) and combo off into soul warden life gain

DiamondFlavor on Win Conditions in Azorius flicker?

4 days ago

Also Rasputin and Eldrazi Displacer is infinite colorless mana. How to use that is unclear, but Blue Sun's Zenith to draw your deck, play whatever rocks you need for colored mana, loop Archaeomancer for BSZ to deck opponents... I guess?

You also have access to Reveillark / Karmic Guide / Sun Titan / Angel of Glory's Rise / Fiend Hunter shenanigans but that requires you to play sac outlets which may be suboptimal in your colors.

Also given the Brago + Strionic Resonator + Sol Ring combo if you include Triskelion, Blasting Station, or Staff of Nin it's infinite damage.

forforforest on Gotta tax you for all this gold

5 days ago

play with it until you're almost sick of it... then you'll almost be ready. dt is tough unless you practice regularly against your meta with it, and fine tune it to that said meta. The suggestions have to come from yourself, by playing ridic amounts of magic. try mtgo. its cheap and you get shitloads of practice. or try a free one.

but here are a few cards anyhow,

Orzhov Pontiff Aven Mindcensor Thalia, Heretic Cathar Judge's Familiar maybe a Dryad Militant since you run no Lingering Souls

Fiend Hunter and Oblivion Ring work superbly with Wasteland Strangler

idk... each dt deck is the persons, but i think you've got a great list so good luck, and have fun. (just dont let your opponent)

happycube on Modern GW Hoomans (Rockin' Falcon)

1 week ago

In my opinion, it's running a little light on removal right now, so you might consider mainboarding some things like Fiend Hunter, Banisher Priest and Path to Exile.

As you're running heavy on creatures, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben would hurt you relatively little, but that's definitely something to weigh before running.

Alternatively to Thalia, you might consider running some anthems, especially Honor of the Pure. It can get you hitting especially hard with double strikers like Mirran Crusader or Silverblade Paladin, which could definitely be considerations.

I don't see that Dromoka's Command is doing anything special for the deck right now, aside from being a good-ish card. You might also reconsider the inclusion of Gather the Townsfolk and Increasing Devotion, especially considering that you'll generally get more useful bodies for the same cost.

The last thing I would recommend is that you consider the meta modern decks when tailoring your "answers" so you're not left in the dust!

Looks interesting, good luck!

RicketyEng on I'll Have My Bragging Rights!

1 week ago

Of course Palinchron would work really well, but due to its cost, Peregrine Drake will have to do.

Lanzo493, thanks for the description for how to use Fiend Hunter et al. So far he is the only one that I have which operates like that, but maybe I'll find some of the others eventually.

mahanhen on I See White People

1 week ago

codpieceofjustice, I had 4 paths mainboard, but sided them out because I felt I could win most races game 1, then my plan was to side in the paths for the remaining games. Path is too good not to run mainboard however, so I'll change that. But I think thomashapp71 is correct about Fiend Hunter, it has to go to the sideboard though, I cant afford any more 3 cmc mainboard.

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