Goblin Sledder


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins Common
Onslaught Common

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Goblin Sledder

Creature — Goblin

Sacrifice a Goblin: Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

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Goblin Sledder Discussion

Liquidbeaver on Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician [PRIMER]

2 weeks ago

Mana Echoes out, Goblin Sledder in!

Mana Echoes was creating a ton of mana, but unfortunately I didn't have any mana sinks to dump it into, and often several hundred colorless mana would fizzle. On top of that, at a 4 cost, there are a lot of other more impactful things I would rather play that turn.

I've been trying to find a space for Sledder for a long time. He is a very strong sac outlet in this deck. Since the ability has no cost, we can sac at instant speed to buff up a Lieutenant to save them from dying to damage, sac all blocked goblins before they blow up to buff up the unblocked goblin that was let through, or even on the other side of the table to make a previously one-sided battle hurt both opponents.

On top of that, he is riding another Goblin down a mountain...


Opifex on Relentless Goblins

3 months ago

Dude, Goblin Sledder is sledding on another Goblin, what a badass.

Opifex on Relentless Goblins

3 months ago

I have a Modern format deck Derplings. If Goblin Sledder is legal, he goes in.

Osbert on Purphoros Token Fiesta EDH

5 months ago

No Fervor , Mass Hysteria , Flamekin Village , Lightning Greaves/Swiftfoot Boots , or Ogre Battledriver ? Haste is the best thing mono red does. I have a Krenko, Mob Boss EDh deck so here are a few more suggestions, ultimately these will be better the more goblins you run:

Note my Krenko, Mob Boss EDH deck is designed to take out several players at once before turn 7, depending on how spikey you want to make the deck, customize it accordingly.

Skirk Fire Marshal : Chances are you will have highest life at the table.. this finishes it. Also can just be a board clear as most things die to 10 damage. He also keeps himself alive xD

Vandalblast :Red sucks at getting rid of things, except artifacts. Man do they hate artifacts.

Goblin Shenanigans: It's a goblin, so Goblin Matron can go find it. If you have a big field of goblins and this, no one will board wipe until it's gone because of fear of getting one shot by the damage. So a win win for you (only viable if you vut more of the non-goblins really, but still an all-star in my deck).

Outpost Siege : Both modes are great; Dragons for when you're ahead, Khans when you're behind.

Goblin Sledder : When you swing wih 20 1/1's and 5 are blocked.. yeah those 5 go to feeding the ones that got through. Can act lke a combat trick or making sure all the damage does through. Also activaters Goblin Shenanigans and Outpost Siege

Mizzium Mortars : one of reds best board wipes as it doesn't kill all your stuff...

Sensation Gorger : Red sucks at drawing cards and usually relies on cards like Staff of Nin to keep their hand from disapearing. This mini-wheel in a goblin focused deck really allows for some explosive plays.

Spitting Earth/Seismic Strike : Spot removal is good, and with these you do a lot more damage then the mana you put in, worth considering.

Sulfuric Vortex : If 40 points of damage is your goal, make sure it's never more than 40..

Zo-Zu the Punisher : My favoutie goblin of all time. you know all those pesky green decks with their big dumb creatures that squash goblins? Yeah, lets make sure they pay extra for all the mana required to cast those.

Five-Alarm Fire : More damage, can go right to their face or snipe off creatures. With a small army you can easily rack up 5 counters on it.

Goblin Piledriver : The more goblins, the nastier it gets; I've smoked a Talrand, The Sky Summoner player for 30 with it once xD

Skirk Prospector : Simply the best goblin ever printed. What do you want to do with all those goblins that you puked out for Purpheros to hurt others? Why turn them into mana to pump out even more goblins!

Goblin War Strike : It's quite satisfying to kill an unsuspecting player with a 1 mana Sorcery... :3

Voracious Dragon : Once again, the more goblins, the more hurt. I've killed several player by just dropping him without swinging, and then if he has haste, he can usually take out another player at the same time.

Eldrazi Monument : Keep all your dudes alive, give 'em a small boost and evasion and you're having a party.

Possible Cutys:

Empty the Warrens : personally I've never liked the card unless you're running ALL of the ritual spells to make it poop out game on the spot, in my opinion it's winmore. That and I'm not a fan of combo kills.

Goblin Rally : Too high CMC in my opinion, you can win before needing to waste a turn casting it.

Goblin Scouts : It's worse than the above...

Molten Birth : Good mana sink if you win the flip, if you loose the flip on the first try it's useless.

Dragon Mantle : Not sure what this is doing in the deck... I'd rather draw a land than this..

Prophetic Prism : Just a bad cantrip that doesn't produce any mana, I'd cut it.

Embermaw Hellion : It's good when you're ahead, but when you're behind it sits there and doesn't do much. It does act like a lightning rod for removal but there are cheaper lightning rods that can get you back into the game if you're behind, or help you close out a game just as fast.

Warping Wail : I don't think you have enough colourless sources to warrant the use of the card, although countering all those sorcery speed board wipes is tantalizing.

Sorry for the book.

FireRogue on Turn 2 pauper win

7 months ago

A list of some creatures you might want to consider:

  • Akki Avalanchers: Sacrificing lands is suuper sketchy, but if your opponent has nothing and you need two more power to get the kill, you'll sac the land.
  • Boros Recruit: First strike is always good
  • Flamekin Brawler: Much like Akki Avalanchers, this guy comes with an activated ability (firebreathing) you probably don't want to use, but if its the difference between winning and losing, you'll be glad you have it
  • Goblin Balloon Brigade: once again, paying mana sucks, but flying is the type of thing that can be the difference between winning and losing
  • Goblin Cohort: Why get a 1/1 for 1 when you can have a 2/2 for 1? I don't think the downside should slow you down in this deck. Worth noting that Mogg Conscripts can be copies 4-8 if you want
  • Goblin Mountaineer: Mountainwalk might randomly win the game
  • Goblin Sledder: turn extra creatures into pump spells
  • Insolent Neonate: menace if you need to attack with him, rummage if you're not
  • Kolaghan Stormsinger: Haste built in
  • Mogg Fanatic: also a ping
  • Mudbutton Clanger: if you don't like Goblin Cohort this creature doesnt have the downside, but also isnt always a 2/2
  • Skirk Prospector: another way to make more mana. This one feels like it could really improve the deck's performance if you leave Dragon Mantle in, by letting you stock up mana in early turns by casting a hand full of creatures
  • Spark Elemental: 3 power, haste and trample, but you only get 1 shot

I think my favorites from this list are Spark Elemental, Insolent Neonate, and Goblin Sledder, but im putting down the whole list because I'm really not sure how this deck plays out

Andlez on Grenzo Doomsday

8 months ago

Thanks for responding hellnoire! yeah defense grid is awkward with naus but really useful still.

As for the recursion with Reito Lantern and Tel-Jilad Stylus, I'm definitely cutting Tel-Jilad, i just didnt know what to replace it with so I just continued to include it. The lantern is mainly in the deck to go with Ashnod's Altar to re-buy my utility creatures, so if i cut the lantern then I'll prolly remove the baboons and the hand hate creatures as well as the altar. Which honestly sounds fine, just need to test more. Mirror of Fate is really only going to be used after a doomsday but is dead otherwise, so I'm still on the fence for that.

Fire Covenant may be a bit overkill. Theres just a lot of creatures in my meta and from what my research has shown, a lot of decks use it. I just like its utility. Kolaghan's Command does cost 3, which is awkward with ad naus but i like its utility, mainly being able to kill an artifact and a utility creature with 1 card seems good.

Ever since i started playing EDH/commander I've always liked having multiples of the same kind of effect just in case someone messes with 1 of them. so thats why I'm running Mad Auntie and Goblin Sledder. In a very early version of the deck it was also more goblin based with Mana Echoes so I felt fine with running both. However streamlining it is definitely better so removing prolly Auntie will prolly be next. The multiple copy of similar effects is why i was running Devil's Play, since you can get infinite mana with worldgorger and mill it with grenzo. not as good as in multiplayer though.

I forgot Urborg when i was typing this up initially! I can't believe I missed it. I'll definitely get a lake of the dead in here as soon as i can.

Anyways thanks again for commenting, means a lot to me. I'll be updating the list within the next few days once I do a little more testing, still pretty new to it.

hellnoire on Grenzo Doomsday

8 months ago

So a little Mnkery told me about your deck so I figured I'd pop in and have a look...

Love the inclusion of Defense Grid - I've been toying with the idea myself, but I still like doing Ad Naus at end of turn to draw a ton. However, we can still play around it and even drawing it, it's not a bad spell and not a bad place to be in either. Revoker is also a damn good inclusion - useful for things like Yisan and the like.

I don't like Reito Lantern or Tel-Jilad Stylus in this list, and honestly, Mirror of Fate I'm also not a fan of. Mostly because Lantern and Stylus aren't doing much for the list to protect it, or not enough to protect your combos. Mirror requires you to have exiled cards, and if you have seven of them by the time you have five mana, I'd be very concerned. I've not tried the Collectives yet, so I can't comment on them in fairness. I do still want to try them, despite Discord objecting to them tooth and nail. (Sorry, I make puns, hobby of mine.)

I used to use Insidious Dreams with Hideaways before cutting them both for being too slow. If you're looking to do Grenzo Doomsday on a budget, it's a thought that may help you get to where you need to be. However, if you go the budgetless route like I did, it's not worth it and is too slow for my liking.

How have Fire Covenant and Kolaghan's Command been treating you? Kolaghan's seems good, if not a little slow, and Fire Covenant seems like it would be a good card if you have to wipe a number of creatures without Deluge, Whipflare, or Pyroclasm. I see you're also running a lot more gravehate then I am. Take it it's because your meta has a lot of graveyard decks, mhm?

I find Mad Auntie and Goblin Sledder both are overkill - you don't need to run both, and one's good enough to get the bump you need to be able to reveal off Doomsday piles. Some of the other creatures I'm not a big fan of, but that's because they also add to the cost of using Ad Naus - and it's my favourite draw spell in the deck. Though you've made up for more creatures with Ashnod's Altar - so it's a trade off, I suppose. Devil's Play is also a very interesting inclusion. I don't think I can agree with it myself though, at least, not for my build.

I'd also consider leaning more on black if you can - helps your Bubbling Muck become so much better. On that note, I'd also sink in an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - it's a land with a plan, and the plan is more mana off Bubbling Muck. Lake of the Dead is also a worthy inclusion too.

Overall, it looks fun, which is the main thing. You've taken some interesting choices and some of the choices I've run myself and seem to be going in a good direction. Let me know how things work out for you. Should be some interesting idea, as with any Grenzo Doomsday deck. Try to have a good day/night now.

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